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Name: MJ Week
Date(s): 2021-present
Moderator(s): spideysmjs
Founder: spideysmjs
Type: Fanweek; fanfiction, fanart, moodboard, meta, gifset, fanmix
Fandom: MCU
Associated Community:
URL: mjweek
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MJ Week is a fanweek, prompt based challenge in Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom, dedicated to the character Michelle "MJ" Jones-Watson, also known as MJ Watson. Multiple types of fanworks are accepted, including fanfiction, moodboard, gif sets, fan art and other fan edits. According to the founder, "This week is a way to show appreciation for MCU’s MJ, and to emphasize her importance in Peter Parker’s life, acknowledging Michelle as the canonical endgame lover, Mary Jane."



  • Day 1: Family Life/Backstory
  • Day 2: Throughout the Years
  • Day 3: College or Career
  • Day 4: Badass!MJ
  • Day 5: MJ & May

2021 week ran from April 12 to April 16.


  • Day 1: Michelle Jones-Watson
  • Day 2: Pre-Homecoming MJ
  • Day 3: MJ & ___
  • Day 4: Meet Again After No Way Home
  • Day 5: Hobbies and/or Pastimes
  • Day 6: Figuring It Out
  • Day 7: Free Day

2022 week ran from April 10 to April 16.