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Name: Hope Pym (comics)
Hope van Dyne (MCU)
Occupation: supervillain (comics)
Business partner of Pym Technologies (MCU)
Title/Rank: Red Queen (Comics)
Status: Alive
Relationships: Henry Pym (father), Janet van Dyne (mother), Henry Pym Jr. (twin brother)
Fandom: Ant-Man (2015), A-Next, Marvel Comics
Other: Portrayed by Evangeline Lilly (MCU).
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Hope Pym is a Marvel Comics character that first appeared in the MC2 universe, and will appear in the Ant-Man (2015) film under the name "Hope van Dyne".


The daughter of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne in the MC2 universe, she first appeared in A-Next #7 (April 1999). Known as "The Red Queen", she founded "The Revengers" supervillain team along with her brother Big Man. The team attempted to assassinate The Avengers and Cassandra Lang (daughter of Scott Lang) whom she believed was a mockery to parent's memory, as well as the "Ant-Man"/"Wasp" mantle[1].


Hope, portrayed by Evangeline Lilly, is renamed Hope van Dyne to show her estrangement from her father, Henry Pym. She's business partners with Daren Cross.


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So far since the movie was announced/trailer released, the pairing Hope van Dyne/Scott Lang has appeared.


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