Peggy Carter/Jack Thompson

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Pairing: Peggy Carter/Jack Thompson
Alternative name(s): Cartson, Carterson
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Agent Carter (MCU)
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: common
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Peggy/Jack is a het non-canon pairing of Jack Thompson and Peggy Carter in the Agent Carter fandom.


When the Agent Carter series was first released, there was little to no interest in the pairing - others were left undecided, others were more interested in Peggy/Daniel or Peggy/Angie. The Peggy/Jack pairing slowly grew with the thanks of Tumblr, the first pairing blog, Fuck Yeah, Peggy/Jack was created on January 10, 2015 - just days after the first episode. The first fanfic for the pairing was published at Archive of Our Own on January 22[1] However, it wasn't until the fifth episode[2] that the pairing's numbers grew[3]. Soon after, other Peggy/Jack fanworks were being published and reblogged on Tumblr and more fanfiction was being posted at AO3 and

Sometime in early February, the terms "Cartson Trash" & "Cartson Trash Can" were termed[4] to describe the pairing. Some fans use the Tumblr tag: #cartson trash can. Fuck Yeah Cartson explained that it is "Fat Amy logic. We call it to ourselves to keep from Cartson-haters saying it behind our back. We’re the fandom “trash” and we’re proud of it. Even though we tend to be more positive and supportive than some other ships." [5]

Cartson Support Group hosted a "Cartson AU Week" at Tumblr during May 24-30, 2015 week[6], various fanworks were produced for the challenges.





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