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Name: Cap/IronMan Remix, Captain America/Iron Man Remix
Date(s): 2016
Founder: cap_ironman community
Type: remix
Fandom: Captain America/Iron Man (Marvel Comics)
Associated Community: cap_ironman
URL: Remix tag on the community.
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Cap/IronMan Remix is a remix challenge run by the cap_ironman community and focuses on Steve/Tony fanworks. The rules were modelled after Remix/Redux and camelotremix.

It first ran in January/February 2016 and consisted of a anonymous, reciprocal exchange style remix challenge for fic authors[1] and a two week Madness round that allowed fic and art in the style of a prompt meme. Reveals happened after all the main challenge remixes had been revealed.[2] It used AO3 for the running of the challenge.

Masterlist 2016

The masterlist/creator reveals post was made on February 25 and 49 remixes were produced for the round.[3]

Captain America/Iron Man Remix 2016

#LoveWinsAmerica (MCU, 3690 words) by Agent C (arh581958)a emix of All-American Pride by imafriendlydalek.

A Field of Flowers (okay, a plot) (MCU, 3907 words) by AngeNoir a remix of The Giant Pumpkin And The Garden Guy by Neverever.

The Fire and The Flood (MCU, 1114 words) by imafriendlydalek a remix of The Three Times Tony Stark Showed Weakness (and the one time he didn’t.) by stormfirej.

My Heart, A Drum of Water (MCU, 4588 words) by Kiyaar a remix of My Unsightly Heart by Mizzy.

Coincidences (MCU/Harry Potter, 2204 words) by ladyshadowdrake a remix of Yankee Stadium by Agent C (arh581958).

Syzygy (a Kludged Together remix) (MCU, 20198 words) by Mizzy a remix of Kludged Together by Veldeia.

Nothing Else but Miracles (An Ancient Secrets and New-born Dreams Remix) (616, 8052 words) by Muccamukk a remix of Follow in Your Footsteps by Sineala.

Staking Claim (The Ghosts Remix) (1872 (Comics), 7790 words) by navaan a remix of A Stake in This Ground by Woad.

Wartime Secrets (In Time of War Remix) (Marvel Noir, 4844 words) by Neverever a remix of In Time of War by navaan.

Here, Beside You (MCU, 3457 words) by pensversusswords a remix of Ugly Parts (Interspersed with Moments of Savage Brightness) by AngeNoir

Armistice (The Nothing Else Matters Remix) (616/Noir, 20000 words) by Sineala a remix of Dreams of War, Dreams of Liars by teaberryblue.

You Don't Have to Be Alone (MCU, 8573 words) by stormfirej a remix of Better Halves by Kiyaar.

Emanata (The Comics Will Break Your Heart Remix) (Marvel 616, 29511) by teaberryblue a remix of Iron Man: The Watchers of the Moon by Muccamukk.

For You, Sir, Always (The Fairy Godfather Remix) (MCU, 9402 words) by Veldeia a remix of Steve Rogers & the Iron Man Statue by Wisia.

The Rift (MCU, 2765) by Wisia a remix of SteveTony Pacific Rim AU/Fusion: Going away to war by ladyshadowdrake.

Down the Waterfall (The Roaring Forties Remix) (Marvel Noir, 2917 words) by Woad a remix of Nurse Rogers by pensversusswords.

Remix Madness 2016

AnonEhouse created

antigrav_vector created

fandomfrolics created

laireshi created

Lets_call_me_Lily created

Lilian_Cho created

magicasen created

navaan created

Neverever created

Sineala created

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Teyke created

Veldeia created

Woad created


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