Are You Two...?

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Title: Are You Two...?
Author(s): ozhawk
Date(s): December 17, 2014 - January 8, 2015
Length: 21,588 words (8 Chapters)
Genre: Explicit, Threesome - F/M/M, Soulmate Marks, NSFW - smut
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (The Avengers Movieverse/Captain America Movieverse/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
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Are You Two...? is a Clint/Bucky/Skye fic by ozhawk. The first chapter was originally posted on Soulmate Shorts AKA The Crackship Armada before ozhawk decided to continue the fic.


Clint/Bucky/Skye, with smutty sequel, by popular, even hysterical, demand.

Author's Notes

Not sure how long this will be. But really there are quite a lot of ways for three inventive people to have sex. Depends on the demand from the readers (that's you!)
So if you want to see more, leave me a comment!

Comments & Reaction

As of January 28, 2016: there are 76 comments, 673 kudos, and 101 bookmarks.

"I feel like I’m cheating by starting off with another story by ozhawk, but I had to because cannot tell you how much I love a fic tagged “Anal Sex,” “Anal Fingering,” “Vaginal Sex,” “Oral Sex,” “Look there’s just lots of sex,” “This one is about sex,” “Porn,” “Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot,” “NSFW IMHO,” “Cunnilingus,” “Double Penetration.” I didn’t even know I shipped WinterSkyeHawk until this story, but dayum. Hot, unexpected, and it goes into the spank bank. If any of those tags appeal to you, read it, you won’t be disappointed."[1]


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