Króka-Refs þættir

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Title: Króka-Refs þættir
Creator: Kroki Refur
Date(s): 2009
Fandom: Supernatural
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Króka-Refs þættir - The tales of Króki-Refur was a 2 volume bound copy of Kroki Refur's Supernatural fanfiction created by Morgan Dawn. The two planned to submit the book to the 2009 Sweet Charity auction but it was never completed. Only a single copy was printed for proof purposes.

Contents Volume I (212 pages, perfect bound, 6x9)

  • Sensory Deprivation When an encounter in the woods goes wrong, the Winchester brothers are left in serious trouble. ..Page 1
  • Tired and Emotional (Sequel to Sensory Deprivation) Since when has a poltergeist caused this much trouble?... Page 56
  • When You Put Your Arms Around Me The witch is dead, the hunt's over, and all's right with the world. Yeah, we all know how long that's gonna last.....Page 119
  • Laid Low by Damascus Sam's got Dean and Dad, and that's always been enough...Page 165
  • A Fifth of Comfort It's Dean's birthday, and Sam's sick, and doesn't that just suck? .Page 172
  • Burying Ground A hunt in the Badlands of South Dakota, a mysterious grave yard, and a couple of Winchesters. What could possibly go wrong, right?... ..Page 176
  • The Best Imitation of Myself It's uncanny to see -- you'd really think it was me.....Page 194
  • The Lord is My Shepherd Dean's always known exactly what he wants........ Page 205
Cover design by Tripoli

Contents Volume II (232 pages, perfect bound, 6x9)

  • Blood and Wine are Red Eventually, one of those boys is going to get caught...... .Page 1
  • The Hardest Thing You'll Ever Learn Bobby first met John Winchester in 1987..Page 7
  • External Manners of Lament. Tag to All Hell Breaks Loose. Dean's not the only one who's lost Sam... Page 16
  • Proved by Your Conviction. Tag to 4x13. Sam Winchester walks out of Martin Wyatt's classroom one day late in 1997 and never walks back in again. Except that's not entirely true.... .Page 20
  • Lost and Found Sam saves Dean, in the end -- but sometimes, things just aren't that simple...Page 26
  • Pull My Daisy, Tip My Cup (All My Doors are Open). Tag to No Rest for the Wicked. In the "Pull My Daisy" 'verse. Sam in the aftermath.....Page 31
  • All My Eggs Are Broken. In the "Pull My Daisy" 'verse. "God save us all," mutters Bobby, even though he knows it's too late for that... Page 36
  • Cut My Thoughts for Coconuts. In the "Pull My Daisy" 'verse. Winchesters in cages........ ..Page 43
  • The Future's So Bright It's Mark's second month at the New Mexico field office when the girl goes missing.... ..Page 53
  • Christmas Past Everyone drops the ball sometimes, but when you're a Winchester, consequences can be dire.. ..Page 66
  • A Time to Every Purpose Dean measures time in scars...Page 80
  • Four Times Sam Got Sick (And One Time He Didn't) Does what it says on the tin......Page 84
  • Magic (Unauthorised Biography Series, part 1) Sam had a reason for leaving, and maybe it wasn't what Dean thought it was.... Page 93
  • Missing the War. (Unauthorised Biography Series, part 2) John's happy. Really he is...Page 96
  • The Second Tragedy "There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, the other is getting it."-- Oscar Wilde.......... Page 100
  • Closing the Stable Door Sam's got a secret, and Dean's going to find out what it is.. Page 103
  • If He Shall Gain The Whole World. Tag to Mystery Spot. The music stops in Broward County, Florida...
  • Full Fathom Five. Tag to In My Time of Dying. How did the boys get from the hospital to the field?....... Page 121
  • .The Devil You Know. Tag to Born Under a Bad Sign. Sam was awake for some of it; he just doesn't know how much. Page 127
  • When I Hear That Whistle Blowing Sam, birthdays, and the law......Page 132
  • The Silver and The Glass Dean's deal isn't the only thing worrying Sam right now...Page 136
  • Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Tag to 4x14. Dean sleeps all the time, now... ..Page 143
  • Pour Away the Ocean Happy ever after isn't really the Winchester way.. Page 153
  • All That Rise Against Thee To Do Thee Hurt Not so much a fic as a stylistic experiment. Snippetty and plot less. This post brought to you by an excess of Faulkner...Page 168
  • Dellamorte Dellamore BRAAAAAAAINS! *glee*.. ..Page 163
  • Got a Chip on My Shoulder Dean's missing. And then he's... not...Page 198
  • A Great Ambition to Die of Exhaustion Five times Dean Winchester is bored.....Page 206
  • Plus C'est la Meme Chose. Written for spn_summergen. AU. Nothing would have changed. Except the things that would.....Page 218