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Name: Alexis Lothian
Also Known As:
Occupation: writer, vidder, editor, teacher, acafan
Medium: talks, articles
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Alexis Lothian is a long-time science fiction and media fan. She is an academic who works on feminist and queer science fiction and its connection to fan works and fan cultures. Her web site is Queergeektheory. She is an Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies at University of Maryland College Park, where she teaches in the LGBT Studies program and is a core faculty member in the Design | Cultures and Creativity Program.

Alexis is also an academic vidder, who studies the intersection between fannish and academic, creative and analytic interrogations of texts in such vids as The Future Stops Here and Sons and Daughters, both of which reflect her academic preoccupation with queer futurities.

Selected Bibliography of Fandom-Related Work

Scholarly Essays

Other Writings

Conference Presentations

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