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Name: Elektra Natchios
Occupation: Ninja Assassin
Relationships: Hugo Kostas Natchios and Christina Natchios (parents, comics);
Nikolas Natchios (father, film);
Orestez Natchios (brother,comics);
Matt Murdock (love interest/frenemy/ally); Logan Howlett (love interest/friend/ally), Rina Logan (Wild Thing, M2 Universe daughter)
Fandom: Daredevil, Wolverine
Daredevil (TV series), The Defenders (MCU)
Other: Portrayed by Jennifer Garner (films)
Portrayed by Élodie Yung
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Elektra Natchios, or simply known as Elektra, is a Marvel Comics character.


Elektra first appeared in Daredevil #168 (January 1981).

In 2003, Jennifer Garner portrayed Elektra in the movie Daredevil, before appearing in the spin-off Elektra in 2005.

The character recently appeared in season 2 of Daredevil (TV series) and season 1 of The Defenders on Netflix. She is played by Élodie Yung. The Netflix TV shows are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Elektra has also appeared in several Marvel video games.



Elektra is a common Daredevil character to cosplay.

Common pairings include:

TV Series

In the MCU TV series, Elektra is most commonly paired with her canon love interest Matt Murdock. Many fics in this pairing are AUs or canon divergence AUs as a result of the pairs antagonistic relationship in canon. Matt/Elektra is sometimes a past relationship in works focused on another pairing for Matt.

Rarer pairings include Elektra Natchios/Karen Page, Elektra Natchios/Claire Temple and Elektra Natchios/Alexandra Reid.


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