Ask the Artist: Trolleys

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Ask the Artist: Trolleys
Interviewee: Trolleys
Date(s): January 23, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Fan Art, Supernatural
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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Trolleys was interviewed in 2009 for Supernatural Roundtable.

Some Excerpts

I'm a relative newbie to SPN fandom; I fell into it by accident and pretty much backwards at that. A friend randomly linked me to a J2 fic last autumn and I was riveted by it even though I barely knew who Jared and Jensen were, haha. That piqued my interest enough for me to seek out more fic, even draw some J2, and it wasn't long before I caved in and devoured all 3+ SPN seasons in about two weeks while subjecting myself to the worst bout of sleep deprivation ever. :P

I adore the boys equally -- man, you couldn't make me choose with a blunt object to my head -- but Jared/Sam is easier and a bit more fun to draw because of his quirky features. It's always a challenge to draw RL people though, as it takes a lot of visual cataloguing that isn't required for fandoms such as Harry Potter (where I started out from years ago... *has a nostalgic moment*).

My main tool of the trade is my drawing tablet. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to line art and digital medium allows the luxury (or curse, depending on what I'm working on) of extensive undo-ing and tweaking. Colors sort of baffle me. It's something I try to improve upon, and I find it easier to color-experiment with programs like Photoshop or ArtRage as opposed to traditional media. Regarding the latter, I'm most comfortable working with good ol' pencil/ink and paper.

I am a slash fangirl through and through, but of the stuff I've done so far, my favorite is this gen piece: Castiel pulling Dean out of Hell [NSFW]. I think that's when I realized how much I was invested in the show, that I could take a part of canon I strongly disliked and turn it into a source of inspiration.
Sometimes a particular characterization will strike a chord and it will affect the way I draw the boys... like, Jensen being a caffeine addict? Never would have crossed my mind if it weren't for J2 fics and I now I totally want to draw him that way. :D And ridiculous J2 AU ideas pop up in my head ALL THE TIME haha, as you may have noticed. Or as with the Castiel/Dean pic, sometimes the art will be reactionary or for catharsis or whatnot. In any case, it's all quite random and rarely do I have to make an effort to be inspired, which is something I love about being in this fandom. I started drawing as far back as I could hold up a Magna Doodle :) I guess around age 4 or so? I can never remember not drawing something in some shape or form.