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Interviews by Fans
Title: Ask the Artist: kentawolf
Interviewee: kentawolf
Date(s): September 28, 2008
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Fan Art, Supernatural
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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kentawolf was interviewed in 2008 for Supernatural Roundtable.

Some Excerpts

I stumbled upon Supernatural by pure accident. I keep my cruddy television on as I do homework, and one of the channels the bunny ears pick up is the CW. I’m a late comer in this fandom game: I got hooked onto the Show at about “Croatoan.” Literally, it was the whole ending cliffhanger about “Dad told me something about you” that got me. By the season two finale, I was hooked. And not like Dean’s-meat-hook-Hell hooked. I was so hooked I went to Comic Con that summer specifically to see the Supernatural panel. I began delving into fandom a month or so before the Season Three premiere, with meta essays and a fanvid (yes: one. Because they are difficult and time-consuming). But it wasn’t until November that I got the urge to do something serial. Plastic!Winchester Theatre and The Dean Show Slumber Party inspired me from the SPN fandom, and so did the gaming webcomics Penny Arcade and VGCats (because I am a huge gamer). And out of my head sprang an idea for a weekly comic. Actually, the beginnings of comic Dean and comic Sam were in the margins of my notebook for my class on Jesus (oh, the irony). I remember I toiled over what to call it, until one day on the drive home from school I had it: The Encyclopedia of Weirdness. Then I could do an encyclopedia “entry” every week. I enjoy the idea of light-hearted, gory humor, so that every comic can be approached by (almost) every level of fan from every flavor of fandom.
Since November 2007, the Encyclopedia of Weirdness has been pretty much weekly. There have been three instances where I have taken a week off, but 43 comics later, I’m on track for a full year of comics around November 8th. Each comic is named by its “entry,” and has some sort of pun or inside-joke about the show connected to it. The speech bubble in the header image of Sam’n’Dean at a sushi restaurant rotates weekly between suggestions by viewers, as I felt the need for viewers to have some participation. I usually draw it all on computer, using a tablet and pen. Dean and Sam’s caricature was the most difficult, but I figured it out in a general sense: Dean’s face is squarer, and Sam’s pointier. Dean’s body ratio is 1:1 torso:legs, and Sam is 1:1.3 torso:legs (it makes him look more lanky). Other regular cast members have gotten their EoW makeover: Bobby, John, the Yellow-Eyed Demon, Bela, Ellen, and recently, Castiel. I keep a separate file for all their line colors, flesh tones and hair color, kind of like a color master guide that I can just eyedropper in Photoshop.