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This is a list of fanzines that have Forever Knight content. It is incomplete and out-dated. For a more complete list, see Category:Forever Knight Zines.

Forever Knight only

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Acquaintances het anthology Cathy Pursell
Amantes de la Noche gen  ? 1996-1997
The Bargain - Christine Hunt gen novel  ?  ?
Beginnings het anthology Cathy Pursell
Be My Valentine Intertwined Press
Biting Satire, or Forever Knight Lite! gen  ? 1996
Black Amber gen, all stories by Jacqueline Taero Special Services Unlimited 1997
Blood and Roses
Cats and Dogs het anthology Cathy Pursell
Cauchemar het Special Services Limited 1994
The Company of Night het 1998
Conquistador: The Vachon Collection gen Special Services Unlimited 1997
Coroner Tales gen  ? 1999
The Crusader newsletter 1998
Dark Confessions
Dark, Dark My Light gen novel Special Services Unlimited 1997
Dark Romance het novel
The Dawn of My Knight xover with MacGyver AngelWings Press
Daydreams and Knightmares two-sided story collection  ? 1995
Death Has No Dominion het
The Devil You Know - R. A. Johnston gen novel Special Services Unlimited 1996
The Dinner het anthology Cathy Pursell
Double or Nothing - Susan M. Garrett gen novel  ? 1999
Dreaming of the Knight - Susan M. Garrett gen novel  ? 1994
En Famille het Special Services Limited 1995
Exiles - Christine Kamnikar gen, crossover with Due South ? 1998
Exposed het anthology Cathy Pursell
False Face gen novel
Faint Heart - Susan M. Garrett gen novel
False Heart - Susan M. Garrett gen novel  ? 1994
Feeding Frenzy newsletter 1993-?
The Fire - Donna Stripling gen novel
Forever also Highlander LJC 1994
Forever, and a Knight gen anthology Intertwined Press  ?
Forever Knight Cat Stories gen  ? 1999
The Forever Knight Compendium reference zine Fenris House 1997
The Forever Knight Special Gen Collection Neon Rainbow Press  ?
Forever Net gen, reprints of net-published stories InterKnight Press Publications  ?
Forever Yours Forever Knight Canada
For the Good of the Knight 1997
Four Seasons With LaCroix adult Special Services Unlimited 1997
Furever Knight, or The View from Down Under gen Special Services Unlimited 1997
Grave Secrets - Susan M. Garrett gen novel  ? 1997
Happy Campers het anthology Cathy Pursell
The Heart Has Its Reasons gen novel Intertwined Press  ?
Hobbies het anthology Cathy Pursell
Immortal Fantasies - Tasha gen, crossover with Highlander Maverick Press
In One's Own Coin gen novel  ? 1997
In the Heat of the Knight gen, maybe het
It's a Wonderful Unlife novel Special Services Unlimited ?
Kind Soul het Susan M. Garrett 1995
Knightbeat gen short stories and poetry Special Services Unlimited 1993-1999
Knightly News newsletter 1993
Knight Shift 1996
Knights Past Gypsy Moth Productions
Knight Time 1994
Lagniappe het Special Services Limited 1996
Last Knight het
Leap into Knight gen crossover novel with Quantum Leap  ? 1994
Let There Be Light gen 1996
A Little Knight Music het Susan M. Garrett 1995
A Little Knight Musing #1-3 het Unicorn Press  ?
Lizards in the Grass gen novel  ?  ?
My, What Nice Teeth You Have, Detective Knight het anthology Cathy Pursell
Nights of LaCroix: Drinking of the Stream gen novel
One Dark Knight slash and het by Marcia Tucker
On the Wings of the Knight gen 1993-1996
Old Hates, New Hope - Denyse Bridger novel 1997
On Holy Ground charity zine Peacock Press 2000
Paradigm Shift xover with XF, gen
The Party het anthology Cathy Pursell
Pepper het anthology Cathy Pursell
Performances het anthology Cathy Pursell
Pillow Book slash 1999
A Price Greater Than Life - Susan M. Garrett gen novel  ? 1999
Putting the Pieces Together gen novel
The Raven (Forever Knight newsletter) newsletter
Relationships het anthology Cathy Pursell
Resurrection (Forever Knight zine) gen
Rubies Red as Blood... and Other Stories charity zine 1996
Samskar het Special Services Limited 1993
Settlement het 1996
Shades of Eternity gen
Shadows and Roses gen 1998
Sins of the Fathers (Forever Knight zine) gen Criterion Press 1996
Soul on Fire: Pompeii Revisited gen 1997
Spring Break xover with Buffy 1997
Spyder's Web gen 1995
Tales from the Raven gen
This End Will Serve het
Three of a Kind gen novel  ? 1996
A Touch of Forever gen  ? 1996
T'Jours LaCroix gen 1995
Toujours LaCroix gen Lisa Prince 1999
Tracings poetry Special Services Unlimited 1997
Training Mission 1995
Unnatural Selection gen novel
Veritas het Special Services Limited 1997
Waiting for Eternity gen novel
Ways of Darkness - Tales of a Vampire Knight het
When We Weep - Cyndi Bayless Overstreet gen novel Special Services Unlimited 1997
The Wisdom of LaCroix quotes 1997
With Flowers gen by Ophelia Flowers Susan M. Garrett 1997