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Journal Community
Name: Supernatural Roundtable
Date(s): s/2007 - 2016 (last entry)
Moderator: britomart_is, dugindeep, fleshflutter, kelleigh, lazy_daze, oxoniensis, standing_fic
Founder: oxoniensis
Type: reccing, discussion, meta, fanart, picspam, fanfiction writing
Fandom: Supernatural, Supernatural RPF
URL: spnroundtable on LiveJournal
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SPN Roundtable was a LiveJournal community for the discussion and reccing of Supernatural and Supernatural RPF fanfiction, fanvids, fanart, and fanwriters, which also hosted fic writing challenges and Prompt-and-Fill sessions.

Comm background:

"So, I'd better introduce it all properly. I first had the idea of a place for fans to just chat about good fic and related fannish things a couple of years ago, and set up svroundtable for Smallville fans. And now, as I can't get enough of a Supernatural fix, I thought it would be a good idea to have a similar community for Supernatural. A virtual comfy corner, with coffee and muffins and a bunch of enthusiastic fans who can't stop talking about our show and how much we love it! It's open to everyone – there'll be slash recs here, real person fiction discussed, meta, het, gen, rare pairs and popular ones, vid and art recs as well as fiction.

Just because there are so many of us though, we're going to keep things fairly orderly. We've got lots of things going on each month – author/artist/vidder question and answer sessions, themed rec posts for everyone to contribute recs to, chat posts on fannish/writing/meta themes, and a monthly reccer who'll be posting recs throughout the month (you'll get a chance to volunteer for that later in the month when a sign up post goes up). Posting will only be available for mods, invited authors/artists/vidders and monthly reccers, just to make sure the community doesn't get spammed."[1]

Current rules and format:

"Here's roughly how it works each month:

  • Week one: Themed recs post (for everyone to add their own recs. Organised by kelleigh.
  • Week one/two: Quote post (based on a monthly theme). Organised by lazy_daze.
  • Week two: Ask the Author (a different author each month takes part in a Q&A session). Organised by britomart_is.
  • Week two/three: Improv Writing Session (a picture inspired improv writing session). Organised by standing_fic.
  • Week three: Picture posts (picspam, meta, captioning, doodling games, etc). Run by clex_monkie89, lazy_daze, egotists, dugindeep or oxoniensis.
  • Week three/four: Chat post (a different topic each month). Organised by fleshflutter.
  • Week four: Prompt-and-Fill (a themed prompt session for fiction, drawings, or any other media). Organised by standing_fic.
  • Week four/five: Workshop sessions (signups to write/host a session are here). Organised by dugindeep.
  • Week four/five: Anatomy of a Character, an interactive post, runs on the months when there's no workshop. Organised by dugindeep.
  • Week four/five: Ask the Artist/Vidder session (artists and vidders have their turn for a Q&A session). Organised by oxoniensis.


We're keeping the rules simple, but the ones we have are important.

  1. While individual posters may have strong feelings for or against certain genres of Supernatural fanfic/art/vids, the community accepts them all, and isn't going to specially promote or denigrate any genre.
  2. No flaming. Discussion is encouraged, and we won't always agree with one another in discussion, but keep it courteous and wankfree.
  3. No self-recs.
  4. Please cut-tag long posts, or graphic excerpts/comments."[2]

Ask The FanCreator Series

As of October 2012, the following authors, artists and vidders were featured.


Ask the Artist:


Ask the Author:



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