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This is a list of Supernatural fanzines. Summaries, covers and more information can be found on the individual zine pages. For more Supernatural fanzine listings see here and here. If you are looking for fanzines focusing on the actors from Supernatural (or J2), see here. Doujinshi focusing on J2 is mingled along with Supernatural Doujinshi listed below.


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
A Hunting We Will Go Authors: K. Hanna Korossy, Kittsbud, Pixel_0, Irismay42 and BJxmasA Agent With Style 2008
Agents of Fate anthology Sorrow Heat Publishing 2010
All Gods Go to Heaven Sophia Schultz Kelly Agent With Style 2012
Back Home Again anthology Agent With Style 2008
Blood Brothers anthology, full size, comb bound, 8.5" x 11", 256 pages Gold'n Lily Press 2008 , 2009
Bread and Kerosene anthology of one author's works 2009
Brother of Mine novel, full size. Comb bound, 8.5" x 11" 91 pages. Blackfly Press 2008
Brotherhood #2, 4, 6 & 8 are SPN only, #1, 3, 5 & 7 are multimedia anthologies, 6" x 9" trade paperback size, comb binding, full color cover Pyramids Press, Agent With Style 2006 - 2009
Chaos novel, digest, comb-bound, 203 pages Agent With Style 2008
Chinook #7 anthology, comb-bound, 8.5" x 11" (other Chinook issues are multifandom Blackfly Press 2007
Every Possible Way anthology Agent With Style 2008
Facing What Consumes You novel Agent With Style 2007
Family Business anthology, digest, comb-bound Agent With Style 2007 - 2009
Firefly (Supernatural zine) novel Agent With Style
Firestorm Concerto novel, 148 pages, digest-sized. Color Cover Art by Montana Griffin Song Press 2008
Geoid Rule anthology 2013
Glory! anthology with a focus on Destiel 2018
Harbinger to the Coming Storm novel, by IMTheresa 2010
Hear No Evil (Supernatural zine) novel Agent With Style 2009
Hell Quarterly #1 eZine, 25 pages with color art, 8.5" x 11" (has one slash story), issues #2-3 are more slash focused ? 2007
Hidden Honesty, Open Deceit novel Agent With Style 2012
Hunters of the Shadows novel Neon Rainbow Press 2012
Hunting On the Net anthology, stories have appeared, or are available, online. The stories have all been edited Neon Rainbow Press 2007 - 2010
Hunting Trips anthology, stories are half new and half off the net Neon Rainbow Press 2007 -2010
In the Light novel Agent With Style 2008
Journey novel Agent With Style 2008
Króka-Refs þættir anthology on one author's work 2009
Lazarus Came Forth novel Fangirl Enterprises 2009
Longshot novel, digest-sized, 160 pages, Color cover art by Jkay Griffin Song Press 2008
Mockingbird novel Agent With Style/Fangirl Enterprises 2008
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (Supernatural zine) novel, sequel to Firefly (Supernatural zine) Agent With Style
The No Stairway Anthology e-zine, both gen and slash winterlive and maygra 2008
Pack of Two anthology Agent With Style 2008
Past, Present, Future anthology Agent With Style 2008
River of Blood novel Fangirl Enterprises 2009
Road Trip With My Brother anthology Agent With Style 2007 - 2009
Rooftop Confessions anthology, 8.5X11, Color cover art by Jkay Griffin Song Press 2006 - 2010
Route 666 anthology Ashton Press 2008 - 2010
Salt 'N Burn anthology Agent With Style 2007 - 2008
Sam The Series anthology Agent With Style 2010
Sam Winchester Zine anthology 2019
Single White, Double Yellow single author anthology, charity zine Morgan Dawn 2008
Shotguns and Salt-Lines anthology, 530 pages, digest size, perfect binding, also as free e-zine ? 2007
Sonata for Two Winchesters novel, sequel to Firestorm Concerto Griffin Song Press 2010
Snowfall novel Agent With Style 2008
SPN Artbook art zine 2017
SPNIME art 2015
The Supernatural Special Gen Collection anthology,Two volumes Vol 1 (112 pages), Vol 2 (53 pages) Neon Rainbow Press 2007
The Storm I Ride novel, comb-bound, 75 pages Agent With Style
Supernatural Artbook art zine Angela Song 2014
Supernatural Christmas Tales anthology Agent With Style 2008
Supernatural Virtual Season anthology Agent With Style 2006, 2007
Sweetheart, This IS Gender Studies anthology 2021
The Trumpeter anthology, art zine 2018
The Way of the Warrior novel Neon Rainbow Press 2012
To Hell and Back anthology, con zine 2009
Wayward Sons (Supernatural zine) anthology Fangirl Enterprises 2010
Weapon and the Wound 2009
What Heaven Sends Northern Storms Press
You'll Thank Me When It's Wednesday! anthology Agent With Style 2008


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Adickted novella Light & Shadow Press 2012
Chains of Babylon novel, wincest. 144 pages, digest-sized. charity zine Morgan Dawn 2008
Collected Supernatural Shorts Wincest, Sam/Dean. 182 pages, digest-sized, twenty-five story netfic collection. All happy endings. Colour cover by Ara. Requiem Publications 2008
Comfortably Queer Mostly Destiel with a couple of other paiirngs 2023
Fallen (Supernatural zine) Supernatural/Dean/Castiel. 105 pages, digest-sized. Ashton Press 2010
Falling and Flying Destiel, art zine, Royal Bees Press 2017
Handbasket to Hell anthology, wincest Agent With Style 2009
Hell Quarterly #2, #3 gen & wincest, eZine, 25 pages with color art, 8.5" x 11" ? 2007
Highway to Hell anthology, wincest, 147 pages Agt Spooky 2007
On the Road, a supernatural zine art zine, gen and slash 2021
Profound anthology, Destiel 2019
Reckonings novel, Dean/OMC, 193 pages, digest-sized, Color Cover Art by JKay Griffin Song Press 2010
Requirements novel, Dean/OMC, 150 pages, digest-sized, Color Cover Art by JKay Griffin Song Press 2009
Revelations novel, Dean/OMC, 148 pages, digest-sized, Color Cover Art by JKay Griffin Song Press 2008
Send Me an Angel anthology, Dean/Various angels Ashton Press 2011
Sherlock the Demon Hunter novel. crossover with Sherlock, SuperLock, Destiel Agent With Style 2014
Something Gold novel, wincest Agent With Style 2008
The Supernatural Collection For Gayle anthology, printed as a gift 2008
A Supernatural Slash Anthology Vol. I & II anthology, wincest, 530 pages, digest size, perfect binding, also as free e-zine ? 2006
Tarot: A DeanCas Anthology anthology, Destiel 2018
Wayward Sons Zine: A SPN Pre-series Weechester/Teenchester Fanzine anthology, gen and wincest 2022



Doujinshi Title Details (gen/yaoi/het) Author/Artist Collective Year of Publication
0cm yaoi, manga Azel
3step Down manga Weekend 2013
99th Madness yaoi gangu-shitateya 2009
A; yaoi Massugu!/Tamu 2008 yaoi, manga (J2) Bull's Eye
Afterwards yaoi, manga Ease
Angel Beats manga onbororo 2012
Angel Connection manga Azel 2012
Angel Feather yaoi, manga Yellow Happy 2008
Anjeroza yaoi, manga (J2) Ultra Panic 2010
Arcadia manga Weekend 2007
Around The Love Land yaoi Cute Pink 2009
Automatic Dungeon yaoi, manga
Back-burner yaoi, manga Cathexis 2007
BACKNUMBERS yaoi Studio Taiyo 2009
BAD COMPANY + Possession yaoi JunkPot plus/Yakko 2007
Bad Moon Rising yaoi Road Crew 2007
Baka Kyoudai gen, manga Neji Neji 2008
Be My Love yaoi, manga Lovebird 2012
Because the night is cold yaoi gangu-shitateya 2008
Before A Rooster Crows yaoi, novel (J2) Sweet Blossom 2009
Before the light fails yaoi Covers&Echo 2007
Between Today and Tomorrow yaoi きょうとあしたの間 2008
Blue Moon yaoi, manga Aimoku Koma 2012
Burachin 4 yaoi, manga Bull's Eye
Call Call gen, manga Weekend 2009
Call*Call yaoi, manga Bull's Eye
Catch yaoi, manga Studio Taiyo 2009
CATCH-22 yaoi noiTES do noRTE/Nemo Kitagawa 2007
Coming Undone yaoi gangu-shitateya 2008
Confusion yaoi & het, anthology Weekend and Westgate 2008
Cogito ergo sum manga Death Powder 2012
Coming Undone yaoi, novel gangu-shitateya 2008
Confusion gen & het, manga Weekend & West Gate 2008
Continuity Circles yaoi, manga Cute Pink 2007
Contract gen, manga Weekend 2008
Crawl yaoi, manga ichiroheian 2011
Crescendo manga Weekend 2008
Cross Road manga Weekend 2007
Crossroad yaoi, manga Studio Taiyo 2007
CSPN: LV version gen, Supernatural & CSI Westgate
CSPN: Miami version gen, Supernatural & CSI Westgate 2010
CSvPN gen, yaoi, Supernatural & CSI Westgate
Dean in Wonderland yaoi Nejineji 2010
Degrade yaoi, manga +41C
Dentist's Lover yaoi, novel (J2) Twin Turbo (Brother's Fever) 2010
Diary Diary yaoi, manga Kyoutoashitanoaida 2012
Distance manga Run to me 2013
Do Angels Dream About Stray Sheep? yaoi, manga i-ru-pin-an 2010
Do you feel loved? yaoi gangu-shitateya 2007
Don't Be Cool yaoi Studio Taiyo 2007
Don't Sully the White Suit manga Kakan 2013
Dr. Winchester's Sweetheart yaoi, manga Westgate 2010
Dramatic Rhythm yaoi Cute Pink/Komaru Kouenji 2007
Dream in Dream yaoi nigredo 2009
Dust In The Fire yaoi Studio Taiyo 2008
Eternal first love yaoi, novel (J2) nigredo 2009
Everyday yaoi Studio Taiyo 2008
Evil Eyes yaoi, manga Akage no sato 2008
FAINT yaoi Nejineji/Waka Komoto 2008
Felicita yaoi Calcio Fox
First Contact yaoi, manga Kimi ga Tame 2012
FirstX yaoi, manga Managawa Rina
Furuchin! yaoi, manga Bull's Eye 2007
GAMBiT! yaoi Tachibana Mizuki + Sakura Rinko 2008
Gemeinschaft yaoi Westgate 2009
Geoidurle manga logilogo 2013
Give me a bite! yaoi 108 Ag Kreis 2007
Give me a reason yaoi Twin Turbo (Brother's Fever) 2009
Go Go Winchester Girls! yaoi, manga Westgate by Meros 2008
godsend yaoi, manga Cinematica 2012
Good Job! yaoi, manga & novel 108 Ag Kreis 2008
Good Morning Sammy yaoi, manga 1oz. 2009
Gravely Jungle yaoi Shishinden/Mizuki Tachibana and Rinko Sakura 2007
Guardian gen, manga Weekend
Guardian Altercode gen, manga Weekend 2009
Gytrash Hunter yaoi Shishinden/Mizuki Tachibana and Rinko Sakura 2008
Half an apple yaoi, novel (Supernatural/J2) Twin Turbo (Brother's Fever) 2010
Happy Time yaoi Weekend
Hear the thunder before yaoi Twin Turbo (Brother's Fever) 2008
Heaven Can yaoi Going Underground
Here We Are yaoi, manga Neji Nej 2008
Hexenhous gen, fanfiction SKYFiSH 2008
Huddle Together yaoi, manga Cathexis 2008
Hunting in the Sheets yaoi Studio Taiyo 2010
I Wish yaoi, manga Close Knit
i'm feelin' okay this mornin' yaoi, manga (J2) All Over Ever Green
If you love me yaoi Twin Turbo (Brother's Fever) 2008
J2-Love yaoi (J2) Nejineji 2008
Jack's Trick yaoi, manga Bull's Eye 2008
Jewel Sweets yaoi, manga (J2) Cute Pink 2009
Jingle all the way yaoi Studio Taiyo 2009
Jukebox Baby yaoi, manga Bull's eye
Keep Cool yaoi Himuro no Sakura
Kemonobito manga Dandelion 2009
Kitty's Charm yaoi Road Crew 2008
Kyoudai Banzai gen, manga Rainbow Sisters 2007
Kyoudai Banzai 2 gen, manga Rainbow Sisters 2008
Kyoudai Burari yaoi Bull's Eye 2008
Kyoudai Muteki gen, manga Rainbow Sisters 2009
Let it Be yaoi, manga Nocchi
Lies and Truth yaoi Akage no Sato
Little Starry Future yaoi, manga Cute Pink/Komaru Kouenji 2007
Loop yaoi, manga Under Flower 2008
Lovers Potion yaoi TRACK/Y'Dsitch 2008
Maybe Pornstar yaoi, manga Bull's Eye
Monopoly yaoi, manga Lovebird 2011
Morning Pride yaoi, manga (J2) Studio Taiyo 2009
Natural Catastrophe yaoi Covers&Echo 2008
Natural World yaoi Himuro-no-Sakura/Kaimu Tachibana 2007
Naturally yaoi Studio Taiyo 2009
Naughty Brothers yaoi, manga Cinematica 2013
Necessary yaoi, manga (J2) Ultra Panic 2009
Necessary Supernatural yaoi AIR BARAKA 2008
Ningyo no Niku yaoi, manga Kitagawa Nemo 2008
No Exit yaoi GoldenKataro 2007
Nostalgia yaoi, manga Meros in WESTGATE 2008
Now or Never yaoi, manga Kimi ga Tame
On the Beach an Older Brother with a Puppy manga nano.t 2009
One Day, One Room yaoi, manga Gensyoku Dairenaizukan 2007
Only one thing yaoi cathexis 2009
Oops yaoi
Orion Waltz yaoi, manga Cute Pink 2009
Our Delicious Life manga YokujoxPussycat 2011
Outside Flavor yaoi TRACK, Bull's eye no,8/Waida,Ishigami 2008
peckers yaoi, anthology (J2) Indigo Dragon, Bull's Eye No.8, Reo, and Ishigami 2007
Penultimate Step yaoi Cathexis 2008
Proof in the Box yaoi, manga West Gate 2008
Rage yaoi JunkPot plus/Yakko 2008
Re:Print compilation, manga Weekend 2014
Re:Write compilation, manga Weekend 2014
Redempto Ideo yaoi Cute Pink 2007
Reunion yaoi, manga Weekend 2013
Sacrifice yaoi, manga Close Knit 2008
Saint yaoi Peace Ichiro
Salt & Sugar yaoi Antique Pomegranates 2010
Say Yes yaoi Studio Taiyo 2009
Say You Love Me yaoi, manga Ease
Secret of Love yaoi YOMISEGAKKO 2008
Secret Of Nights yaoi nigredo 2007
Secrets Are Secret yaoi, manga Gensyoku Dairenaizukan
Shape of My Heart yaoi (J2) Sunflower BOX
Shiawasette yaoi, manga Massugu
Silent Scream Shadow yaoi, manga West Gate 2007
Sin yaoi, manga Meros in WESTGATE
Sky Blue yaoi, manga Kottou Zakuro
Sly dog yaoi Himuro no sakura/Kaimu Himuroya (Kaimu Tachibana) 2007
Smith & Wesson yaoi Nejineji 2009
Snow! Snow! Snow! yaoi, manga (Supernatural & J2) Noites do Norte 2008
Sodom yaoi, manga Meros in WESTGATE 2009
Song Book manga & novel T's club and Yukii 2012
Soul Cage yaoi, manga Kottou-zakuro 2008
Spiral chaos yaoi, manga Weekend 2011
StarBright yaoi, manga Run to me 2011
Stupid Brothers - Night Scene gen Nejineji 2008
Suffused with Lust yaoi
Suga Suga Bunny EX! yaoi, manga JunkPot plus/Yakko
Sugar Nightmare yaoi, manga Gensyoku Dairenaizukan
Sugar Sugar Honey yaoi, manga Weekend 2008
Sukini Narazuni Irarenai (Can't Help Falling In Love) yaoi Studio Taiyo 2008
Super yaoi, manga Weekend 2007
Super Actual yaoi, manga 2008
Super Angels yaoi Road Crew
Super Honey Flavor yaoi, manga King Palace 2008
Super Naturally yaoi, manga Studio Taiyo 2011
Super Winchester Brothers yaoi nigredo 2007
Supermarket yaoi, anthology (Supernatural & J2) Various 2007
Supernatural Brothers yaoi, manga Tanabota-do
Swan Song manga Weekend 2013
Sweet Brothers yaoi nigredo 2007
Sweet Mariage yaoi nigredo/YOMISEGAKKO 2008
Sweet Vampire yaoi, novel gangu-shitateya 2009
That's Private Mode yaoi, novel (J2) Twin Turbo (Brother's Fever) 2008
The secret of self sacrifice yaoi nigredo 2008
This Ain't Lust I Know This is Love yaoi, anthology
This is Our Day Off yaoi, manga & novel Yukari & Azumi 2009
To where you are yaoi, manga i-ru-pin-an 2011
Tsukiyo no Bara to Kimi no Te to yaoi, manga Next To
Under the cloak yaoi CATHEXIS/Ichiichi Tokisawa 2008
Under the Cubic Sky yaoi Cute Pink 2009
Unfold yaoi Covers&Echo 2007
Unforgettable Fire yaoi, manga NETTAI KINGYO 2007
Up to Boy manga Weekend 2012
Vanillatte Point yaoi, manga Cute Pink 2008
W's yaoi, manga Studio Taiyo 2009
Watarigarasu no Kokuin yaoi, manga Ohana/Sora 2008
Wayward Sons yaoi, manga Club Apple
Wedding Invitation yaoi, manga Club Apple
When Midnight Woke Up Singing yaoi, manga All Over Ever Green
Who ate a fairy cake? gen SKYFiSH 2009
Whole Truth gen, manga himuro no sakura
Will You Marry Me? yaoi, manga Run to me 2012
Wish You Were Here yaoi Covers&Echo 2008
You Belong To Me yaoi, manga Papillon (Nocchi)
Your Tears I'll Dry While Stifling My Own manga TRY 2011

Need More Info

  • Kyoudai Banzai, novel, gen, ?
  • Kyoudai Burari, slash, novel, Bull's Eye