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This is a draft of a public website from 1996.

Many of the images and graphics from the website are no longer available online - where possible text placeholders have been used. The majority of hyperlinks are no longer active and have not been archived by the WayBack Machine. Where possible, links to archived versions of websites are offered. Underlined text indicates a pre-existing hyperlink that is dead. The page has been included to give context to the discussions of fandom online visibility in the mid-1990s.

While the preceding sections listing fanfic were presumably compiled with the author's permission, the inclusion of convention and fanzine flyers was more contested. At the time the website was created, website owner believed that these items were available to be publicly distributed[1] - and in fact, no restrictions had been placed on many of the flyers that were emailed from fan to fan or sent to mailing lists.[2] For years fandom had operated on a "need to know" basis with access to fandom social circles and fanworks limited, controlled and restricted. To these older fans no distribution limits were needed on their flyers because technologically the information could, up to that moment, only be shared person to person or by phone and by mail - all labor intensive with limited outreach potential. And apart from technological limits, the Internet also brought in new fans who had never been "mentored" into "the ways things were and therefore must be." Even older fans, who were fmilar with the members only club mentality that had been the mainstay of some corners of fandom, lept at the opportunity to use the Internet to reach out to more fans. However, to many fans, the Net was still new, unknown and something to be feared, particularly by slash fans. When one fanzine publisher vehemently objected to seeing her flyer online. The website owner removed the flyer upon the publisher's request.

Slash Fanzines, Cons and Miscellaneous Slash Stuff
as of June 15, 1996

[Website Image]

[Website Image]

I hope that everyone knows about "A Plain and Simple Zine". There are six of these so far, all G/B, and the seventh is in the works. They are published by Chained to the Typewriter Press, [address redacted]. Each issue is $10, checks payable to [name redacted]. The quality of the writing is excellent (DVS is a long-time, well known slash author in several fandoms), and there is also art by TACS, who did the art for "Temple Jewel".

[Website Image]

"Compounded Interest 4" has 60+ pages of G/B, also well done. This is a multimedia slash zine and also has two very good FK stories by James. If James isn't on this list, I'll have to tell her about it! (I'm not really a FK fan, I just liked her stories.) "CI 4.5" is due out soon (sorry, don't have a date, but probably for Media West), and is supposed to have 100+ pages of G/B. Both of these zines can be ordered from Bill Hupe.

[Website Image]

The all-G/B issue of "No Holds Barred" is tentatively scheduled to be out for Media West. I've requested price and ordering info from the publisher, who I believe will also have the 'Plain and Simple Zines' available in the next few months. [Mary E.] is publishing her own all G/B zine, and I've also requested info from her as I've heard it will be ready soon. The latter two editors are on e-mail, so hopefully I should hear soon.

[Website Image]

There are also two G/B stories in the multimedia "Playfellows", issues 7 and 8, available from:

Merry Men Press
[address redacted]

These are $20 each, checks payable to Robin Hood (yes, that *is* her name, and why it's 'Merry Men Press'!). These stories are the first two in a hopeful trilogy, and it has been said, although I'm not entirely sure about this, that they jump-started the G/B fandom - in print, at least.

[Website Image]

Slash zines available from
Almost Foolproof Press
[address redacted]
Age statement required for all orders.

[Website Image]

DIFFERENT ODDS, an all Garak/Bashir zine based on "The Die is Cast." What if Garak hadn't been stuck with Odo on the Romulan ship? What if Dr. Bashir had been the other passenger on the runabout? What if Enabran Tain had ordered Garak to torture . . . Bashir? Each of our eight authors has a different light to shed on this burning question:

  • "Phantasmagoria" by P.A. Tara
  • "What Price Friendship" by Mandy Gordon
  • "Hold On" by Catherine
  • "Stand-Off" by [Kronette]
  • "Home is Where the Heart Is" by Karen Colohan
  • "Torturer, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" by Mary E.
  • "The Journeyman's Test" by Emily Brunson
  • "Trinity" by Janis C.

With luscious illustrations by Janis C. and TACS and a hot, provocative cover by Janis C. There's something for everyone in this zine, from romance to heavy h/c.

Age statement required. Copies will be sent out within 10 days.

Send check or money order for $14 ($17 overseas) made out to [name redacted] to: [address redacted]

[Website Image]

Pros publications:

Deathless Pros Press published three zines in 1995: "Summer's End" (novel by Alexfandra), "Truth To Tell" (novella collection which includes "The Art of Love", "Memoirs of a Merc" and "Private Lives" by Alexfandra and "Careful What You Wish For" by Gwyneth Rhys), and "Aftermath" (novel by Gwyneth Rhys).

For price and ordering info, e-mail Alex.

Now Available from Deathless Pros Press:

Close Quarters
A B/D Story Collection
73,500 words; 140 pages in Arrus 11 point type
B&W offset cover art on 80lb paper
Price: $15 in person
$18 via First Class mail, US and Canada
$20 via airmail overseas (Europe, Australia, N.Z.)

CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL - Please include age statement unless we already have one on file.

Make checks payable in US funds to: [name redacted]

Mail to: [address redacted]


  • "Elena's Shoes" by Irene. Guarding the wife of a deposed dictator may sound boring to Bodie and Doyle, but Elena Florian proves highly entertaining--and much more attracted to Bodie than Doyle cares for. But is the attraction mutual? And what will Doyle choose to do about it, if anything?
  • "Dance While You Can" by Alexfandra. In search of a blackmailer, Bodie and Doyle go undercover at a gay club. Doyle succeeds in keeping the fact that it's not all an act for him a secret--until Bodie suddenly pulls him onto the dance floor for one long, slow number...
  • "Fit To Be Tied" by Gwyneth Rhys . Can the lads survive hours of togetherness--a bit too much togetherness? Find out what happens when Bodie and Doyle become closely bound, literally, in a rather compromising position.
  • "On A Hot Summer Night" by Alexfandra. A too-hot evening, a party that never seemed to end, and a drunken kiss on the the morning, Doyle is ecstatic. And Bodie doesn't remember a thing...
  • "Groundhog Doyle" by Irene. Bad enough to be stuck living the same day over and over again until he gets it right--but it's Christmas Eve, and Raymond Doyle has never liked Christmas. Still, how much trouble can he get into in just one day?
  • "Strictly Classified" by Alexfandra. A reprint of a story which originally appeared on the circuit. Doyle goes on a blind date via the gay personals as part of an undercover op--and is surprised when Bodie turns up to meet him.
  • "Love In A Faithless Country" - a novella by Alexfandra. Bodie and Doyle have casual sex now and then; one of them wants much more, but is thwarted at every turn. Set against the backdrop of a high-level assassination plot, this is a story about desire, truth, and the price of denial.

[Website Image]

  • VISITOR by DVS (DS9) "Antique!" Garak pretended to take offense at a reference to his greater age, but did not have the energy to make it sound real.
  • HEAD AND HEART TOGETHER by Calico (Miami Vice) “’’How long they would've stayed this way is anyone's guess, but the ignored cat whimpered. The whine broke them apart and Castillo reached over to pick up the cat. ‘’”
  • THE NIGHT OF THE APOLOGY by Mary Millard (WWW) ‘’”Jim was never sure who suffered more during the next ordeal, himself or Artie, the delicate cleansing of Artie's wounds. It seemed virtually none of his body had been spared from the lashing. ‘’”
  • REMEMBER WHEN by Theresa Kyle (UNCLE) ‘’"Yes, isn't it?" Longolis broke in. "And the long and short of it is that we want you to be the one who stimulate's Solo's libido.’’
  • "SAFE HARBOR by Kate McChesney (UNCLE)
Napoleon reached for something to wipe the chocolate off, but Illya
threw his glass aside and stopped his hand. "No, let me." He leaned in
and began to lick around the sensual mouth. "Delicious," he murmured.
A wave of renewed desire washed through him and he began to trace
circles on Napoleon's chest with his tongue.
  • WE THAT ARE YOUNG by NJ Kippax (YOUNG GUNS)’’ "It's all right. It's not so bad." Doc's eyes steadily met those of his friend. Chavez felt his need, his fear and anger at life, and the desire to replace some of the ugliness and horror, if just for a short while, with something good and right, something from yesterday. “’’
  • WARMTH by Jane Terry (UNCLE) ‘’"Don't knock it if you haven't tried it, my friend." Illya removed his clothes. He gathered up a pair of pajamas from his suitcase and headed toward the bathroom. He couldn't resist a parting shot as he closed the bathroom door. "Really, Napoleon, you might like it if you did." ‘’
  • THE STORY OF MY LIFE by Kate McChesney (WISEGUY)
Giving in to panic he ran down the hall, hesitating just a moment before the closed door.
Then he quietly pushed the door open and looked in. Moonlight shone
through the curtained windows, spilling across the bed. Seeing the
gentle rise and fall of the sleeping man's chest, his knees went weak
and he leaned heavily against the doorjamb. God, when is it going to end? he thought.
George looked up into his eyes. 'You feel it, too, don't you, Matthew? Here, like
this...together...we're free."
He swallowed, seeming to gather courage
to say something else. "Do you think....we might...share this way again?"
"Lee," Nelson's vioce was husky yet tremulous; gone was the impatience
and anger. And suddenly, he felt a lot more sober. "Don't. Just
because I'd had a little too much to drink doesn't mean I don't know
what you're doing." He faced the younger man. "We've been over this
ground before and you know nothing can happen.

Also Starsky/Hutch; New Teen Titans; Quantum Leap; Blakes 7 (poetry)

$18.00 priority mail
Europe price $25.00
Available from:
Marion McChesney
[address redacted]

[Website Image]

Classified Affairs II is out now.'s time to start working on Awakenings II (multi-media), the next zine planned out (for Eclecticon); Classified Affairs III (UNCLE), and my newest project (planned for next year) Living and Dying in 4/4 Time (all WISEGUY). Submissions can be sent via hard copy, disk (ASCII text with line breaks or Word 6), or by e-mail attachment (ASCII text with line breaks).

If you're a writer, or would like to try your hand at hand, I'd love to hear from you. E-mail Marion McChesney for more info.


  • THE TERROR AT 20,000 FEET AFFAIR by Elwyn:
Of course, that was it!
Attrition. His life force had been drained past the point where it
could sustain him and he was dying. A simple problem with an even
simpler solution, if it wasn't already too late.
  • THE NEW YORK AFFAIR by Kaycee:
Oddly enough it was the fear that got
through to Napoleon.
He heard it in the voice that had never allowed
fear to surface before.
"Do you -" Illya realized with sudden
horror that he had no idea how to find out what he really wanted to
know. He couldn't very well ask if Napoleon thought he, Illya, was in
love with him.
"Of course it's Fox," Illya said impatiently. "He's
not only our godson, he's Alexander Waverly's grandson and only
surviving grandchild. When Waverly named us spiritual guardians -
which I have never understood, by the way - he did not intend for Fox
to live with us."
Recognizing his friend's apprehension, Napoleon
sat up and put a hand on his shoulder. "Do you want to back out now? I
could tell Andie you got a call from the office and had to leave..."
He moved closer to Illya, so Illya could feel his breath on his
ear...or I could leave."
The chase was on.
Not that it was much of a chase - it was not that large an apartment.
Napoleon finally caught up with him in the bedroom, tackling Illya and
tossing him on the bed. The wide grin that lit the Russian's face told
him that Illya was exactly where he had wanted to be all the time.
Motion interrupted Kuryakin more effectively than the strangled cry.
He looked up to see Solo's hands reaching for him, closing on his upper arms.
It was a proprietary statement. Illya gazed silently at the badges on the table and
pondered the significance of Napoleon's act. Waverly, Slate and Dancer
stared. The meaning of Solo's gesture was not lost on them. They were
waiting for the Russian's reaction.
"Nothing. Do I have to be up to something?"
Solo asked innocently. The expression set well on him. He put the tray
of delicacies on the foot of the bed and settled next to his partner,
unconcernedly nudging Illya's bare legs out of the way.

ALSO: "Never The Wrong Time", "Tea for Two" and "Secret Agent Lesson 101" by D. Ramsey; and "Prior Claim" by Talieson

This zine contains adult, same sex material. You must be over 18 to order. An age statement is required.

Approx 150 pages, spiral bound
$18.00 Priority Mail
Cover by Suzan Lovett
Available from:
Marion McChesney
[address redacted]

Classified Affairs I is still available. If you would like a flyer, please e-mail me and I'll send you one right back.

AND: Submissions are now being accepted for CA III. E-mail submissions or disk welcome.

[Website Image]

Proposed Highlander Slash zine

Tentative title: Immortal Beloveds (although I'm offering a free zine to anyone who can come up with a title I like better)

An all Highlander slash zine, Oblique Publications is now seeking submissions for this new project. Requirements are that stories be m/m slash between two immortals. (This means no Duncan/Dawson unless some other immortal--say Methos--joins in.) Pairings of Duncan/some other immmortal (good or bad) are highly encouraged. Pairings of other immortals such as Methos/Darius or Conner/Ramirez are fine, too. Pairings with Richie are *discouraged* unless well enough written to sway the editor. Crossover universes are also *not* encouraged, but again the editor is open to persuasion. There are no restrictions on story content--the editor likes everything from S/M to true love to death stories to hurt/comfort--but solid pieces with good characterizations are much preferred over short vignettes. No poetry or artwork please.

Tentative submission deadline: March 1, 1997. Tentative publication date: MediaWest (May)1997.

For questions or information please e-mail or write Oblique.

[email address redacted]
Oblique Publications
[address redacted]

[Website Image]


Beginning in July, Media Monitor will return and will be published tri-annually, in March, July and November. As always, Media Monitor is open to all fandoms and all types of zines and everything else of interest to fans.

Presented in a clear, concise format, Media Monitor separates ads into the following categories: PREMIERING: zines which have just been printed; PUBLISHED: zines which are still in print; PERIODICALS: zines which are sold by subscription; PROPOSED: zines which are open to submissions; POSTINGS: (NEW CATEGORY!) internet based fannish information, including Web sites, newsgroups, archives, mailing lists, etc; and PERSONALS: convention listings, fan clubs, used zine sales, etc. of interest to fans. Listings are separated by fandom and alphabetical by title. Media Monitor will sport a new layout. Instead of the old 8 1/2 x 11 version, the new Media Monitor will be 7 x 8 1/2. Everything else about it will be the same.

‘’’OR DO AWAY WITH THE ZINE ALTOGETHER!’’’ Yes, Media Monitor will also be available as an online file!

Always on the cutting edge, Media Monitor now offers you the option of how you receive your copy of the adzine!

Subscription rates:

$6/issue US or $15/3 issues;
$8/issue overseas or $20/3 issues.
$2/issue or $5/3 issues.
[*Online subscribers will be sent a sample file; if it fails to translate properly, you may apply your money to a regular subscription or have it refunded.]

Print ads are free to all subscribers; nonsubscribers pay $1 for unlimited ads. Display ads are available; SASE or email for rates and complete guidelines.

Samples of back issues of Media Monitor are available for $3 each US and $5 each overseas.

If you are a former subscriber, come back to an old friend; if you have never read Media Monitor, now's your chance to find out why it was voted "Best Informational Zine" [3] two years in a row!

Media Monitor
Plastic Cow Productions
[address redacted]
or email the publisher

[Website Image]

Con Announcements:

Eclecticon 1996 - the East Coast media fanzine convention. November 8-10, 1996. The focus is media fandom and media fanzines. Held at the Ramada Hotel, Routes 1&9 South in Newark, NJ. It's convenient to all major highways, is easily accessible by public transportation, and features frequent service to and from Newark International Airport. And it's fan-friendly, too.

Full membership $30 until 5/31/96, $35 until 10/20/96, $40 at the door. One and two-day memberships will also be available at the door. Supporting and apocryphal memberships are $8 at all times. Dealer tables are 6 feet long and cost $35 each (memberships must be purchased separately, and dealers must be members of the con). Space is limited and demand is high so reserve yours early.

The con features four varied tracks of panels and discussion groups, writing workshops (slash and gen), an art show, video room, trivia contest, art and charity auctions, hall costume contest, Name that Soundtrack contest, free raffles, Friday night mixer, Saturday night Halloween-in-November party, Sunday afternoon ice cream social and photo op, plus our famous con suite with never-ending munchies and soft drinks and Continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings!

E-mail the con chair, Kathy Agel or at this address for more information. Art show requests to Kathy Agel (click above). Orphan zine sales questions to Jeannie Webster.

Mail registrations and dealer table payments to:

[address redacted]

Make all checks payable to Eclecticon.

[Website Image]

Mountain Media Con
July 26, 27, and 28th
Sheraton Denver West, Lakewood, Colorado

Join us for our second fanzine convention in Colorado. We'll have panels (both fan and informational), videos, a hospitality suit, an art show, and lots of zines! It will be a fun, friendly con with special events such as Scrambled Stories, Battle of Hunks Panel, and a Birthday party.

Memberships: $35.00 until July 24th
Dealer's Table: $50.00 includes one membership
Supporting Membership: $10.00 includes Program Book and Flyer Service
Memberships to Mountain Media Con
[address redacted]
Room Rates: 1-4 persons, Friday and Saturday--$72.00
Thursday and Sunday--$82.00

Call (303) 987-2000 for reservations at the Sheraton Denver West. Be sure to tell them you are with Mountain Media Con to guarantee you get the con rate.

RTD Skyride and Golden West Shuttle provide transportation to DIA for a fee.

For information, click on the section you're interested in, and mail the person in charge.

General information regarding Mountain Media Con or LSWillard or Sardonnac

Inquiries about the Art Show or to ksnowwhite

Inquiries about the Dealers' Room and Orphan Zine Table

Panel suggestions and inquiries

Videos and music video information


We need gophers and information about what you'd like to see on the panels.

Panels were one of the big hits of MMC 1, thanks to our great moderators and enthusiastic attendees. With your help and participation, we hope to do it again. This year we'll discuss the hottest shows in fandom: The X-Files, Kung Fu: TLC, Highlander, Forever Knight, ST: DS9 and Voyager, Due South, Space: Above and Beyond, as well as enduring favorites like [[The Professionals]] and resurgent fandoms like Houston Knights and [[Wild Wild West]]. Want to see a panel on another show? Let us know!

Informational panels planned so far are a return of last year's most popular panel, Medical Reality vs. Fantasy, as well as Create Your Own Web Page, From Ideas to the Printed Page, and How to Spruce Up Your Artwork.

And we're looking for some lively debates from panels like What Makes a Slash SuperCouple?, Spreading the Gospel of Fandom, Paranoia, and The Net: Good or Bad for Fandom?

If you'd like to be on any of these panels, or would like to give one we haven't thought of yet, e-mail Kathy. See you there!

[Website Image]

*Virgule* *3*
Third Time's The Charm!

Seattle's Bi-yearly Slash con is Back! Dates this year are OCT 11-13, 1996. (Remember, Virgule on even years, ZebraCon on odd years)

I don't want to take up bandwidth bragging, so if you'd like to see a precon by snail mail and you haven't receieved one yet, please email me, Sandy or snailmail the con address:

[address redacted]

Other email questions about the con can be sent to me or [email address redacted]

Hope to see lots of you there!

  • |* Virgule, the con: All Slash Fandoms Welcome *|*

[Website Image]


[Website Image]

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  1. ^ Morgan Dawn's notes based on conversations she had with various fans at the time (accessed Feb 25, 2014.
  2. ^ This changed quickly as fans realized that information could be more widely shared online. The fact that the flyers often contained real names and home addresses (for ordering zines or buying convention memberships, information had always been included) only underscored how unequipped fandom was in dealing with the new technology and the visibility it provided. Many later flyers said: "For distribution only in fandom friendly spaces" or "For distribution to members online mailing lists" or "Please do not post online without permission."
  3. ^ reference to the FanQ