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Name: Stitch's Media Mix
Owner/Maintainer: Stitch
Dates: March 2015-
Type: Meta essays, media discourse, fanfiction and original fiction
Fandom: Pan-fandom
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Stitch's Media Mix is a website run by Stitch, a black fan and writer. She publishes fanfiction, original fiction, book reviews, and meta essays about fandom to the site, both in text and podcast/audio form.

In her meta essays, Stitch primarily writes about issues connected with race and fandom, the characterisation and perception of characters of colour, representation and erasure, toxic fandom, and fandom tropes and trends.

An introduction to Stitch's Media Mix from the blog:

This website primarily focuses on media and fandom commentary oriented around aspects of identity, reviews of media that are on my mind, and the occasional piece of fan/original fiction.

I’m Stitch, your regularly scheduled complainer, writer, comic book geek, and K-pop superfan. I’ll tackle pretty much anything if you remind me and then, if you remind me some more, I’ll even remember to write about what I’ve put in my brain.

The website is supported by Patreon donations, alongside other donation channels including Ko-Fi, Squarecash and PayPal.

Stitch's Media Mix was previously also on Tumblr as stitchmediamix, but appears to have been taken down. The blog is archived on the Wayback Machine.

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