Ten Expressions

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Title: Ten Expressions
Creator: Kroki Refur
Date(s): 2006-2009
Medium: online
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: Ten Expressions tag of Kroki refur's LJ (locked as of 2015, a screen cap is here)
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Ten Expressions is a series of blog posts by Kroki Refur recapping episodes of the first four seasons of Supernatural using screencaps of Sam's and Dean's faces. Rather than offering a straightforward retelling of the episode, Kroki Refur supplies humorous fictional dialog to go along with each set of "expressions." Some Ten Expressions are thematically tied into the plot of the episode that Kroki Refur is "reviewing." For example, in the recap of the episode Criss Angel is a Douchebag, in which Sam and Dean hunt a magician who is killing people, Sam worries that his Hogwarts' admissions letter has been delayed. Other Ten Expressions tie into fandom-wide events such as LiveJournal Strikethrough 2007. In this recap Sam panics because his LJ has been deleted due to the fannish interests he listed on his LJ profile page. Another running theme in the series has Sam playing the straight-man/ever suffering younger brother role with Dean offering the punchlines and acting out the tormenting older brother role. While the series is called "Ten" expressions, Kroki Refur would use as many screencaps as she felt necessary to deliver her joke. Kroki Refur's ability to find and locate subtle and nuanced expressions that often perfectly matched her humorous dialog was praised and the Ten Expressions series was popular and widely recommended, including by the CW Source, a studio sponsored blog.[1]

Over 45 Ten Expressions were posted between 2006 and 2009. Two representative samples are below.

In addition to posting her Ten Expressions, Kroki Refur also posted humorous episode review picspams called Episode Reviews of Doom for the first four seasons of the series.

Example of An Episode Related Ten Expressions

In the episode Born Under A Bad Sign Sam is possessed by a demon. The episode introduces Evil!Sam, a character who would become a popular Supernatural story trope for seasons to come.

Example of A Meta Related Ten Expressions

In 2007, Livejournal began a widespread campaign to delete blogs and journals it felt were violating its terms of service. Many communities were adult themed, focusing on sexual topics such as child abuse, pornography, incest and rape. In some cases, listing an "interest" that LJ deemed unsuitable on your profile page was sufficient to have your journal deleted. Each deleted blog or community would appear with a "strikethough" indicating it had been deleted. For more detailed background read Strikethrough.

One of the rallying cries in protest against the deletions was a Spanish speaking book club that had the misfortune of being in the midst of reading and discussing the novel Lolita. Many fans held it up as an example of the ludicrous and arbitrary application of LJ's policy.[2]

Even though the Strikethrough Ten Expressions had the fandom wide events as its main focus, Kroki Refur did not totally abandon referencing the show. She played on canonical facts such as Sam and Dean's method of laying evil ghosts to rest was to salt and burn the ghost's corpse. She also played on Dean's ignorance of many facets of the Internet, his preference for low tech research methods such as his father's written journal and his love of porn. In fact, some fans speculated that Dean only used to surf the Internet for porn.

Ten Expressions from the Great LiveJournal Strikethrough 2007


  • Refur is, quite simply, a genius, and her picspams inspire as much glee as the episodes themselves. We were first introduced to Refur's particular brand of madness through her "Ten Expressions" posts, where she takes 10 expressions from an episode and weaves them into a story. In these posts, we discovered the show's budgetary restriction on expressions, thrilled at evil make-up department plans, witnessed the salting and burning of the Internet, enjoyed the uses of flashbacks for brotherly torture, first set eyes on the Fabulous Drunk!Sam seal of disapproval, debated whether Sam is evil or 12, and discussed the philosophical implications of seriously cheesy movies. Plus, Refur came up with the single most brilliant explanation for what happened to Sam in All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1. Seriously – check them all out. Then we delved into her exhaustive and exhilarating Episode Recaps of Doom – perfect for when you want to relive the best of the episode. They're smart, they're funny, and they make you see things you may have missed the first time around. They're just the thing to get you through the summer.[3]
  • "YOU BASTARDS! Why didn't you tell me about the Ten Expressions picspams.....They complete me!....You people could have written me a frickin' LETTER or something!"[4]
  • "I got bitten by the LJ bug when I stumbled onto Kroki-Refur's too-awesome-for-words ERoD's and Ten Expressions at the start of season 4. (Do you KNOW how much I wished I had found it sooner? They make every episode 100% 116% better! "[5]
  • "Expressions and Episode Reviews of Doom are just a couple of more reasons I love this fandom like woah. There are such amazingly talented people here."[6]


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