Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa

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Pairing: Peggy Carter / Daniel Sousa
Alternative name(s): Peggysous
Gender category: het pairing
Fandom: Agent Carter
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Common in Agent Carter works
Rare in the larger MCU fandom
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Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa is a het ship in Agent Carter fandom. Their portmanteau ship name is Peggysous.


Peggy Carter had worked with the Strategic Scientific Reserve during World War II, with Daniel Sousa joining the agency following the end of World War II. Both characters have something to prove; Peggy is the only female agent and Daniel is a canon disabled character, having lost a leg in the war.


Works pairing these two often follow the format of the show, with mission fics common. Post season 2 works often focused on their continued work with the SSR as they navigated their new relationship. Future fics showing the two married with children also appear, even though it was never confirmed that Daniel would be Peggy's husband.

Fans of the pairing were eagerly awaiting confirmation that Steve Rogers had saved Daniel's life during the war. In the film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve watches an interview with Peggy Carter, and she reveals that her eventual husband had been saved by Steve during the war. Although this was never confirmed, many fans headcanon that Daniel will become Peggy's husband.

Peggy's grief following the death of her love interest Steve Rogers during the war is often examined as her and Daniel begin a new relationship.

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