In the Light

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Title: In the Light
Publisher: Agent With Style
Author(s): Gaelicspirit
Cover Artist(s): uncredited
Date(s): 2008
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Supernatural
Language: English
External Links: available online
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Spn in the light cover.jpg

In the Light is a gen 202-page Supernatural novel by Gaelicspirit.

Summary from publisher, Agent With Style:
Dean and Sam retreat to a safe house in Minnesota to recover from Sam's possession by Meg, they find themselves unexpectedly embroiled in a struggle for revenge and retribution. They encounter an old friend, Abe Nakomis, who rescued them moments from death several months before -- and they discover that forgiving doesn't always mean forgetting. Darkness can seep through the cracks of even the most solid of internal walls, and the Winchesters realize that finding the light inside may be the only way they can come through this battle alive. A new hunt pits Dean against the elements and Sam against himself as the brothers fight for each other... and for survival.