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Pairing: Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanova
Alternative name(s): Black Pepper, Red Pepper
Gender category: Femslash, F/F
Fandom: The Avengers Movieverse, Iron Man Movieverse (MCU)
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: Frequent as a background pairing; rare as the primary pairing
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Natasha/Pepper is the pairing of Pepper Potts and Natasha Romanova from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


It started in the Iron Man 2 film after it was revealed that Natasha was working with/under Pepper. Although it was all for undercover, since Natasha was there evaluate Tony Stark for Avengers Initiative. They both reappear next in The Avengers film, although they do not have any interaction together.


Commonly a background pairing to male/male pairings like Steve/Tony, there is nonetheless a small but vocal minority of MCU fans who focus on shipping Natasha Romanova and Pepper Potts, making it one of the most common femslash pairings in The Avengers.

Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • High Femme: A number of Natasha/Pepper fanworks play with the perception of both characters as high femme; sometimes demonstrated through shoe fetishism and/or makeup.


  • Black Pepper is the most common pairing name for the ship.
  • Red Pepper is another pairing name for the ship.



  • Adagio by Lurkz: ~32,000 words, rated Teen and Up. It was supposed to be just an assignment. Falling for the person she was supposed to protect wasn’t really in the plan. But when do plans ever stay the same?
  • Choosing the Play by abcooper: ~14,000 words, rated Explicit. Natasha Romanoff has been playing this game her entire life; it's a pleasure to have such a masterful opponent.
  • Something Different by tsukinofaerii: ~25,000 words, rated Explicit. Roughly a year after the events at the Stark Expo, Pepper's "stable-ish" relationship with Tony has deteriorated into more —ish than stable. Tony has been keeping secrets, and he's brought home a mystery blond who occupies all his time—including the time he should have been using for work. While holding things together, Pepper finds herself getting much, much closer to Natalie. But Natalie may be hiding a few secrets of her own.
  • Viva La by gyzym: ~2,100 words, rated Mature. Crossover with Good Omens. Natasha is War; Pepper's always been Pepper. The end of the world isn't nearly so old-school as it once was.
  • A Woman of Very Few Words by Perpetual Motion: ~5,000 words, rated Explicit. Natasha and Pepper have sex because it's fun. Mild feelings that are not love.



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