Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club

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Fan Club
Name: Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club
Dates: 1987-present
Founder(s): Rosemary Shad
Country based in: USA
Focus: Forever Knight
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Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club is a Forever Knight actor fan club. It was started in Woodbridge, Virginia by Rosemary Shad in 1987, and has since grown to over 1500 members. Though its current postal address is in North Wales, Pennsylvania, the club is today entirely run on line.

The club has always supported children’s charities. Initially, their main charity was Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC; in 2008 they added Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, due to its proximity to the current club president.

In the late 1990s, the Club published four fanzines to raise funds for charity.