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You may be looking for Call*Call, a yaoi Supernatural doujinshi.

Title: Call Call
Circle: Weekend (Mari) (茉莉)
Fandom: Supernatural
Date/s: 2009
Language: Japanese
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Call Call is a 22-page gen Supernatural doujinshi by Weekend. It is the sequel to Guardian Altercode:0. From an ebay seller: "It's part of an alternative universe series where Dean is a robot designed to protect Sam. His voice is temporarily out of service so he has to connect himself to a phone to talk until he heals."

From the artist page:

"ディーンがアンドロイドでサムのガーディアンという設定のパラレルSD。 ディーンの発声回路がぶっ壊れて声が出なくなるお話。"
cover by Weekend