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Interviews by Fans
Title: Ask the Author: zubeneschamali
Interviewee: zubeneschamali
Date(s): January 27, 2012
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Supernatural
External Links: interview and comments are here; reference link
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zubeneschamali was interviewed for Supernatural Roundtable.

Some Excerpts

I'm one of those people who's been in fandom for so long that I remember using up my monthly allotment of modem-delivered Internet hours in under two weeks doing nothing but reading fanfic. I started out reading and writing fic in X-Files, but the first fandom I really got into to the point of meeting other fans and spending hours plotting and writing fic was Scarecrow and Mrs. King. (It's an 80s spy show that showed up again on cable around the turn of the millennium.) Then it was NUMB3RS because of personal connections to the show, and the longest fic I've ever written was an AU in that fandom based on The Fugitive.

In fact, I'm so fic-obsessed that I got into SPN via fanfic first. NUMB3RS fans were moving to SPN because of the common theme of hot brothers in danger and angst and incest, and then I read a fic by jennk528 that was so awesome I thought, I have to check out this show. I watched S1-3 in about a month and was writing missing scenes as soon as "Lazarus Rising" was over.

I started out writing gen because that was pretty much all I had ever written, but I was intrigued by Wincest and then tempted by RPS. I've never managed to write Wincest beyond a blindfold or kinkmeme fill, but I'm not opposed to the possibility. I still write a gen episode coda now and again, and I always enjoy spn_summergen, but my main writing has been J2 for a while now. I dove right into the deep end with "The Winchester Identity" and have been distracted by shiny things in the form of comment fic memes and bingo cards ever since.

Writing fic has given me a safe space in which to hide from the world during some pretty craptastic times in my life, but it's also brought me friends who are fantastic people both online and IRL. And it's helped me realize I have a dirtier mind than I ever knew. o_O
On the one hand, my day job already includes copious rejections of my written work, so subjecting myself to that for "fun" seems like a bad idea. I also feel like these stories are the way they are, and I'm not going to pull them apart and put them back together with other characters in the lead, if that makes sense. The only fic I could see doing that to would be Palladium, since I feel like it's missing some material towards the end that could make it a complete story. Besides, so much of my fic is a riff on existing canon (fairy tales, Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne, GoT, X-Men, etc.) that it would be hard to get it published anyway. On the other hand, ever since first grade I've wanted to be a writer when I grow up. I have an original fic idea that I mean to do one of these years for NaNo, but there's always some more interesting J2 idea to work on instead. :) Maybe someday!