Ask the Artist: Marishna

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Ask the Artist: Marishna
Interviewee: Marishna
Date(s): June 28, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Fan Art, Supernatural
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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Marishna was interviewed in 2009 for Supernatural Roundtable.

Some Excerpts

I've been in SPN fandom since the "second wave" of fans in about February of '06. I'd been in a number of fandoms prior to that, the most recent being Queer as Folk. I started capping in general due to that fandom and the lack of decent caps, if I remember correctly, and I started making icons when I was in Buffy fandom. By the time I got to SPN I was ready to dive in.

Once I got into SPN I started capping and iconning immediately. bellanut made some fantastic points on the basics of screencapping here in her Ask the Artist post. I'm not sure what to say about the mechanics of capping so questions are gratefully accepted, if there are any.

As for motivation I like working with my own sources. I like being able to go through an episode and pick moments here and there that catch my eye more than the ones that caught another capper's. Going through the season 3 episodes, I always favoured capping Ruby's scenes more heavily because I heart Katie Cassidy. I often cap wildly (if one can cap wildly, that is) and enjoy sorting through the caps afterward and seeing what odd stills I caught. Sometimes those turn out to be the ones people find most intriguing when it comes to making icons.

As I mentioned, screencaps lead to icons. I've been iconning for about six years now, if I remember properly. When I moved to morbid_girls to post my icons and other graphics I did an icon history post which can be seen here. Since that post I've made many, many more SPN icons (I'm around 1300 right now) so recent posts in morbid_girls is a more accurate reflection of where my icons are right now.

I started out in Paint Shop Pro, then moved on to Photoshop 7. Since then I've settled into PS CS 3 and that is my current graphics tool.

In the icon history post I spoke briefly on the problematic SPN caps and resulting icons. Basically, first season of SPN was kinda hell for a lot of icon makers. The show was dark, dark, dark and icons created from those episodes were often very blue/purple or green. If you tried to make the icons too light they would look splotchy and weird. I praised season 2 for introducing colour to the show. The caps could still be murder to work with but it was easier to make them bright without resorting to selective colour to make the lips neon pink and the hair anime blue. Season one caps just take a little more time and patience, especially if you have a certain look in mind.