That's Private Mode

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Title: That's Private Mode
Circle: 発熱兄弟。
Hatsunetsu Kyoudai.
(Brother's Fever.)
Doujinka: Twin Turbo (?)
Fandom: J2
Date/s: 2008
Type: Novel
Size: varies
Language: Japanese
External Links: Circle's doujinshi list
Sample of volume 3
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That's Private Mode is a yaoi J2 doujinshi by Hatsunetsu Kyoudai. Three volumes have been published.

Volume 1 is size A5 with 40 pages.

Volume 2 ("That's Private Mode 2") is size A5 with 60 pages. Summary: Jared and Jensen vacation on a private island.

Volume 3 ("That's Private Mode3") is size A5 with 28 pages. A sample of volume 3 is on the circle's website.

vol 2
vol 1