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Name: Kroki Refur
Type: fan writer, picspam, vidder
Fandoms: Supernatural, Merlin, Covert Affairs, Jake 2.0, Harry Potter
URL: Fan Fiction LJ (locked as of 2015), FanFiction on FictionAlley; FanFiction.Net; M.FanFiction.Net
As part of one of her Ten Expressions picspams, Kroki Refur coined the phrase: Fabulous Drunk!Sam Seal of Disapproval which has become a popular meme among fandom even in non-fannish settings.[1]
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Kroki Refur is a prolific Supernatural fan fiction writer who writes mainly gen fan fiction. During the first few seasons of Supernatural, she posted her Ten Expressions series where she selected ten screencaps from each episode and supplied humorous dialog. She also combined numerous episode reviews with picspams under the title Episode Reviews of Doom[2] and helped coin the "Sam didn't die, he just "fell on pie" meme. Over time she also developed certain signature jokes like a fixation with the beauty of Sam's nose and her famous "Fabulous Drunk!Sam Seal of Disapproval." She has made 4 Suppernatural fanvids.

On the origins of her name: "Just for the record, since I know there's a surprising number of people out there without extensive knowledge of Icelandic, the name is Refur, or Króki-Refur. Not Kroki. Not Kroka-Ref (that's the accusative, folks). Not Kroka-Refs (genitive). I'll let you off if you don't put the accent on, though, since I have compassion for people without international keyboards."[3]

Notable Works

  • The Crow on the Cradle (link). 98,261 words. AU. On October 2, 2005, Sam Winchester walked out of the apartment he shared with his girlfriend Jess in the middle of the night and didn't come back. The story took approximately two years to write. it was stared December 2006 and ended June 2008. The story was written was part of a Christmas prompt exchange where estei, one of kroki refur's friends asked her for a story prompt and then gave her one in exchange. The story's title comes from a traditional folk song:
The sheep's in the meadow
The cow's in the corn
Now is the time for a child to be born
He'll laugh at the moon
And cry for the sun
And if it's a boy he'll carry a gun
Sang the crow on the cradle
The crow on the cradle
The black and the white
Somebody's baby is born for a fight
The crow on the cradle
The white and the black
Somebody's baby is not coming back
Sang the crow on the cradle
  • weathercock snowfall (starlight cockcrow). ~27,000 words. Dean's got three weeks to live, and Sam's acting like a freakin asshole. And hey, it's not like that's never happened before, but this is a little too much like history repeating for Dean's liking.
  • Passenger.2,097 words, noncon. Dean is possessed. Unpleasantness ensues.
  • With Spit and a Prayer (sequel to Passenger) 80,000 words, noncon. The real tragedy is not the act itself, but the mess it leaves behind.


  • "Kroki-refur's stories are also something you should look into if you haven't. These stories are unusual but deep and sometimes hilarious. There's a wide range from loads of crack to highly angsty in her library."[4]
  • "I have a lot of favourite authors for a variety of fandoms, but I know I mostly follow Supernatural recently, so the fic I would like to rec is Kroki Refur's "The Crow on the Cradle"...It is one of the most amazing AU fics I have ever read. It takes Jess and makes her into a full on 3-D character, keeps Dean and John in character to a T, and most importantly has a LOGICAL REASON TO GO AU. It's beautiful and the build to the ending is absolutely flawless...Plus, if you're not in the mood for fic, go read her pic posts and episode reviews."[5]
  • "Also thought id take the opportunity to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the episode reviews of doom - best picspam review thing ever! I dont have a LJ so i dont comment, but I always want to because I really look forward to them every time SPN is on! I think the way you use words and speculate on crazy little things is fantastic, I just love every one. And the fabulous drunk sam seal of disapproval is teh awesome. YOU ARE MADE OF AMAZING! I actually use "fall on pie" in everyday life (Today: "Aw... this weekend the guy from Jaws fell on pie." - my family: "WTF?") ...It's sheer class, and I love it. Your musings amuse me, and definitely are a highlight of my week."[6]


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