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You may be looking for the early online service provider, Prodigy.

Name: Star Trek: Prodigy
Abbreviation(s): STP, PRO
Creator: Kevin and Dan Hageman
Date(s): October 2021-present
Medium: animated television
Country of Origin: United States
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Star Trek: Prodigy is an animated sci-fi series created by Kevin and Dan Hageman. It is the tenth television series in the Star Trek franchise and the first since Filmation's Star Trek: The Animated Series to be aimed specifically at a young audience.

The first season of the show began airing in October 2021 on Paramount+ in the United States and will air again on Nickelodeon after the streaming run is complete. A second season is currently in development.


In contrast to previous Star Trek entries, Prodigy focuses on a motley group of young aliens who find themselves on an abandoned Starfleet vessel, USS Protostar, under the tutelage of a hologram version of Captain Kathryn Janeway. The Brikar race, first featured in the licensed Starfleet Academy Young Adult books and Star Trek: New Frontier novels and comics by Peter David, is featured canonically for the first time in Prodigy.


  • Dal R'El: a humanoid male who was captured as a youngster and enslaved by The Diviner as one of The Unwanted, and forced to mine chimerium at the Tars Lamora prison colony. Even Dal does not know the identity of his own species.
  • Gwyn: a young Vau N'Akat female, who negotiated slave deals and interrogated slaves that worked at her father's prison colony. She is taken hostage by the escaped slaves when they take command of the USS Protostar. She is known by the title, "Progeny of Solum".
  • Jankom Pog: a male Tellarite male engineer at the prison colony who joins the young escapees. Pog's right hand has been replaced with a "multi-mitt", a cybernetic implant that possesses a number of capabilities, such as turning into a hammer and functioning as a grapnel launcher.
  • Zero: a non-corporeal Medusan with a natural aptitude for navigation, who was once captured and used to brainwash other slaves. Escaping and fashioning a makeshift containment suit for themselves to safely interact with others, the Medusan becomes a rebel fighter known as "Fugitive Zero" before joining with the Unwanted escapees.
  • Rok-Tahk: a young, massive Brikar female. Rok was enslaved by The Diviner as one of The Unwanted and escapes with Dal.
  • Murf: Rok's pet, a gelatinous lifeform who is fond of ingesting random pieces of mechanical equipment.
  • Hologram Kathryn Janeway: a computer-generated avatar of the highly-decorated Starfleet captain, formerly of the USS Voyager.
  • Solum, The Diviner: an ailing Vau N'Akat male and father of Gwyn. He established the Tars Lamora prison colony in an effort to locate the Protostar.
  • Drednok: an artificial lifeform who serves as The Diviner's advisor and majordomo. Drednok has a humanoid upper body and a spider-like lower body with four legs.


The fandom for Prodigy is small compared to other Star Trek fandoms (partially due to how new the show is).