Frank Castle/Karen Page

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Pairing: Frank Castle/Karen Page
Alternative name(s): Kastle
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Daredevil (TV series), Punisher (TV series)
Prevalence: High
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Frank Castle/Karen Page is a het pairing from the Daredevil (TV series) and Punisher (TV series) fandoms.



TV Series

Frank Castle is determined to kill everyone associated with the shoot out that killed his family. Karen is caught up in one such attack at Metro General Hospital. She begins to investigate the Punisher, ending up at the address of an unidentified man who survived a gunshot wound to the head. Breaking into the house, she takes a picture of Frank Castle and his family.

When Frank is arrested, Karen encourages Nelson and Murdock to take his case. Frank is uncooperative, until Karen points out that they are the only people who cares about his murdered family, showing him the picture she took from his house. She is the only person who believes in him. After Frank is convicted, Wilson Fisk arranges his escape from prison. As the Blacksmith begins killing people associated with Frank and framing him for the murders, Castle seeks out Karen to protect her. Franks determination to kill the Blacksmith against Karen's wishes, seems to permanently end their friendship.

However, at the start of Punisher season 1, Frank seeks out Karen to help him find Micro. Karen admits she still cares for Frank, and he is once again willing to risk his life to save her.



TV Series

Based on the number of works on Ao3, Frank/Karen is the most popular pairing in the Punisher (TV series) fandom [1] and the second most popular pairing in the Daredevil (TV series) fandom.[2] The gen pairing of these two characters is also common. They work well together in canon and are both, to some extent, morally ambiguous characters. Frank is only too willing to kill criminals, and Karen killed Wesley in seaosn 1, covering up his death and telling no one.

Common Storylines & Tropes

  • Post Daredevil Season 2
  • Post Punisher Season 1
  • Hurt/Comfort works often involve Karen caring for a physically injured Punisher, or one character providing emotional comfort to the other.
  • PTSD is common in works as Frank Castle is a veteran. Some works examine Karen's PTSD as a result of traumatic events in canon.
  • Karen's mysterious past is referenced in a small number of fics.


As of October 3, 2020, there are 1875 works tagged Frank Castle/Karen Page on AO3.


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  • Heaven Sent the Saints Down (Hell Sent Them Up) by Ambrosia, But no, yes, the Punisher. In her apartment. Staring at her with an unfazed expression on his face. Even from the doorway, she can see the white skull painted on his chest-piece. And this is somehow so normal for her [...] '
  • The Red Line by SheelaNaGig, You'd think it would be easy to avoid someone in a city of eight million people.'
  • The Ghosts We Keep Within by irishcookie, She told Frank Castle that he is dead to her --- so it is almost fitting that his ghost haunts her.
  • One Worth Knowing by Wynn, The message arrives in an innocuous envelope, a plain white one marked only with her name and the address of The Bulletin, the two scrawled on the front in thick black ink. Karen doesn’t even have to open it to know it’s from him, from Frank, though almost eight months have passed since she last saw him.
  • ain't nothing but a monster by nighimpossible, “Is this okay?” she asks, the question just a murmur in the dark. “You’re already close enough to hurt me,” Frank says finally, after chewing on the thought for a long moment. “So hurt me.”
  • in death's dream kingdom by therestlessbrook, Everyone is wrong about how the world ends—it isn’t with a bang or a whimper. Not with fire or ice. It ends in ash. (Or, Thanos snaps his fingers, and Frank and Karen survive in the aftermath.)




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