Chains of Babylon

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Title: Chains of Babylon
Publisher: Morgan Dawn
Author(s): Poisontaster
Cover Artist(s): Morgan Dawn
Date(s): 2006
Series?: yes
Medium: online, print
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: online
photo by poisontaster, cover by Morgan Dawn
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Chains of Babylon (All In Your Mind) is a 144 page slash Supernatural novel written by Poisontaster. It was originally released online and in 2007 a printed copy was auctioned off as part of the Sweet Charity auctions. The novel continues to be offered for free as both a printable pdf and in eBook format for offline reading and remains online for web reading.

Chains of Babylon is part of Poisontaster's and mona1347's Every Broken Thing/Heart universe.


  • "Okay, I’m not sure where to start with this story. It’s set within the Every Broken Thing/Heart ‘Verse and it’s beautiful, angsty stuff. Sam rescues Dean, but a little too late. Amnesia fic that’s brilliant with its delivery, creating a guilty Sam, who wants his brother back, and a Dean who is trying to put the pieces together. Seriously, good stuff here. "Dean?" The quality, the tone of the voice changes as Dean's visitor notices Dean's eyes are open. He's gotten good at tone; you have to be to try and anticipate the appropriate reactions. This is relief, it's fear and he knows them from his own voice, not the doctors'."[1]
  • "This is part of a huge, huge, huge 'verse that poisontaster is continually adding to. This fic will make perfect sense without having read the rest of the 'verse, but it has a whole different meaning if you have. Either way, this story is just plain incredible. Her Sam and Dean are perfect, just like always, and the complexity of the psyche she built into Dean really blew me away. You can really tell that she put a lot of research into this story because there's a confidence to her writing that makes it easy to read and follow. Plus? There is absolutely nowhere in these entire 42,000+ words that the story drags or you get bored, which is an especially amazing accomplishment since a huge chunk of the fic is internalized. I just--so much love for this fic, even though it ripped me to pieces a bunch of times."[2]