Frostiron Holiday Exchange

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Gift Exchange
Name: Frostiron Holiday Exchange 2020
Date(s): November - December 2020
Moderator(s): Sparcina, Wolfloner
Type: freeform, medium, and rating matching
Scope: Loki/Tony Stark
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
URL: Frostiron Holiday Exchange 2020, Archived version
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The Frostiron Holiday Exchange was a gift exchange that took place in 2020. It was initiated by members of the frostiron Discord and focused on the non-canonical pairing of Loki and Tony Stark in the MCU fandom. Participants matched on freeforms, ratings, and medium. 17 people signed up and 21 works were created, most of which were fics. Although the exchange was set up like an AO3 exchange with pinch hits and DNWs, letters weren't allowed and request details were sparse besides the freeforms and ratings. All freeforms can be found here in the tagset.

Sparcina was running at least 7 other exchanges at the same time.[1]


Contributed works are listed in alphabetical order


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