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Synonyms: tag set
See also: Matching, AO3 Exchange, Tags
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Tagsets are a feature of Archive of Our Own's collections and challenges system that allow exchange moderators to decide which tags can be offered and requested in an AO3 exchange sign up. Many exchanges use tagsets so that participants can sign up with tags that aren't canonical tags in AO3's systems. For example,

  • Yuletide's tagset is necessary so that participants can match on tags for tiny or new fandoms that have never been written on the archive before.
  • Past Imperfect, Future Unknown puts characters and relationships both in the "character" tags slot so that the relationships slot can be used for medium matching, so that freeforms can be matched on
  • Nonconathon uses the character slot for medium matching and matches on freeforms, while relationship nominations in the relationships slot are nominated in the format "Character A noncons Character B" instead of the AO3 standard "Character A/Character B" format.