Who ate a fairy cake?

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Title: Who ate a fairy cake?
Fairy Cake o tabetanodaare
Circle: Atelier SKYFiSH
Doujinka: SKYFiSH
Fandom: Supernatural
Date/s: 2009 September
Type: Fanfiction
Size: A5, 36 pages
Language: Japanese
External Links: http://atelierskyfish.web.fc2.com/
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Who ate a fairy cake? (フェアリーケーキをたべたのだあれ Fairy Cake o tabetanodaare) is a 36 page gen Supernatural doujinshi written by SKYFiSH.

Storyline: Dean and Sam came to "Heavensbell" where person disappears town. They had mysterious encounter at the hotel where they stayed.