Firefly (Supernatural zine)

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Title: Firefly
Publisher: Agent With Style
Author(s): Suz Mc
Cover Artist(s): Suz Mc
Date(s): 2009
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Supernatural
Language: English
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cover by Suz Mc

Firefly is a 338-page digest size gen novel with two chapters by Suz Mc.

It has a sequel: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (Supernatural zine).


From a distributor:Agent With Style:

Dean's promiscuous behavior pre-going to Hell has finally caught up with him now that he's back. Emily, a little girl who may or may not be his, was conceived due to a demon's intervention. Can the sheer innocence of a child born of violence, terror and despair thaw the frozen heart and bring new hope to the jaded soul of a worn-out hunter? And can Sam find a way to pull his brother back from the devastation of loss when Hell comes to claim its prize?

In a heart-touching dessert course to the juicy meal of a novel before it, Suz Mc ends the zine with the lovely tale, "Fishing with Bobby." When Bobby and Emily take time out to do some fishing, the four-year-old asks questions about Bobby's past that the older man would prefer not to answer. That's the thing about kids -- no filter. If it pops into their heads, it pops out of their mouths, and Bobby learns all over again that children don't respect boundaries, even painful ones. Can Emily ease his heartache?


  • Firefly (1)
  • Fishing with Bobby (326)