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Name: Fandral the Dashing
Occupation: Asgardian God (Norse Mythology), Superhero, Warrior
Title/Rank: Member of the Warriors Three
Location: Asgard
Status: Alive (comics and other universes), Deceased (MCU)
Relationships: Loki (frenemy), Thor Odinson (friend/ally), Sif (friend/ally), Hogun (friend/ally), Volstagg (friend/ally), Marian (wife, deceased), Rogue (AU wife)
Fandom: Thor, Thor Movieverse (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Other: Fandral @ Wikipedia
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Fandral is a character in the Marvel Comics series Thor. In the MCU films, Fandral is played by two actors; for the first film Fandral is portrayed with Josh Dallas and in the second and third Thor films by Zachary Levi.


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Fandral is often portrayed as a ladies man in fanfiction, portrayed with various unnamed characters. However, Fandral's main pairing is the slash ship of Fandral/Loki. The het pairing of Fandral/Darcy Lewis grew from their brief but canon scenes in the Thor Movieverse.



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