Thor Week

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Name: Thor Week
Date(s): 2014 - 2015
Moderator(s): Thora, Diana, Goose, Marie
Type: fanweek - fanfiction, fan art, gif sets, vids, fan edits
Fandom: Marvel Comics, MCU
Associated Community:
URL: thorweek; archive link
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Thor Week was a fanweek, prompt based challenge in Marvel Comics/MCU fandom, dedicated to the character of Thor Odinson. Multiple types fanworks were accepted, including fanfiction, fan art, gif sets, vids and other fan edits.



  • Day 1: Why are you a Thor fan and/or What draws you to Thor
  • Day 2: Family relationships and/or Favorite scenes
  • Day 3: Thor’s costumes
  • Day 4: Thor controlling the weather and/or Mjolnir moments
  • Day 5: Ships and Solo nsfw Thor
  • Day 6: Thor’s smiles
  • Day 7: Thor as a leader and/or king


  • Day 1: Gif Day
  • Day 2: Graphic: MCU
  • Day 3: Art: Comic
  • Day 4: Graphic: Comic
  • Day 5: Art: MCU
  • Day 6: Fic Day
  • Day 7: Free Day

Example Fanworks