Only Human (Hawkeye fansite)

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Name: Only Human
Owner/Maintainer: Anise
Type: character shrine
Fandom: Marvel
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Only Human is a Clint Barton character shrine. The site contains meta and images about the character. It was last updated in 2016.


Welcome One and All to Only Human, a shrine dedicated to Clint Barton, known better as The Amazing Hawkeye from Marvel Comics. Here you will find basic information and rather verbose opinions on the fearless archer and how he fits into the Marvel Universe. Hopefully after spending some time here you'll discover just why the archer is just as amazing as any superpowered hero.

That being said, Hawkeye has a long history that lengthens by the week. Therefore, this shrine will currently cover up to and including the popular Fraction and Aja (Hawkeye Vol. 4) run with a few mentions of the current All New Hawkeye run, both of which take place in Earth-616 That being said, depending on where you are in the Marvel Universe this shrine may contain unmarked spoilers.


  • DEAF: The Loss
  • STRENGTH: The Powerful
  • LEADER: The Team
  • VERSATILITY: The Ronin
  • VS. MCU: The Moviestar