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A Medusan is an intelligent, non-corporeal, energy-based species in Star Trek: The Original Series. Kollos is an ambassador to the United Federation of Planets. Any humanoid who sees a Medusan with the naked eye would be struck blind. In a Star Trek: Picard episode, "Medusan Astrogation" is mentioned. Later, a genderless Medusan character, Zero (aka "Fugitive Zero"), appears regularly in Star Trek: Prodigy, using a makeshift containment suit.

Canon Information

More information about Medusans can be found at Memory Alpha and Now Don’t Look Here: The Medusans.

Medusan Fiction

"So far, nobody that I've run across seems much intrigued about the love-life of a Medusan but probably somebody will think of something...." (1976) -- a male fan's LoC in The Halkan Council #22.

Zines and fanfic with content about Medusans, or the fallout of encounters with one: