Ian Boothby

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Name: Ian Boothby
Occupation: Intern
Location: London
Status: Alive
Relationships: Darcy Lewis (love interest, Darcy's intern), Jane Foster (colleague), Erik Selvig (colleague)
Fandom: Thor Movieverse
Other: Portrayed by Jonathan Howard
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Ian Boothby is the intern and love interest of Darcy Lewis that first appeared in Thor: The Dark World.


Ian was hired by Darcy Lewis as her unpaid intern. He was a big fan of Jane Foster. He pretended to be Erik Selvig's son in order to be able to release him from the mental facility.

Ian along with Darcy placed the Gravimetric Spikes in the ground that could manipulate the Wormholes created. During the Battle of Greenwich (during which gravity was inconsistent), Ian saved Darcy from the Dark Elves by picking up a car and slamming it onto the elves, killing them. They were seen kissing soon after.


Ian since his appearance in Thor: Dark World, has appeared in a few fanworks. He's usually a background character. Archive of Our Own only has 128 works tagged with him as of July 19, 2015, nearly two years since the second film was released.


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