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Art Portfolio
Publisher: Angela Song
Artist: see full list below
Date(s): 2014-2015
Size: various, both print and PDF (see below)
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: Kickstarter page; tumblr page[1]; Deviantart group.
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You might be looking for the SPN Artbook.

Supernatural Artbook is a multi-artist fan art portfolio assembled in 2014 by Angela Song. The artbook features Supernatural fan art by over 30 fan artists and was the subject of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. The campaign raised $13,979 of the $4,500 goal with the excess donated to Action Against Hunger. Over 388 backers supported the fundraiser effort. In the end $1000 was donated to Action Against Hunger, with an additional $912 donated each to The Citizen Foundation, Child Aid , Wildcoast , and the Wildlife Conservation Network . In total, the project donated $4648 to charity.

The themes of the book are words starting with the letter “S”. The three main sections are Sons, Soldier, and Sinner.

The artbook was offered in both printed and digital format, based on the amount pledged during the campaign.

The printed copy is 60 pages, letter sized, and perfect bound. The digital book is offered in .PDF format.

Additional fundraising "stretch goals" allowed a mini-portfolio to be offered called "Stages of Grief" along with postcards, posters and buttons.


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Previews of the art can be found S: Supernatural Artbook Preview, Archived version


  • The publisher has granted permission to make use of the digital copy of the fanart after the fan artists have had a chance to blog their art in early 2015 and as long as the fan art is used for non-commercial purposes.[2]
  • Art previews can be found here[3], here.[4], here[5], andhere.[6]


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