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Name: Stitch
Type: fanwriter
Other: She/They pronouns
URL: Stitch's Media Mix (website)
stitchmediamix on tumblr (archived link)
@stichomancery on twitter (currently locked)
Stitch in Teen Vogue
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Stitch is a black nonbinary fan and writer. They publish fanfiction, original fiction, book reviews, and meta essays about fandom on her site, Stitch's Media Mix both in text and podcast/audio form. She was previously active on Tumblr and can currently be found on Twitter, as @stichomancery.

In their meta essays, Stitch primarily writes about issues connected with race and fandom, the characterisation and perception of characters of colour, representation and erasure, toxic fandom, and fandom tropes and trends.

They have also written a fandom-related column for Teen Vogue; her first article for Teen Vogue, ATEEZ Parent Company KQ Entertainment Issues Apology for Hongjoong’s Cornrows, was published on July 14th in 2020.[1]


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While many praise Stitch for speaking up about racism in fandom, others note that they most frequently aim their criticism at fans and fandom trends which contradict their favored ships and/or characters (i.e., criticizing Reylo and Rosefinn works in particular while being a Finnrey and Finn fan). Other marginalized fans object to them accusing them of being "Pickmes" and "having internalized racism".[2][3][4][5][6]

Their "Weaponized White Womanhood" essay has been criticized for incompleteness and a lack of intersectionality.[7]

Others have criticized them for siding with bigoted commentators when they happen to be mocking targets such as Reylos.[8]

They are also of the opinion that Archive of Our Own should be filtered for racist fanworks, although they are unclear about how this should be done, which some comment is most likely to impact kinky marginalized creators first. [9][10] In particular, they have been criticized for advocating the harassment of authors of works which they find objectionable:[11][12][13]

Currently, the only guaranteed way to ensure the removal of racist fanworks on the AO3 is to make having the story up no longer worth it for the author. As in, by making their online lives hell.

Notable Fanworks


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