Ask the Author: Candle Beck

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Ask the Author: Candle Beck]]
Interviewee: Candle Beck
Date(s): March 8, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Supernatural
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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Candle Beck was interviewed for Supernatural Roundtable.

Some Excerpts

So, my name is Candle Beck (well, not really), and I have been writing or reading fanfiction for almost fifteen years (which is nuts!), starting with Mulder/Scully het when I was like eleven, a fact that amuses me to this day. I discovered slash in college via 'Sports Night,' wrote 'The West Wing' and 'The O.C.' and such for awhile, but my primary fandom quickly became Major League Baseball RPS, because I am an unrepentant baseball nerd and it is all I ever want to talk about. I wrote better than a hundred stories, most featuring the Oakland Athletics, and that fandom, being micro-sized and tightly knit and ridiculously supportive, basically got me writing the way I write today. Which, yay.

I got into 'Supernatural' for the fic. No lie. I saw a poster advertising the series premiere (Sam with that wicked scythe, man) and without even knowing anything about the plot or who these two dudes were, I immediately thought, that is a rabid fandom lying in wait. Because they got that look, you know? I started watching the show specifically so that I could read the inevitable avalanche of fic. Best decision ever made!

I started writing 'Supernatural' in fits and starts, in between A's stories, and it took awhile for the fandom to really sink its teeth into me, but I think I knew I'd end up fully in it. Someone said once that I write with an undercurrent of violence, and the idea of it has stuck in my head. There's this theme of escape, too, this idea that if you can just get in a car with the one person who actually matters, just drive without destination, all your problems will be solved. And I've always been interested in people who love each other so much they implode. 'Supernatural' was kind of created to suit my tastes.
my baseball players look happy because they know they have cameras on them. no, i kid. they are actually very happy dudes, what with playing baseball for a living and being twenty-three year old millionaires and living together like frat boys with rented couches and every video game ever made. that's all in real life, though. in the world of fic, they are infested with neuroses and doubt.

it actually really caught me off guard when people started being all, why you so angsty! on teh spn stories, because i literally went like two years in mlb rps without writing a happy ending, and i'd already written like four happy-ending spn stories. because, though ballplayers are rich and everything, the nature of the environment means any kind of same-sex hookup is rife with drama! you can't be out without becoming 'that player' (there's been less than a half-dozen guys who've come out after retiring; no active player ever has), and even if you fall in love with a teammate, tomorrow either or both of you could be traded to different teams, different leagues, different sides of the country. the stories were angsty all the time because the situation demanded it of them. similar to sam and dean. clearly there is love, but clearly, they are miserable. this is not my doing.

i am more drawn to sam/dean as well, but you never know. i've been caught by surprise by stories before.