Clint Barton/Loki

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Pairing: Clint Barton/Loki
Alternative name(s): Frosthawk, Snowbird
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: The Avengers Movieverse
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Rare
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Clint/Loki is a rare slash pairing of Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Loki from The Avengers Movieverse.


Clint Barton/Loki is not a canon relationship, but unlike many rare pairings the characters do interact for the greater part of a movie. Loki keeps Clint under mind control, using Clint as his own personal goon. Clint is later brought back to the Avengers and used to fight against Loki in the Battle for Manhattan.

In comics canon, the characters share a kiss while Loki is disguised as Wanda Maximoff, though it's made clear Clint was aware of the trickery to some extent but chose to kiss Loki anyway.


Many fan works on AO3 that include Clint Barton/Loki only include them as implied or background ships. Of the few that focus mainly on this ship, many are based on torture and use the ship to form an emotional bond with Loki and portray him as a hurt individual.

A particularly popular trope is Loki either regaining control over Clint or Clint returning to Loki of his own volition. Stockholm syndrome, mind control, angst and whump feature heavily in FrostHawk fanfics. Stories that are lighter in tone tend to make Loki and Clint unlikely allies or they are set in an alternate universe.


"Hunting" by SJ Miller[1]


  • From The Top by Nonymos
  • Strangers to Ourselves by Nonymos. Clint's POV of From The Top
  • Aptrborinn by Sapphy, an example of an AU in which both Loki and Clint are from Asgard -- Ragnarok is not just an end - it is a beginning. It is written that all gods are reborn at the end of all things, and nowhere does it say anything about that not including minor formerly-human gods of slavery who have no place in the designs of Those Who Sit Above In Shadow
  • Melt Your Clocks by harcourt -- The entirety of SHIELD, just about, had looked into Clint's head and determined that Loki was gone. That Natasha's applied blunt force trauma had been enough, and that Clint was safe, and not a security risk, and in the clear. Either the entirety of SHIELD was wrong, or Clint is losing his mind.


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