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List of completed fanworks created for Bandom Big Bang


Behind the Sea (alternate universe version) by airgiodslv

With art by evocatory and finny91 and mixes by soapboxqueen and stereomer
Pairings: Gabe/William, Frank/Gerard, Panic at the Disco
Genre: seaQuest DSV AU

My Hat Has Three Corners by o4fuxache

With art by xingou and mixes by trackscovered and adellyna
Pairings: Joe/Jon, Pete/Patrick, Ryan/Spencer, others

I Have Been All Things Unholy by bexless

With art by zoundsbooth and mix by damson
Pairings: Sort of Frank/Gerard
Genre: Stigmata AU

The Art of Underwater Breathing by zarah5

With art by bluelittlepig and mixes by lucentvictrola and darktowns
Pairings: Jon/Ryan, Brendon/Spencer (Gabe/William, Pete/Patrick, Ryan/William)
Genre: Diving center AU set in the south of France

the night is getting older by greeenlikejuly

With mixes by o4fuxache and delicatelight
Pairings: spencer/brendon [side: joe/alex suarez, pete/patrick, spencer/haley; slight ryan/keltie]
Genre: Diner!AU

As Far as the Sky by tam_cranver

With mix by omphale23
Pairings:Primarily gen, with some Bob/Ray
Genre: Escape to Witch Mountain AU

Don't Believe The Hype by adellyna and txtequilanights

With mixes by didarina and greenet
Pairings: Pete/Ryland
Genre: Canon-based tourfic?

Well Tonight, Will It Ever Come? by dandy_fetish

With art by myaurasmiles and mix by redsambuca
Gerard/Mikey/Frank/Ray/Bob GSF
Genre: Werewolf AU

A Little More Kill Bill by darksylvia

With mix by swanpose
Pairings: Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Ryan, Pete/William
Genre: Sixteen Candles verse AU (killing vampires?)

Pennies and Colder Fountains by woebetidesweets

With art by escherzo and mix by 0nlymemories
Pairings: Frank Iero/Mikey Way
Genre: zombie apocalypse AU

Wanted by cool_rain_kiss

With mix by loveyouallwrong
Pairings: Gerard/Lyn-Z, Mikey/Alicia, Frank/Ray, very implied Bob/Brian
Genre: Western AU

A Note to Follow So by nardasarmy

With art by clayeer and the_liftedlorax
Pairings: Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter
Genre: ?

Stump's Eleven by misswonderheart

With mixes by babyofthegroup , thelionforreal and sobota
Gen (though there is a slash pairing, but I don't want to spoil!)
Genre: Ocean's Eleven AU

Of Moons, Birds and Monsters by insunshine and sinuous_curve

With art by brille and mixes by delicatelight and snugglebud_x3
Pairings: Spencer/Brendon (Brendon/Bill, Brendon/Pete), Bill/Gerard, Ryan/Jon, Victoria/Ryland.
Genre: Actor AU

A Brokedown Melody by sathinks

With art by circulation and mixes by beachsidebingo and sweetrecovery

The Black Parade is Dead! by sharpest_rose

With art by discorea and _audrey and mixes by grlufear and 0nlymemories

Down the Rabbit Hole by marksykins

With mix by saturnalia
Pairings: PATD GSF (Ryan-centric, but in pretty much all combinations)
Genre: AU

The Best Sound in the World by pixie_pan

With art by tragicity and mix by lackofsound
Pairings: Ryan/Brendon, Spencer/Jon, Pete/Patrick, Ryan/Pete
Genre: Retail/Mall AU

A Finer Command of Language by arsenicjade

With art by azulpopp and mix by alchemywow
Pairing: Jon/Ryan
Genre: tourfic? aphasia

There Ain't No Cure For Love by fiddleyoumust

With art by moondarri and mixes by theworshipper , miznarrator and cheapcrowd
Pairings: Spencer/Brendon
Genre: canon-based

How the West Was Won by shihadchick

With mixes by inkjunket and circulation
Pairings: Spencer/Bob, Brendon/Ryan/Jon
Genre: Buffy AU

Guys Like Us by bloodygoodgirl (AO3)

With mix by rynia
Pairings: Mikey/Frank/Bob
Genre: Mafia AU

big science by bellheim

With art by lisaroquin and mix by sinuous_curve
Pairings: Bob/Mikey, Frank/Gerard.
Genre: crime scientist AU?

Not Dead, Only Sleeping by lyo

With art by silvercurse and mix by loveyouallwrong
Pairings: Mikey/Alicia, implied past!Pete/Mikey, Gerard/Lyn-Z, Frank/Jamia
Genre: kidfic?

For I Was An Earthly Knight by seimaisin

With art by brandyxcyanide and mix by druidspell
Pairings: gen, with Jon/Spencer undertones
Genre: AU?

For A Different View by impertinence

With art by _audrey and mixes by captnobvious and monoblue
Pairing: Rae/Mikey
Genre: Always been a girl

Euphemisms for Insanity (Threw Your Arms In The Air and Said 'You're Crazy') by heartequals

With mix by sunqist
gen (Brendon/Spencer)
Genre: small town au

High Rollers, Higher stakes by finny91

With mix by janet_carter
Pairings: Brendon Urie/Frank Iero, Patrick Stump/Bob Bryar, Jon Walker/Spencer Smith
Genre: Playboy Bunny AU

till the seas run dry by longtime_lurker

With mix by annavtree and thelionforreal
Pairings: Pete/Patrick

throw a little sparkle all over it by etben

With mix by perspexsea
Pairings: Frank/Gerard
Genre: kidfic

Apple Shampoo by soda_and_capes

With mix by olivia_circe
Pairings: Ryan/Spencer, Brendon/Brent, Pete/Patrick, mentions of others.
Genre: AU?

anything please (except for defeat) by figletofvenice

With art by frek and mixes by wakexthedead , hobbit_sexual and erode
gen (some Brian/Gerard, some Ryan/Mikey)
Genre: canon divergence AU

Hating Summer by clandestinux

With art by musictoyourlips and mix by quadrophenic221
Pairings: Jon/Ryan, Jon/Brendon, Ryan/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, Joe/Andy

.i wrote this song for you. by jezzabe & sinuous_curve

With art by simplemitosis and mix by beatperfume
Pairings: Panic GSF, Pete/Patrick, multiple others
Genre:Always been a girl

In This White House by soundslikej

With art by d_copper and mixes by northernsky_ and sansets
Pairings: Frank/Gerard(/Lindsey/Jamia), Greta/Ian, Bob/Brian, Cash/Marshall, Panic GSF, Pete/Patrick, mentions of Mikey/Pete, Mikey/Alicia, Chris/Darren, and Cobra GSF
Genre: White House AU

The Courtship of Jon Walker by scribewraith (AO3)

With mix by different_shade
Pairings: Jon/Spencer; Brendon/Ryan/Spencer
Genre: polygamous Mormon AU

Bob Bryar's Secret Baby Project by carleton97

With mixes by fayemeadows and miss_saigon
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter

The Fall and Rise of The Black Parade by jezrana

With art by clayeer and mix by sweetnovicane
Pairings: Frank/Gerard, Ray/Mikey
Genre: Black Parade AU

Love: The Package Deal by jjtaylor

With art by blondiusmaximus and mix by brilligspoons
Frank/Gerard, Frank/Gerard/Lyn-Z, implied Frank/Gerard/Lyn-Z/Jamia
Genre: amnesia

Out Through The Stars by hapakitsune (AO3)

With mix by 26days
Pairings:Gerard/Frank, Gerard/Bert, others.
Genre: Space AU!

Black and White Piano Keys by silver_etoile

With art by leatherteal and mixes by belle_bing , 26days and azulpopp
Pairings: Ryan/Brendon (and a few surprises)
Genre: College AU

Weekend Wars by icyanahita

With mixes by sobota , skoosiepants , and 26days
Pairings: Frank/Gerard, Brendon/Spencer, Gabe/William, Pete/Patrick (pre-slash)
Genre: ?

All The Young Dudes by becomingblurred

With art by chasesstarlight and mix by sobota
Pete/Patrick, Patrick/Travis, Pete/Ryan, Pete/Ryland, Greta/Maja
Genre: always a girl, AU

And Our Lives Are Forever Changed by catchmelike

With art by paperheroes and mixes by amy13 and txtequilanights
Pairings: Jon/Cassie, Jon/Brendon
Genre: AU where Jon Walker doesn't join Panic at the Disco

Men And Foxes: A Bordertown Tale by stonedetodeath and iphignia939

With mix by bunnymcfoo
Pairings: Spencer Smith/Mike Pedicone
Genre: Bordertown AU

Act As If by afterthefair

With mix by cheapcrowd
Pairings: Ryan/Spencer
Genre: roadtrip

Concatenation, the Birth of Babel, and Other Acoustic Rebellions by swanswan

With mix by alchemywow
Pairings: Patrick/Pete

Like Your Favorite Memory by sweetrecovery

With art by dreamofthem and mixes by welltimedsmiles and wishfulclicking
Pairings: Jon/Spencer, with a few background pairings, including Tom/Sean, Brendon/Shane, and Ryan/Keltie
Genre: Futurefic, post break-up.

This Song Is Not For You by ficbyzee

With mix by kaizoku
Pairings: Patrick/Pete, Patrick/Bob

Skin of the Canvas by sinsense

With art by clayeer and mixes by thesamefire and ladyrocketdale
Pairings: Frank/Gerard. (Referenced Bert/Gerard, Bob/Jepha, Gabe/Maja/Travis.)
Genre: AU with artist!Gerard and model!Frank

A Million Ways To Fall by lady_deathangel

With mix by adorkable37
Pairings: Brendon/Shane, Ryan/Brendon, Ryan/Brendon/Shane, Brendon/OMC, Ryan/Keltie, Spencer/Haley, Jon/Cassie, implied others
Genre: MPREG

Tell Us a Story by bexless and imogenedisease

With art by redheaded_itch and art by belladonnalin and thousandjulys
Pairings: Frank/Gerard, Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, William/Travis, William/Travis/Gabe, Mikey/Gabe, and a whole mess of others either past, implied, or unrequited.

Stranger Things Have Happened by azurejay

With mix by lily_liedtome

Go Ask Alice, or, ADD(ict) by miznarrator

With mixes by scatterheart and alchemywow
Pairings: Ryan/Brendon, Brendon/Spencer

and the static that glows by stereomer

With mixes by miss_saigon and brille
Pairings: Frank/Bob
Genre: guardian angel AU

When you were sweet by jamjar

With art by blondiusmaximus and lucentvictrola and mixes by abraxas_life and sansets
Pairings: William Beckett/Patrick Stump (mostly)
Genre: genderswap

Church of Hot Addiction by spleenjournal and 0nlymemories

With art by nimmy and myaurasmiles and mix by crimsonxflowers
Pairings: Frank/Gerard, Frank/Mikey
Genre: High School AU

The Sea Takes Pity by nova33 and secrethitmen

With mix by lemonsherry
Pairings: Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer
Genre: selkie AU

The Reflection Side of Things by nightlark

With art by provetheworst and mix by captnobvious
Pairings: Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, side Greta/Chris and Brendon/Ryan
Genre: ?

Rip Her To Shreds by flash_indie

With art by moondarri and mix by turnyourankle
Genre: girl FOB

Putting the B Back in Subtle by algernon_mouse and secrethappiness

With art by keraha and mix by greenet
Pairings: Bob/OMC, Bob/Jepha, Bob/Brian

Underground Earthquakes by stele3

With art by xingou and mixes by marksykins and hellodolly321
Pairings: Spencer/Ryan
Genre: no band AU

it's ladies night (all the girls drink for free) by greeenlikejuly

With art by kshapiro and mix by kthxrawr
Pairings: girl!brendon/girl!spencer, girl!ryan/william [mentions of boy!Ryan/Keltie and girl!Jon/Cassie]
Genre:AU, genderswap?

Overheard ("Less Talk, More Rock") by thejumpcut

With mix by 26days
Pairings: Patrick/Spencer (Patrick/Panic), Pete/Ashlee, Pete/Patrick

The Hound by okubyo_kitsune

With mixes by wishfulclicking and didarina
general, Joe-centric, others.
Genre: Werewolf AU

A Little Piece with You by foxxcub and lifeslushlips

With mixes by lifeslushlips and lily_liedtome
Pairings: Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick
Genre: 1920s speakeasy jazz band AU

Photography Verse by magdalyna

With mix by gypsycaravan
Pairings: Spencer/Ryan*, Jon/Tom/Nick*, Brendon/Brent

When I Was A Little Girl by 0nlymemories and spleenjournal

With mix by rynia
Genre: always a girl Frank

Where There's Smoke: A Tale of Scales, Earth and Lust (And Pixie Dust) by brandixcyanide

With mix by xbedknobs
Pairings: Spencer/Greta/Jon, Brendon/Ryan, various background pairings
Genre: AU


Fall Out Boy

Paranormality, Inc. by megyal

With art by clarityhiding and mix by thislittleanon
Andy Hurley/Matt Mixon
16 Candles AU

BeWentzed by scribblinlenore

With art by matchsticks_p and mixes by elessar and moku_youbi
Bedazzled AU

Monsters, Inc. by impertinence

With art by speep and mix by heartequals
Monsters Inc AU

Your Grievance by iphignia939

With art by agirlnamedrage and mix by adellyna
Pete/Patrick; mentions of other pairings, including Pete/Ashlee and Bill/Travis
Sequel to On Your Behalf and If I Woke Up Next to You.

To Take What I'm Given With Grace by likeasugarcube

With art by ohfreckle and mix by ditchwitchbitch
Pete/Patrick (background Jon/Greta, past Pete/Mikey)
Fake Marriage AU

Can You Only Dream When You're On Your Back by desireem81

With art by emmuzka and mixes by shirasade and thebunnyknows
Pete/Patrick (side pairings: Patrick/Andy, Joe/Andy, Patrick/many customers)
Based somewhat on the Cobra Starship song "Prostitution is the World's Oldest Profession."

The Day Pete Wentz Fucked up the World by smallearthcat

With art by redorchids and mixes by speeding_cars and alchemywow
Primarily Pete/Patrick but also Pete/Joe, Pete/Frank/Jeremy Lublin, Pete/Gerard, Pete/Brendon
time travel

Time Is But The Stream by chaosmanor

With art by seewrong and mixes by summerslaughter and heyginger

Hope In The Mirror by trollsttroll & mildly_neurotic

With art by withertime and trollsttroll , and mix by electricmayhem

My Chemical Romance

A World So Small by jezrana

With art by allyndra and mixes by fleurdelises and summerslaughter
Victorian AU

Stay Right Here by idktbh & swagneto

With art by troddenpath and mixes by emcay , revii & manhattan_blue and ciel_vert

Keep Trying To Find by tam_cranver

With art by clarityhiding and mix by galaxyaway
Gerard/Lyn-Z, Frank/Jamia, Mikey/Alicia, Bob/Ray
Aliens? A sequel to As Far as the Sky.

Atychiphobia by batmanboxers

With art by redscarfe and mix by emcay

From Wilde, With Love by bloodygoodgirl

With art by guinsky and mix by prairiedaun
Bob/Mikey/Brian, Pete/Patrick, Frank/Gerard

Nothing Changes But The Slightest Hues by maryangel200

With art by _audrey and mix by cocolate
post-apocalyptic supernatural AU

The Only Sound That's Left by soulascending

With art by brille and mix by bloodbelieve
Gen-fic. (No pairing)
superhero AU?

The second one (or: Adventures at JerseyCon) by mwestbelle

With art by spoonmeathere and mix by fayemeadows
Bob/Gerard, minor Frank/Brian
AU, Bob is a personal assistant; Gerard Way is a goth-pop comic master

Purgatorio by tuesdaysgone

With art by yanjara and mixes by spuzz and shoemaster
police detective AU

They Came From Outer Jersey! by momebie

With art by mwestbelle and mix by maryangel200
Frank/Gerard, but mostly gen

Thing-Thing by sinsense

With art by theopteryx and mixes by bexless , somethinguncool and spuzz
High School AU

Three Cheers For Tyranny by silentdescant

With art by laziilemon and mix by quarterturn
Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Alicia
Mafia AU

Through The Longest Hours by escherzo

With art by reflectedeve and mix by thesamefire
Gen, some implied Pete/Mikey

Wuthering Heights and Stormy Nights by torakowalski

With art by theopteryx and mixes by shellies , defreule and kthxrawr

you've got whatever's left of me to get by which_is_golden

With art by angelchildr and mixes by eternelle and tortugax
Frank is sent on a mission through multiple universes in order to save Mikey's life.

Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency by jjtaylor

With art by poseys_demise and mixes by spuzz and civilbloodshed
Frank/Gerard, implied Pete/Mikey

Clouds Across the Moon by by rue_quercus & carleton97

With art by finny91 and mixes by xsnarkasaurus , thesamefire and maryangel200
Bob/Frank, past Bob/Quinn
vampire AU

To Hell With All The Damn Romantics by restless_jedi

With art by poseys_demise and mix by afavoritemelody
Pete/Mikey, Frank/Gerard
Nazi Germany AU?

Welcome To Planet Motherfucker by nokomis305

With art by kidsxheroes and mix by modillian
Lyn-Z/Gerard, Jimmy/Chantal
zombie apocalypse

In The Walls by thesamefire

With art by escherzo and mixes by bittersweetrick , deaththroes and modillian
Paramour Fic

Catch Me If You Can by lihawk

With art by moondarri and mix by scatterheart

Nemesis by maryangel200

With art by withertime and mix by dwg
Frank/Gerard, past Bob/Gerard
Space AU

Don't Say You'll Never When You Might by anne_elliot and nahemaraxe

With art by valmontheights and mixes by shellies and veecious
Bob/Brian, Bob/Ray (Bob/Brian/Frank, Brian/Frank, Gerard/Lyndsey, Pete/Mikey/Alicia in the background)
Russian bride AU

Blood by little_whittles

With art by minacoleta and mix by shoemaster
Frank/Gerard, if you squint real hard Pete/Patrick and Ryan/Brendon
AU based loosely on the hidden track on The Black Parade, "Blood."

bring the stars closer when you leave by earlofcardigans

With art by werenotfussy and mix by vagary
Mikey/Alicia, Frank/Gerard, Bob/Patrick
Space AU

Take the Pieces and Build Them Skywards by quarterturn

With art by saint_sorrows and mixes by sevenwindows and ciel_vert
Frank/Gerard, background Bob/Ray, Pete/Mikey, and Panic GSF
Dead Like Me AU

Basement Romantic by why_me_why_not

With art by myaurasmiles and mixes by thebunnyknows
Bob/Gerard, Mikey/Alicia, Frank/Jamia, Pete/Patrick/Ashlee

Send Me An I.O.U., I’ll Send You Another Chance by in_decisions

With art by poseys_demise and mixes by nimmy and violent_helena
Oblivious Brian


Navigate Me by emcay

With art by kazaizor and mix by brilligspoons
eventual Brian/Bob/Gerard, plus Mikey/Alicia, Ryland/Alex, Gerard/Pete, Bob/Brian, Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, Gabe/the world, mentions of Gerard/Bert

Leave Them To Heaven by totaled

With art by withertime and mix by f_lexi_ble
Jon/William, Gabe/William (background Gabe/Brendon, Tom/Mike, Jon/Tom, Mike/Sisky, Pete/Patrick, Jepha/Quinn, Spencer/Brendon, Gabe/Alex/Nate, Frank/Mikey)

It’s five o’clock in Miami (but I’ve been drunk since noon) by ghostrunner7

With art by viva_fiasco and mix by theyreonlyword
Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, Gabe Saporta/Bill Beckett
Con Artist AU

Either I Have a Concussion or I'm in Love by restless_jedi

With art by x3fixmein45 and mix by escherzo

Beyond The Sea by ditchwitchbitch

With art by bluelittlepig and mix by chasesstarlight
Pete/Patrick, Pete/Joe, Spencer/Jon, Brendon/Ryan, Joe/Greta, others
whale watching AU

Any Grand Romantic Gesture by morganya

With art by yourfirsttry and mix by kuperkeikka
Travis/William, Travis/Gabe, Gabe/Mike Carden, William/Mike
Ghost AU

And Some You Do For by softlyforgotten

With art by tardis80 and mixes by overnighter and squigglepie
Gen. (pre-slash.)
magic AU

i don't like this party or the sound by yellsurprise

With mix by pearl_o
Pete/Patrick, Pete/Mikey

In The Midst Of Life by cleodoxa

With art by mondegreen and mix by lucentvictrola
Ryan/Brendon, some Ryan/Jon, background Spencer/Greta, Gerard/LynZ
Victorian vampire AU

Half Sick Of Shadows by starflowers

With art by slashxmistress and mix by x_smartie
Mikey/Brendon, Gerard/Ryan

Here, There Be Monsters by silver_etoile

With art by emmlar and mixes by realproof and misermob
Jon/Spencer (Ryan/Brendon, Gabe/William, Tom/Keltie, and if you squint, Frank/Gerard)

Return to Spirit Lake (The heart is the only compass you'll ever need.) by inpurity

With art by spoonmeathere and mix by playing4_keeps
Gerard Way/Frank Iero, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, Mikey Way/Jamia Nestor, past Gerard Way/Nate Ruess

One More Hand Me Down by 1001cranes

With art by moondarri and mix by bloodygoodgirl
Bob/Frank, Pete/Patrick, Bert/Quinn, Jon/Spencer (Pete/Ashlee, Bert/Gerard)
Dollhouse AU

it doesn't matter if you win or lose (it's what you do with your dancing shoes) by xenopuff

With art by idktbh and mixes by yan_tan_tether and immelmanturn
Frank/Gerard, Lindsey/Alicia (Pete/Patrick, Ray/Bob, Ryan/Brendon)
Grease AU

The Mona Lisa Job by thislittleanon

With art by kingsnvagabonds and mixes by channonyarrow and leftcoastgirl
Spencer Smith/Gerard Way, implied Spencer Smith/everyone, implied Pete Wentz/everybody, Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, Bob Bryar/Maja Iversson, Bob Bryar/Frankie Iero, various crazy pairings
art heist AU

The Best Things Come From Nowhere by runthegamut

With mix by x3fixmein45
Patrick/Mikey, Pete/Ashlee
High School AU

Some People Have It (And Other People Don't) by afavoritemelody

With art by elfiepike and mixes by kissingchaos9 and lady_writes
Vicky T/Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie/Ashlee Simpson, William Beckett/Maja Iversson, Vicky T/Maja Iversson, Maja Iversson/Matt Mixon and various hookups and pairings
Real World AU

Up The Line by tabula_x_rasa

With art by desticex and mix by erode
Gerard/Frank, Brendon/Ryan, Pete/Patrick. Background Jon/Spencer, Mikey/Alicia, Gabe/VickyT, others mentioned
First World War AU

The Spy Who (Kind of, Sort of, Maybe) Loved Me by spazzyskittles

With art by paitac and mixes by rhinemaiden and zarah5
Ryan/Brendon with side and past pairings
Spy AU

The Sweetest Things Burn Before They Shine by clockstopper

With art by redorchids and mixes by mayqueen517
Gabe/William, Pete/Patrick, Ryan/Spencer, Brendon/Jon, Frank/Gerard, Butcher/Siska, Bob/Joe (implied Victoria/Ryland, Alex/Nate, Travie/Maja)

All We Are by swagneto

With art by klena and mix by queen_of_goat
Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon/Spencer
Set in the future, Superpowers AU!

Any Place You'll Allow (Rogues & Queens) by airgiodslv

With art by spuzz and mixes by tam_cranver , fitofpique and loverave
Frank/Gerard (Gabe/William, Pete/Ryland, Brendon/Ryan)

conjuring up our melancholy by figletofvenice

With art by clayeer and mix by lone_wo1f
Ryan/Mikey, Pete/Mikey

For As Long As You'd Like by fic_type_thing

With art by sirritwist and mix by brille
Brendon Urie/Pete Wentz
soccer camp AU

I Dream A Nation Of You by foxxcub

With art by hyunbin and mixes by wavesofwood and themoononastick
Jon/Brendon, Jon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, pre-Panic GSF (with mentions of Pete/Ashlee)

Iridium is the Second Densest Substance on Earth (After Guys from Chicago) by just_katarin

With art by speep and mix by greenet
Sean/Tom, Nick/De'Mar (background Panic GSF and Pete/Ashlee, Bill/Tom and Tom/Butcher in the past)

navy scrubs [or, of life, love and relationships, by Spencer J Smith, age twenty eight by jezzabe

With art by xbeax and mix by inovertime
Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan, Frank/Gerard, Pete/Patrick, various others.
Hospital AU

Nightingale (And Not the Lark) by redorchids

With art by ohfreckle and mixes by alchemywow and xbeax
Pete/Patrick (background Brendon/Ryan and Jon/Spencer)

Perhaps Vampire Is A Bit Strong But... by saekokato

With art by clarityhiding and mix by stardustonsable
Bob/Frank, Gerard/Ray/Brian, Pete/Patrick
vampire AU

play and record, held down together by onneonlights

With art by paitac and mix by stereomer
High school AU

This Is Not The Ivy League by akire_yta

With art by mondegreen and mix by kaciagemini
Jon/Spencer, Mikey/Alicia, Patrick/Greta with reference to established Gerard/Lindsey and Pete/Ashlee, and fledgling Brendon/Ryan
academic AU

Punk Rock Princess by hapakitsune

With art by chasesstarlight and mixes by druidspell, morganya and speeding_cars

Rock Band is (Not) a Synonym For Love by quarterturn

With art by speep and mix by colourmeshocked
Jon/Spencer, Brendon/Ryan, Frank/Gerard, Pete/Patrick, background Bob (Bryar)/Greta and Gabe/Mikey
mall AU

Scratch Your Name (Into the Fabric of This World) by harborshore

With art by tuesdaysgone and mixes by astaria51 and sweetnovicane
Lindsey gen. Background Bob/Brian, Chantal/Jimmy, Amanda/Dusty/Katie Kay.
New York City AU

The Walking Wounded (those who travel fast and alone) by natacup82 and withoutmaps

With art by unaccompanied_g and mixes by likeasugarcube , swanspose and xbeax
Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Spencer
The Holiday AU

Things We Do In The Dark by rememberthedays

With art by paperdollmuse and mix by sleepherealone
Gabe/Victoria, Gabe/Brendon, Victoria/Pete

your earthquake was just cracks by flimsy

With art by myrafur and mixes by justranda and lifeinyouryears
Tom/Spencer, Jon/Spencer

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Stables by elessar

With art by aparanoid_angel and mix by pandagore
Pete/Patrick, Ashlee/Victoria, Gabe/Victoria/Ashlee

The City's Uneven Collide by hippiemoose

With art by azulpopp and mix by barefoot_starz
Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Tom, Johnson/Marshall

I Never Told You What I Do For A Living by not0_fuckin_kay

With art by xanax_n_wine and mix by dystopiangirl
Hospital AU

Static (In The Silence Of Unspoken Words) by schneestern

With art by yanjara and mix by tortugax
Gerard/Mikey/Pete and variations thereof

You'll Rebel to Anything by a_dreamwithin

With art by withertime and mixes by gemmi999 and fond_ofyou
Gabe Saporta/Brendon Urie/William Beckett, thus dubbed Gabrendiam

See A Penny, Pick It Up by adellyna

With art by keraha and mixes by sinsense and stephanometra
Patrick gen, Bill/Gabe, Brendon/Spencer, burgeoning Jon/Ryan
Future-type sci-fi AU

Match by bellheim

With art by provetheworst and mixes by exorcise and queen_of_goat
Pete/Patrick (Jon/Tom, Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, etc etc etc).
matchmaker AU

Of Starbucks and Superheroes by velvetjinx

With art by beingothrwrldly and mix by summerslaughter
Patrick/Jon Walker

Lights Never Shine as Bright as in the Movies by sneaky_sena

With art by armsarewings and mixes by nunshavingfun , sunquist and darkinnerwolf
Spencer/Brendon (with Jon/Cassie, Singer/Shane, possible Ryan/Greta, implied Gabe/William)
porn AU

A collection of eighties love songs by redsnake05

With art by turlough and mix by anne_elliot
Bob/Spencer (main), Brendon/Spencer, Bob/Brian

I Want Out of the Circus by dyedcities

With art by paperdollmuse and mix by snugglebud_x3
Brendon/Ryan, Ryan/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, William/Tom, William/Gabe, Mike/Jon, Bob/Spencer, Brent/OFC, Siska/Suarez
1930s circus AU with sex work

Office Romance is NOT Sexual Harassment! by the_piano_knows

With art by xingou and mix by mllesays
Most prominently, Brendon/Ryan, Patrick/Pete and Frank/Gerard.

cadenza (and so he confessed it to her) by beingothrwrldly

With art by reflectedeve and mix by signsonaves
Brendon/Greta (minor Spencer/Ryan, Brendon/Darren, Jon/Maja, Greta/Thomas)

Of All The Hidden Corners by daybreak25

With art by yanjara and mix by sweetnovicane

Of Color and Composition So Magnificent by technolustt

With art by poseys_demise and mix by sugarsnowflakes
Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Gabe/Travis/William
Art School AU

Panic! At The Disco (current and former members)

in your eyes, beauty be found by lady_deathangel

With art by anna_luna and mix by darkinnerwolf
Brendon/Ryan; Audrey Kitching/Sarah O.; implied Jon/Spencer; past Brendon/Sarah O.; past Ryan/OFCs

The Taming of Spencer Smith by holycloud

With art by yellsurprise and mix by nunshavingfun
Jon/Spencer main. Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick, Gabe/William
Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew AU.

A Lover or a Friend, a Big Thing or a Small by melyssalegend

With art by redorchirds and mixes by justhush and gingerrstar
Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Jon, Ryan/Tom, Pete/Ashlee

Kings Of New England by java_genie

With art by troddenpath and mixes by scarytaleending , eleret and beachan
Ryan/Jon, Spencer/Brendon

After The Music by gemmi999

With art by withertime and mix by _boof
Brent Wilson Gen (brief mentions Brent/OMC; Brent/OFC; Brent/Bob preslash)

To Be Alone With The Freedom by arctic_grey

With art by misermob and mix by fond_ofyou
Roman-esque slave!AU

And Whether Pigs Have Wings by dimmingdivine

With art by rhombal and mix by zarah5
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie (background Spencer Smith/Jon Walker)
The Pet Store AU!

Get Up and Shake the Glitter Off Your Clothes (Now We're Partners in Crime) by bluejbird

With art by seewrong and mixes by xxlalaliexx , loreilynn and amy13
woke up married in Vegas

Heart and Tender by tarii_cakes

With mixes by subterrain and slashpile
Brendon/Ryan, others

Hold The Pose by zarah5

With art by saint_vee (on DW) and mixes by squigglepie and pearldrop
Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer (Gabe/William, Tom/Haley, Spencer/Haley, Brendon/Tom, Brendon/Cash, more mentioned)

I Am the Derivative and You Are the Curves by bestthingaround

With art by redorchids and mixes by agirlnamedrage and dirty_classical
Brendon/Ryan (past Brendon/Jon)

It Takes A Village by barefoot_starz

With art by soloproject and mixes by seratonation and self_sustaining
Panic GSF

Cello Sonata No. 1 in B Minor "Naissance de Libertè" by arsenicjade

With art by kinetikatrue & saint_vee (on DW) and mixes by x_feanryo and thepouncer
Brendon/Jon, Ryan/Spencer, eventual GSF

Dreaming of Manhattan by greeenlikejuly

With art by aredblush and mixes by silver_etoile and witheveryspark
Spencer/Jon [background Brendon/Ryan]

less like a lake and more like a moat by triedtosave

With art by llamapi and mixes by samedifference_ and _sugar

Median by strangecobwebs

With art by fcuk_it16 and mixes by silver_etoile and unrequited_rain

Music And War by theweightofme

With art by finny91 and mixes by i_am_tre and theweightofme
Brendon/Jon. (Tom/Sean and various others.)
1960s AU.

No Season, Nor Clime by lyo

With art by bingabangaboo and mix by undead_like_me
Jon/Ryan, Brendon/Spencer (minor Spencer/Bob, others)

No Sex In The Champagne Room by tanisafan

With art by acidicpixels and mix by beatperfume
Brendon/Ryan and Jon/Tom (implied Spencer/Haley, Pete/Ashlee and Gabe/William)
college/strip club AU.

Pretty Good Company by cmonkatiekatie

With art by kickingrad and mixes by incoherenteye and themoononastick
Brendon/Jon (Spencer/Haley)

Questions For The Answers by ficlicks

With art by speep and mixes by summerslaughter , arctic_grey and secrethappiness
Tom Conrad/Spencer Smith, platonic Tom Conrad/Jon Walker

Redefine the Abstraction by samedifference_

With art by anna_luna and mix by carnilia
Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Audrey
The Prophetic Band-Fic AU.

Say You Will by witheveryspark

With art by misermob and mixes by amy13 , saint_vee (on DW) and justranda
Jon/Spencer, mentions of Brendon/Shane and past Jon/Cassie

The Shape I Found You In by redbrickrose

With art by wilde_stallyn and mixes by athenejen , screamkaitlin and signsonaves
Ryan/Spencer (Brendon/Shane, Jon/Cassie)

Through Adversity to the Stars by choclitbunny

With art by angelchildr and mix by seratonation
Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick (and plenty of hints at other various pairings)
England, 1667.

Today We Set Sail by onlyknightmare

With art by redsnake05 and mix by lady_writes
Brendon/Spencer undertones, minor pairings Gabe/VickyT/Travis, Gabe/William
Historical AU

Waiting for the Sky to Fall by shihadchick and katrin

With art by unluckykitty and mix by crowgirl13
Spencer/Bob, Jon/Brendon/Ryan (Implied Frank/Gerard)
vampire slayer AU

We All Begin with Good Intent by ab_hinc

With mix by withoutmaps
Brendon/Jon, Ryan/Spencer, mentions of other historical pairings

Winter Wasn't My Season by battie_hattie

With art by little_bullets and mix by miznarrator

You Can Sit Beside Me When The World Comes Down by sunsetmog

With art by xbeax and mixes by danacias, x3fixmein45 and vixalicious

You Got a Face With a View by cloudlessclimes

With art by i_heart_cliches and mixes by saramir and kate_the_great7
Jon Walker/Brendon Urie
time travel

You Will Not Rattle Us Apart, Ryan Ross by subterrain

With art by gingerrstar and notsolaconic
Brendon/Ryan ; bonus Jon/Spencer
The gaymo vegan Brooklyn indie-rocker hipster AU.

Iron Skeletons by romasquerade

With art by saint_vee (on DW) and mix by orwhoeveriam
Brendon/Ryan, Spencer/Jon, Pete gen

Lessons In Finding Unicorns by scoradh

With art by clarityhiding and mix by softlyforgotten

Case Number 182a (or How Over-exaggerated Ryan Ross’ life is) by payingnavietyoh

With art by magnolia_tree and mix by sullen_hearts
Brendon/Ryan; Ryan/Keltie; Brendon/Sara O.

When Life Gives You Lemons (Say Fuck the Lemons and Bail) by fiddleyoumust

With art by aredblush and mix by cheapcrowd
Brendon/Spencer (Ryan/Keltie, past Spencer/Haley and Ryan/Brendon)

Only Fools Rush In by misswonderheart

With art by sketchofsoda and mixes by _sugar and gingerstarr
Panic GSF, Ryan/OFC, Jon/OFC, brief implied Brendon/OMC

Drawing Lines To Cross Them by fond_ofyou

With art by hearken_red and mix by sugarsnowflakes
Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Spencer, Greta/Alex Greenwald
Utopia AU

Suppose We Never Ever by catchmelike

With art by leatherteal and mix by beingothrwrldly
Brendon/Spencer (Spencer/Haley, others)

Let Each Who Is Worthy by moku_youbi

With art by fanplankton and mixes by angelcakes694 and _boof
Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Spencer, Jon/Brendon, Jon/Spencer/Brendon, Spencer/Ryan, Panic GSF (Tom/Bill)
canon divergence AU

This Happy Ending's Just Beginning by jacqui_hw

With art by lucentvictrola and mix by bestthingaround
Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick, pre-Jon/Spencer

Boats Against The Current by misermob

With art by paperdollmuse and mix by sneaky_sena
Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick [other minor pairings as well]
writer AU

Death Of A Musician by woollysocks

With art by milenaa and mix by akire_yta
Spencer/Jon, Brendon/Ryan
Hamish Macbeth murder mystery AU.

Potential & Limitless Grace by provetheworst

With art by mondegreen and mixes by battleofhydaspe and adellyna
Shane/Brendon, some Ryan/Jac and Brendon/Audrey
canon divergence AU

"Brendon the Cat" Universe [Temptation/Trials/Tales] by okubyo_kitsune

With art by slashxmistress and mix by do_come_in
Ryan/Brendon, hints of Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick

Prairie doll of mine by liketheroad

With art by redorchids and mix by astaria51
Small Town AU

And Then It Fades by kairi999

With art by kairi999 and mixes by lolscubadiver and airporttags
Ryan/Brendon, Spencer/Hayley, Ryan/Keltie, Jon/Cassie

There's Nowhere to Move On by delicatelight

With art by milenaa and mix by brokengravity
Brendon/Spencer (Jon/Ryan)

one step forward (two steps back) by withertime

With art by silvercurse and mix by the_liftedlorax

My Wings Have No Feathers by ohnoscarlett

With art by maybe_a_sunday and mix by onigaminanashi
Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, (pre-foursome)
World War II

Round and Round the Garden by writingblind

With art by llamapi and mix by kaciagemini
Ryan/Brendon, background Jon/Cassie

Blessed Are The Forgetful by _sugar

With art by of_evangeline and mix by coverlies
Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind AU

The Disgraced Governess by wildestranger

With art by dunderpate and mix by olivia_circe
Brendon/Spencer, Ryan/Jon, Pete/Patrick

Give Me Just Enough by untappedbeauty

With art by slashxmistress and mix by the_powerlines

Life Is Just A Ferris Wheel by fcuk_it16

With art by _afterism and mix by thimbledkisses

Sing To Him, Each Spring by supergrover24

With art by xbeax and mix by lovelypoet
Jon/Ryan (Brendon/Spencer, Ashlee/Pete, Sean/Tom, others mentioned past, present and future)
A Bewitched AU

All You Need Is Love (A [Slightly] Cautionary Fairy Tale) by lifeslushlips

With art by sugarfreebones , mix by delicatelight and Officially Unofficial Soundtrack by lifeslushlips and schyuler
Brendon/Jon, Spencer/Ryan, mentions of Gabe/Victoria(/Ryland/Maja)

Somebody Has To Fall by xoxomaryxoxo

With art by miss_bilvy and mix by nimmy
Brendon/Ryan, side: Jon/Spencer, Brendon/Shane, Brendon/Pete

Miss Too Much if You Stop to Think by afterthefair

With art by brille and mix by wishfulclicking

Sideways by lone_wolf

With mix by lady_deathangel
Brendon/Ryan, Cash/Singer, Jon/Spencer

Only Each Other's Because The Day Is Long by signsonaves

With art by sketchofsoda and mix by queengeek
canon divergence AU

Today We Set Sail by onlyknightmare

With art by redsnake05 and mix by lady_writes
Brendon/Spencer undertones, minor pairings Gabe/VickyT/Travis, Gabe/William
Historical AU

I try to focus on your eyes. by pr_scatterbrain

With art by speep and mix by scarytaleending
Brendon/Spencer/Ryan (secondary pairings: Gemma Ward/Spencer, Zach Condon/Spencer, Agyness Deyn/Albert Hammond Jr.)

la nuit commence ici by miznarrator

With art by clarityhiding and mix by blackwayfarers
Paris, 1921

The Ones You Call Home by alwayseven

With art by impromptu_love and mixes by unrequited_rain , kuperkeikka and queen_geek
Jon/Spencer (Ryan/Brendon)
High School AU

Spinning Out Of Nothingness, Scattering Stars Like Dust by zomgkaida

With mix by maggiebloome
General fic (with mentions of Jon/Spencer and Shane/Brendon/OC)

(I Watch) The Sky Coming Down To Bury Me by do_come_in

With art by redsnake05 and mixes by pearldrop and heythatscool
Ryan/Spencer, Ryan/Jon (Brendon/Vicky T, Singer/Cash, Alex/Ryland, Gabe/Nate, possibly unrequited Pete/Patrick, Jon/Tom)

Like Yellow Does On Blue by lyo and stephanometra

With art by wethepainted and mixes by angelsaves and cheapcrowd
Ryan/always-a-girl!Spencer, Ryan/Tarah

Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) by repulsive_x

With art by impromptu_love and mixes by minaloush
Brendon Urie/Jon Walker (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie/Various Others)
In which Brendon was never a part of Panic at the Disco, but a groupie instead.

Grace Note by ivesia19

With art by realproof and mixes by loreleilynn and habezweichai
Brendon/Ryan (unrequited Brendon/Jon, side Pete/Mikey and Frank/Gerard)

Everything Is Temporary (rest your head) by angelcakes694 and honeybearbee

With art by clayeer and mixes by moku_youbi , defreule and unrequited_rain
A ballroom dancing AU


until I am home with you by colouredmango

With art by evocatory and mixes by schneestern and just_katarin
The Academy Is, Empires, Panic At The Disco: Butcher/Sisky

Tilting At Windmills by icanbreakthesky

With art by aredblush and mix by contrariangie
The Hush Sound (with others): Chris/Greta, pre-Bob/Darren

Remember What You Started With (It Was Nothing At All) by dimmingdivine

With art by redsnake05 and mix by summerslaughter
The Cab: Ian/Marshall, very slight Ian/Cash

Finish Strong by sullen_hearts

With mixes by totaled and morganya
William Beckett/Michael Guy Chislett, mentions of Butcher/Siska and Alex Suarez/Ryland Blackinton
On the Beach AU

Seashell Tale by e_lizabethblack

With mix by ourgossip_lips
Butcher/Sisky (main), Tom/Jon, Butcher/Michael, Butcher/Vicky-T, Alex/Ryland, Vince Noir/Howard Moon
Real world AU

The Hours Everyone Else Throws Away by bluejbird

With art by astaria51 and mix by stardustonsable
Nick/Tyson (Nick/Gabe, Tyson/Ryan)

Please do not try these tricks at home by mintyfiend

With art by bloodygoodgirl and mix by strippedhalo
Nick/Tyson, Brendon/Spencer, Gabe/William/Travis, others.
A Zack and Miri make a porno AU

Find Us In The Dark by thelawofkarma

With art by wakexthedead and oloproject and mixes by ab_hinc , summerslaughter and conquer_minds
Coraline AU


Wave One

It's Not A Side Effect Of The Triple Axel (I'm Thinking It Must Be Love) by mizubyte

Band(s): My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy (slight Panic at the Disco/The Young Veins)
Pairing(s): Mikey Way/Pete Wentz (very background Brian Schechter/Gerard Way/Frank Iero, Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie)
Word Count: 10,356
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
It's Not A Side Effect Of The Triple Axel (I'm Thinking It Must Be Love) by aneli8
Dancing Like Every Song He Spins by tortugax
Sure Fire Winners by seimaisin

The First Rule of Space Travel by bareteeth

Band(s): My Chemical Romance & Cobra Starship
Pairing(s): Gabe/Gerard
Word Count: 15,015
Songs for Pink Spaceships by villagegreen
Intergalactic Funk Factory by x_snowcone

Know Your Song by brandywine421

Bands: Panic, Cobra, MCR
Pairings: (Consecutively) Brendon/Vicky/Alex, Brendon/Gerard, Brendon/Gabe, Brendon/Vicky/Alex/Gabe, Brendon/Spencer.
Word Count: 64,621
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Fanmix #1 by bittersweetrick
Fanmix #2: The Long Way Back Home by inteligrrl

down to the water by carleton97 & rue_quercus

Band: MCR
Pairing: girl!Gee/Frank
Word count: 10,500
Better Soon by bareteeth
down to the water by dwg

Fngs fr th Mmrs by chaosmanor

Band: FOB
Pairing: Andy/Patrick
Word Count: 11 500
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Fanmix by cunningplan
It's All Biochemistry, My Dear Stump by _slashygoodness

Mushaboom by chaoticallyclev

Rating: PG-13
Bands: TYV/PATD, The Like, Alex Greenwald
Pairings: Ryan/Brendon, Z/Alex, minor Jon/Spencer
A/N: a canon-based AU where mpreg is possible without mystical magical means.
Mix by slashxmistress
The Size of an Orange (Color of a Blackberry) by holy_glomp
Mix by airporttags

Give A Little Love by colouredmango and sullen_hearts

Bands: The Academy Is, some of the Hillsong United guys, assorted other FBR folks.
Pairing: Mike Carden/Michael Guy Chislett/Naomi Chislett
Reach For The Sun by unrequited_rain

Give Me Your Hand (Just Take My Hand) by cool_rain_kiss

Band: Hey Monday
Pairing: Cassadee/Jersey
Word Count: ~21,800
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
You're Supposed To by saturnalia
Fanmix by sullen_hearts
a Hey Monday story by minna

The Night Leaves Me Restless by coricomile

Band: Fall Out Boy
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Words: 18,088
Bonus Track/Enhanced Content
Like You Used To by ferrassie
Fall is the Only Weather by maggiebloome

Away with the by cupiscent

Band(s): Cobra Starship, The Academy Is, Panic at the Disco + special guest star Pete Wentz
Pairing(s): Gabe Saporta / William Beckett
Word Count: 17,000
Over the Moon by marksykins
Fae, Poets and Roadtrips... oh my! by sweetnovicane

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison by dancinbutterfly

Band(s): MCR, FOB, CS, TAI, MSI, and others
Pairing(s): Bob/Ryan, Pete/Patrick, Gerard/Brian (Gabe/Ryan, Gabe/Bill, past Bob/Brian, Ryan/Others)
Word Count: ~50,000 words
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
I Wish We Weren't Conceived in Violence by athenejen
This World Isn't Kind to Little Things... by lumikki_fee

Written In The Stars by emmyatthedisco

Band(s): TYV, PatD
Pairing(s): Ryan/Jon, eventual Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: ~15000
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Fanmix by xbeax
we four (do battle with the stars) by kin_you_bi

If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On (Or Why You Should Never Put Band Boys In A Play) by kejeli and 0saoirse0

Band(s): The Academy Is…, Cobra Starship, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco/The Young Veins, Empires, Fall Out Boy, some Gym Class Heroes
Pairing(s): Gabe/William, Jon/Spencer, Bob/Brian, Frank/Gerard, Tom/Sean, (Some Ryan/Brendon)
Word Count: 17,794
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Fanmix by prairiedaun
Fanmix by f_lexi_ble
Play, Play On by silver_etoile

No Experience Necessary by ladyfoxxx

Band: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Frank/Gerard, background Mikey/Ray
Word Count: 26, 361 words
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content:
Welcome To Paradise by jezrana
No Experience Needed by geranosaurusfic
Health and Safety by bexless

Love And A Bit With A Dog by languisity

Band(s): Fall Out Boy
Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 12,628
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Fanmix 1 by likeasugarcube
Fanmix 2 by stardustonsable
(i've never lived without) his sad and jealous eyes by snugglebud_x3

Do Fries Come With That Shake? by likeasugarcube

Band(s): Fall Out Boy, mentions of Arma Angelus
Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 10,250
Bonus Track/Enhanced Content
Hello, I Like You by runauberginerun
An Old Fashioned Diner Love Story by sweetnovicane

Winds will move us around by maryangel200

Band(s): My Chemical Romance
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 14 033
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
In Transit I'll Find My Terms by delphinapterus
Fanmix #2 by somniloquous
Beauty out of Tragedy by cherry_road

A Shadow on Snow by ohnoscarlett

Band(s): PATD
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Word Count: 17373
Bonus Track/Enhanced Content
Mix by sodamnquirky
A Musical Guide to Exploring the Galaxy by technolustt

great kid, great kid, go get the car keys by onigaminanashi

Band(s): My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, The Academy Is, The Hush Sound, Fall Out Boy, the Cab
Pairing(s): Gen
Word Count: ~11,000
[only in space, so lonely in space] by kuperkeikka
[the spell we're under now] by brilligspoons

Roomba v2.0 by piecesof_reeses

Band(s): Fall Out Boy, with PATD/TYV
Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick, secondary Brendon/Ryan
Word Count: ~17,000
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
No Assembly Required by pearldrop
Don't Turn Me On by angelsaves
Fanmix by tam_cranver

white on white (a better view) by prettykitty_aya

Bands: Panic! at the Disco, The Young Veins, miscellaneous others
Pairing: Ryan/Spencer
Word Count: ~11,500
white on white by cloudlessclimes
mind is a razor blade by incoherenteye

secret lines (and bound so tight) by roadmarks

Bands: Panic at the Disco/The Young Veins
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Word Count: ~22500
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Bound So Tight by merihn

Butch & Sundance by romanticalgirl

Band(s): Cobra Starship, Fall Out Boy
Pairing: Gabe/Patrick
Word Count: 18,669
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Fly Away to Someone New by vixalicious
Tlk n txt by thebunnyknows

C’mon, Can You Count All The Loves That Didn’t Last? by shortershadows

Bands: Cobra Starship, Panic! At The Disco, The Young Veins, The Academy Is...
Pairings: William/Alex, Gabe/William, Gabe/Brendon, Brendon/Ryan
Word Count: ~16, 500
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Depends On How Much I Care by morganya

Collect Call by sidhe_unseelie

Band(s): My Chemical Romance
Pairing(s): Mikey/Ray, implied Mikey/Pete
Word Count: 12,164
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Fanmix by ab_hinc

Cover To Cover by silentdescant

Band(s): MCR
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Alicia, Bob/Brian; Frank/Jepha, Gerard/Brian
Word Count: ~32,600
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Fanmix by spuzz
Take Your Time by manipulant

And Then The Morning Comes by silver_etoile

Band(s): patd/tyv, cobra starship, the hush sound, fob, the cab, tai…, mcr
Pairing(s): Jon/Spencer (Sisky/The Butcher, Pete/Mikey)
Word Count: 31,450
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
The Rollercoaster Ride by kuperkeikka
Bucket List by heythatscool
Where Summer Sleeps by willowbell

To His Door by stealstheashes

Band(s): Panic at the Disco, The Young Veins
Pairing(s): Ryan/Spencer (Jon/Brendon)
Word Count: 13,229
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
To His Door by queen_of_goat
Regency by saint_vee
Fan Mix by flamingquill

Put The Bass In Your Walk by sweetnovicane

Band(s): THS, CS, The Dresden Dolls, Butch Walker and random others, both bandom and non-bandom related
Pairing(s): Gen with implied Gabe/William and Amanda/Neil
Word Count: 19,788
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Swept Away the Love Affairs With Their Tremors by alljustlovers

So Here We Are by technicolorrain

Bands: My Chemical Romance (Fall Out Boy)
Pairings: Always-A-Girl!Gee Way/Frank Iero (mentions of Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, Frank Iero/Jamia)
Word Count: 15,636
Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Fanmix 1 by agirlnamedfia
Lovers at a Great Divide by brilligspoons
On 19 I Said I Hated You; Kissed You on 22 by henpecked

On Love, and Life (After Death) by truthtruthlie

Bands: TYV, CSS, FOB, MCR, P!ATD, MSI, TDD, plus cameos by a few others.
Pairings: Ryan/Keltie, Pete/Ashlee, Lyn-Z/Gerard, eventual Ryan/Brendon
Word count: 11,010
'Playlist' by discotechnical
'We Will Not Let Time Erase Us' by holy_glomp
'Smiling in Reverse: A Fic Mix' by lady_deathangel

Alphabet Pony by tygermine

Bands: Gym Class Heroes / Cobra Starship / MCR / FOB
Pairing: Gabe / Travis
Word Count: 10 385 words
Cowboys in Africa - OST by thislittleanon
Alphabet Pony Mix by impertinence
Still A Little Love Left In You by morganya

Wave Two

[It All Depends On] What You Qualify As Friends by _thesummerends

Pairing(s): Ryan/William, Ryan/Pete, Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Tom
Art: 1 piece by mizubyte
Mix: 1 mix by f_lexi_ble

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang by misswonderheart

Pairing(s): Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan
Art: 1 piece by merihn
Mix: 1 mix by arithilim

Urban battle songs (are about love) by alles_luege

Pairing(s): Bob/Emilie Autumn, Gerard/Ryan/Mikey, Gabe/William+Gabe/Courtney
Art: 1 piece by dwg
Mix: 1 mix by morganya

Family of Trees by alsointogiraffe

Pairing(s): Bob/Ray, Spencer/Brendon, girl!Patrick/Gerard (girl!Patrick/Pete, Greta/Ian)
Art: 3 pieces by amkave
Mix: 1 mix by x_snowcone

Miguel Sanchez’s Grand Slam of Love by arctic_grey

Pairing(s): Ryan/Brendon
Art: 1 piece by gingerrstar
Mix: 2 mixes by eastdisease and willowbell

Title: What to Expect by arsenicjade

Pairing(s): Mikey/Bob, past Mikey/Alicia, side canon pairings
Art: 1 piece by mizubyte
Mix: 1 mix by mcrdrugist

Only Going One Way by ataratah and jjtaylor

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, implied Pete/Mikey
Art: 4 pieces by reflectedeve
Mix: 1 mix by unrequited_rain

Lift Me Up, It's a Brand New Day by barker101

Pairing(s): Jon/Spencer, Brendon/Ryan
Art: 1 piece by anna_luna
Mix: 2 mixes by lumberxjill and holycloud

Better by bellheim

Pairing(s): kind of Bob/Frank, Bob/Ray, Frank/Gerard
Art: 1 piece by clarityhiding
Mix: 1 mix by somniloquous

Need You Wild by boweryd and fallintosilence

Pairing(s): Brendon/Spencer
Art: 3 pieces by merihn, redorchids, and cheapcrowd
Mix: 3 mixes by saint_vee, mrsockmizer, and xbeax

Between the Wish and the Thing by ciel_vert and fleurdeliser

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Alicia
Art: 5 pieces by spuzz
Mix: 1 mix by vixalicious

Working for Joy on Overtime by ciel_vert and theopteryx Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard

Art: 3 pieces by silentdescant and 2 pieces by music_medicine
Mix: 2 mixes by bexless and silver_etoile

There's Something in the Water Cooler (Or Maybe It's Just Love) by clarityhiding and okubyo_kitsune

Pairing(s): Bob/Brendon/Spencer (Ray/Ryan, Joe/Zack, Brian/Greta/William, and platonic!Pete/Patrick)
Art: 3 pieces by leatherteal
Mix: 1 mix by stardustonsable

The Fleeting by cleodoxa

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Art: 1 piece by silentdescant and 2 pieces by kidsxheroes
Mix: 1 mix by queen_of_goat

When The World Comes In by cmonkatiekatie

Pairing(s): Brendon/Ryan/Spencer, Panic/TYV GSF, Z/Tennesee, various minor parings
Art: 2 pieces by ordinaryink and 1 piece by clarityhiding
Mix: 1 mix by marksykins

until the sun went down (I can't sleep) by coricomile

Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick, Andy/Willow
Art: 2 pieces by alles_luege
Mix: 1 mix by brillingspoons

I Know This Hurts (It Was Meant To) by dancinbutterfly

Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick (past Pete/Ashlee, past Pete/Mikey, Mikey/Alicia, Gabe/OFC)
Art: 1 piece by clarityhiding
Mix: 1 mix by villiagegreen

The Land Between Black and White by delphinapterus

Band(s): My Chemical Romance
Pairing(s): Ray/Bob, Ray/Gerard, Frank/Mikey, minor Bob/OFCs
Art: 1 piece by turlough
Mix: 1 mix by violin_road /dysintegration

Act of Contrition by e_lizabethblack

Pairing(s): Mikey/Bob/Alicia, Mikey/Michael Guy Chislett/Butch Walker, Mikey/William, Bob/Alicia, Gerard/Frank, Pete/Patrick, Tom/Jon
This is a companion piece to last year's BBB story "Seashell Tale."
Art: 2 pieces by impromptu_love
Mix: 1 mix by delphinapterus

Dizzy and Waterproof by eastdisease

Pairing(s): Victoria/Z, Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Spencer (past Ryan/Keltie, Victoria/Sierra, Z/Charlotte)
Art: 1 piece by speep
Mix: 1 mix by oh_whoa_oh

Waiting for an Indication by elucreh

Pairing(s): Ryan/Spencer, Spencer/Brendon/Shane, Shane/Brendon
Art: 1 piece by slashxmistress and 1 piece by saint_vee
Mix: 1 mix by lifeinyouryears and 1 mix by sansets

Imagine Knowing Me by fannyt

Pairing(s): Gen
Art: 1 piece by redorchids
Mix: 1 mix by 26days

These Friday Night Lights by faux_disco_sins

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, (Mikey/Alica)
Art: 2 pieces by yourfirsttry
Mix: 2 mixes by silver_etoile and ladyfoxxx

It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by ficjournal

Pairing(s): Pete/Joe (Patrick/Cassadee, Brendon/Spencer, Fuck/City)
Art: 1 piece by elfiepike
Mix: 2 mixes by pearldrop and languisity

Bringing on the Weather by fiddleyoumust

Pairing(s): Spencer/Brendon, Ryan/Jon, mentions of Ryan/Z and Ryan/Greenwald
Art: 2 pieces by fanplankton and aparanoid_angel
Mix: 2 mixes by cheapcrowd and queenofgoat

Cadesa’s Caress by figilio_vampiri

Pairing(s): Gerard/Lindsey
Art: 1 pieces by keraha
Mix: 2 mixes by brilligspoons and cherry_road

How Safe It Is To Feel Safe by fleurdelisee

Pairing(s): Ryan/Brendon, William/Gabe, Pete/Patrick, past Pete/Mikey, hints at Greta/Hayley and Spencer/Jon
Art: 1 piece by calamitycalls
Mix: 1 mix by uniform_nonsnse

Fragile Things by holycloud

Pairing(s): Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick
Art: 1 piece by of_evangeline
Mix: 1 mix by nev_longbottom

Shattered Pieces by hopenight

Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick with secondary Brendon/Ryan
Art: 1 piece by coricomile
Mix: 1 mix by kittygrenade and 1 mix by _slashygoodness

Days of Promise by icanbreakthesky

Pairing(s): Frank/Mikey, Bob/Frank/Mikey (Ray/Christa, pre-Gerard/Lindsey)
Art: 1 piece by clarityhiding
Mix: 1 mix by tortugax

Not The Passionate Dance by impertinence

Pairing(s): Pete/Ashlee
Art: 2 pieces by _afterism
Mix: 1 mix by thislittleanon

Pick the Poison (And Pour Yourself a Glass) by inlovewithnight

Pairing(s): William Beckett/Mike Carden, William Beckett/Gabe Saporta
Art: 2 piece by alles_luege
Mix: 1 mix by sullen_hearts and 1 mix by morganya

To Paint Silence by kuriositet

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Bob, (Frank/Ryan, Ryan/Brendon)
Art: 1 piece by mcrdrugist
Mix: 1 mix by clarityhiding

In Production by ladyfoxxx

Pairing(s): Gerard/Brian, Pete/Patrick (background Bob/Ryan)
Art: One piece by moondarri
Mix: One by schneestern, one by toucanpie, and one by mizubyte

Two Little Girls by languisity

Pairing(s): always-a-girlPete/always-a-girl!Patrick
Art: 1 piece by likeasugarcube
Mix: 1 mix by tam_cranver

Somewhere in the Framework by soundslikej

Pairing(s): Brian Schechter/Patrick Stump/Bob Bryar
Art: 3 pieces by howifall
Mix: 1 mix by bellheim

Dance with the One Who Brought You (Or, How Ryan Ross Got His Groove Back) by lumberxjill

Pairing(s): Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross; Shane Valdez/Ryan Ross. (Additional Pairings: Patrick/Pete, William/Gabe, Jon/Spencer.
Bands: Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is. . . , Cobra Starship, My Chemical Romance)
Art: 2 pieces by speep and redscarfe
Mix: 2 mixes by arithilim and airporttags

A Gentleman's Agreement by mahoni

Pairing(s): Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter (Spencer/Jon, Pete/Patrick/Ashlee, Ryan/Z Berg, implied Bert/Quinn, Brendon/Shane, Greta/Maja)
Art: 2 pieces by runauberginerun
Mix: 3 mixes by crowgirl13, nahemaraxe, and shellies

Into The Woods by manipulant

Pairing(s): Brendon/Spencer (minor Frank/Gerard)
Art: 1 piece by _afterism and 3 pieces by saint_vee
Mix: 1 mix by cunningplan

Roam Around Around Around by marksykins

Pairing(s): Jon/Ryan (background Tom/Danielle)
Art: 1 piece by mizubyte
Mix: 1 mix by synthvirus and 1 mix by angelsaves

Dog Grooming By Donna by maryangel200

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, Bob/Jamia, Alicia/Mikey
Art: 4 pieces by willowbell and xanax_n_wine
Mix: 2 mixes by spuzz and galaxyaway

Of Love And Superpowers by mcrnut

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard (background) Alicia/Brian
Art: 1 piece by speep
Mix: 2 mixes by synthvirus and eeka_specks

Wingdings and Other Crapshoots by modillian

Pairing(s): Lyn-Z/Gerard, Ray/Frank, Brian/Bob, minor Chantal/Jimmy
Art: One piece by erode and one piece by cool_rain_kiss
Mix: 1 mix by lady_writes

Far Beyond the Stars by moku_youbi

Pairing(s): Spencer/Ryan/Brendon (side Pete/Patrick, Alicia/Mikey, Frank/Gerard, Gabe/William, other minor pairings)
Art: 1 piece by milenaa
Mix: 2 mixes by holy_glomp and xbeax

What Ships Are For by mwestbelle

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Art: 2 pieces by tuesdaysgone
Mix: 1 mix by manipulant

Painted Wings and Giant Rings by nafs

Pairing(s): Ryan/Spencer preslash, background Pete/Patrick/OFC
Art: 3 pieces by amkave
Mix: 1 mix by inteligrrl

The Anatomy of a Fall by novembersmith

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Art: one piece by arabel, one piece by formerlydf, and two pieces by sunlit_paradox
Mix: 1 mix by galaxyaway and 1 mix by queen_of_goat

Time Rolls On, and Dreams, They Die by odamebrown

Pairing(s): Vicky-T / Bob Bryar
Art: 1 piece by redorchids
Mix: 2 mixes by thislittleanon and plans_reveries

A Lonely Place by ohnoscarlett

Pairing(s): Spencer/Brendon (plus Brendon/everybody--there's a lot going on here)
Art: 2 pieces by clarityhiding
Mix: 1 mix by lady_deathangel

So Let's Talk Shop by okubyo_kitsune

Pairing(s): Ryan/Spencer, Jon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Brendon, PATD(/TYV) GSF. Spencer/Brendon, Jon/Ryan. Other pairings.
Art: 1 piece by camatie
Mix: 1 mix by slashxmistress

Waiting For The Sun by oxyidiot

Pairing(s): Gen (Jon/Spencer, Gabe/William, mentions of other smaller pairings)
Art: 1 piece by brille
Mix: 1 mix by ficjournal

This Town Just Wasn't Made for Two by pinkichan

Pairing(s): Jon/Tom, Jon/Ryan/Tom, Brendon/Spencer
Art: 2 pieces by silvercurse
Mix: 2 mixes by technolustt and riorhapsody

Fades With The Day by piratekitten

Pairing(s): Ryan/Shane, past Ryan/Spencer, brief mention of past Ryan/Gerard, past Shane/Brendon, past Brendon/Sarah O, past Brendon/Audrey K, unrequited Butch Walker/Brendon
Art: 2 pieces by provetheworst
Mix: 1 mix by sweetnovicane

Alright (Still) by pr_scatterbrain

Pairing(s): always a girl!Spencer/Ryan (always a girl!Spencer/Bob, Lily Allen/Brian, Frank/Gerard, Mark Ronson/Patrick, Bob/Patrick, Valentino (Garavani)/Giancarlo Giammetti)
Art: 4 pieces by moku_youbi
Mix: 1 mix by heythatscool

a sensation of falling by prettykitty_aya

Pairing(s): P!atD/TYV GSF, Jon/Ryan, Spencer/Jon, Spencer/Haley
Art: 1 piece by redorchids
Mix: 1 mix by roebling

If There's A Hell For Lovers by promisethstars

Pairing(s): Jon/Brendon, Brendon/Gabe, Jon/Tom, minor Pete/Ryan, minor Sisky/Butcher
Art: 2 pieces by moku_youbi
Mix: 1 mix by lovers_divide

radar detector! by provetheworst

Pairing(s): Ryan/Alex (Ryan/Z, implied Alex/Z, Alex/Diva)
Art: 2 pieces by emmyatthedisco
Mix: 1 mix by roadmarks

Casino by raise_a_glass

Pairing(s): OCs/Ryan, Zack/Ryan, Pete/Mikey
Art: 1 piece by redorchids
Mix: 1 mix by oh_whoa_oh

Becoming by randomepiphany

Pairing(s): Brendon/Ms.Spencer (transgendered, post-op male-to-female transsexual)
Art: 1 piece by crazybutsound
Mix: 1 mix by gemmi999

Carriers by rawr_santi

Pairing(s): Main: Brendon/Ryan. Patrick/Pete. Brendon/Audrey. Pete/Ashlee. Ryan/Keltie. Others: Greta/Tom. Spencer/Jon. Gabe/William. Gabe/Victoria.
Art: 2 pieces by youfeelittoo and redorchids
Mix: 2 mixes by sweetnovicane and pineoak

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square by redorchids

Pairing(s): Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross (Ryan/Spencer, Brendon/Shane, Spencer/Jon, Pete/Patrick)
Art: 1 piece by arithilim and merihn
Mix: 1 mix by kuperkeikka

Who are you, sweetheart? by redsnake05

Pairing(s): Andy Hurley gen (Andy/Matt, Andy/Joe, Andy/OFC)
Art: 2 pieces by alles_luege
Mix: 1 mix by e_lizabethblack and 1 mix by tjs_whatnot.

The First Annual Cross-Country Tour Bus Race by halfeatenmoon

Pairing(s): Gen
Art: 1 piece by allyndra
Mix: 1 mix by thebunnyknows

Black Swan Theory by roseclaw

Pairing(s): Bob/Frank, Pete/Ashlee
Art: 2 pieces by crowgirl13 and guinsky
Mix: 1 mix by maggiebloome

You Can't Kiss A Movie by rsadelle

Pairing(s): Gabe/Victoria (background Mike Carden/Greta Salpeter, Cassadee Pope/Selena Gomez)
Art: 1 piece by a_dreamwithin
Mix: 1 mix by morganya

Corner of No and Where by saekokato

Pairing(s): pre-Matt/Andy, Pete/Patrick, Bob/Frank
Art: 1 piece by chaosmanor
Mix: 1 mix by squigglepie

Possibilities in Basic Space by schneestern

Pairing(s): Dan/Jeph
Art: 2 piece by desticex
Mix: 1 mix by earlofcardigans

Undertow by silentdescant

Pairing(s): Frank/Jamia, Gerard/Lindsey
Art: 2 pieces by cool_rain_kiss and kidsxheroes
Mix: 1 mix by somethinguncool

Just A Perfect Apple by silver_etoile

Pairing(s): Cash/Singer (Ian/Marshall, Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon)
Art: 1 piece by la_dissonance
Mix: 1 mix by ahomegirlslife

Cypress Grove by slashxyouxup

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Art: 1 piece by villiagegreen
Mix: 1 mix by takethispike

Mumbling Over Headphones by snugglebud_x3

Pairing(s): Ryan/Brendon (Brendon/Audrey, Brendon/Jon, Brendon/numerous groupies Ryan/Pete, Ryan/Brent, Ryan/Jac, Ryan/Keltie, Ryan/Jon)
Art: 3 pieces by redorchids
Mix: 1 mix by withoutacure1

Dear Jack by sowrongitsbec

Pairing(s): Jon/Brendon
Art: 1 piece by a_dreamwithin
Mix: 1 mix by i_am_tre

A Presumption of Functionality (A Gas-Light Romance) by sunsetmog

Pairing(s): Brendon/Spencer
Art: 2 pieces by clarityhiding and 5 pieces by aredblush
Mix: 1 mix by cmonkatiekatie

Keep The Car Running by sweetnovicane

Pairing(s): Gabe/Greta
Art: 1 piece by valmontheights
Mix: 1 mix by seimaisin

Play The Piano Drunk Like A Percussion Instrument Until The Fingers Begin To Bleed A Bit by takkatakkatakka

Pairing(s): Ryan/Audrey, Z/Tennessee, minor Ryan/Brendon
Art: 3 pieces by wethepainted
Mix: 2 mixes by arctic_grey and listedheart

Waiting to Begin by tam_cranver

Pairing(s): Kitty/Lyn-Z, with minor Lyn-Z/others and Kitty/Vicky-T--but mostly gen
Art: 2 pieces by alles_luege
Mix: 1 mix by modillian

This Is A Brand New Problem by tanisafan

Pairing(s): Brendon/Spencer and Ryan/Jon
Art: 1 piece by emmyatthedisco
Mix: 1 mix by moku_youbi

You Don't Know A Thing About My Sins by the_mourning

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Art: 1 piece by theopteryx
Mix: 1 mix by dwg

Strange Steps by theopteryx and fleurdeliser

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Art: 2 pieces by reinvent_lover and teal_bird
Mix: 2 mixes by erraticonstilts and amairinbrit

Straight On 'Til Morning by thewayout

Pairing(s): adam lazzara / mikey way, patrick stump/pete wentz (pete wentz/ashlee simpson-wentz)
Art: 1 piece by redorchids
Mix: 1 mix by prettykitty_aya

(Not Your) Superman Tonight by torakowalski

Pairing(s): Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter, Z Berg/Ryan Ross, past Bob Bryar/Patrick Stump
Art: 1 piece by seewrong
Mix: 1 mix by shellies

A Life Elsewhere by toucanpie

Pairing(s): Brendon/Spencer
Art: 1 piece by hapakitsune
Mix: 1 mix by xbeax

Been Here Before by tuesdaysgone

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Art: 2 pieces by idktbh
Mix: 2 mixes by maryangel200 and seimaisin

When Everything's Coming Your Way (You're in the Wrong Lane) by whisperdlullaby

Pairing(s): Spencer Smith/Jon Walker (Past Jon Walker/Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross/Tom Conrad, Multiple Others)
Art: 1 piece by woobie
Mix: 1 mix by snugglebud_x3

like or like-like by withoutacure1

Band(s): PATD, Empires (5o4plan), TAI
Pairing(s): Brendon/Tom (past Brendon/Spencer, past Tom/Danielle)
Art: 8 pieces by verbosewrdsmith
Mix: 1 mix by witheveryspark

Falling Without Knowing by blindinglights

Pairing(s): Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith and Ryan Ross/Jon Walker
Art: 1 piece by byabsence
Mix: 1 mix by pixiebullets


Wave One

MJ's Not the Only One With a Man In the Mirror by desert_neon

Pairings: Frank/Gerard, Bert/Gerard, Bert/Quinn, Mikey/Alicia
Word Count: 43,601
Art by theopteryx
Mix 1 by tygermine, mix 2 by piratesunk

Didn’t See That Coming by sckofsmlng

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 22,491
Art by redorchids
Mix by crazybutsound

More Than You Could Ever Know by mokuyoubi

Pairing: Gerard/Frank, Panic! GSF
Word Count: 58K
Art by amkave
Mix by slashxyouxup

No One’s Gonna Love You (More Than I Do) by seratonation

Pairing: Jon/Ryan
Word Count: 20,386
Art by melissos
Mix 1 by pearldrop, mix 2 by slashxmistress

Should You Choose To Remember by dear_monday

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 30,300
Art by arabel
Mix by seimaisin

Be on the Stars by ohohstarryeyed

Pairing: brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 27,725
Art by crazybutsound
Mix 1 by pixiebullets, mix 2 by catchmelike

Sugar & Spice by heartsdesire456

Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 28,614
Art by ababydino (contains spoilers)
Two mixes by kurdt105 and willowbell

Angels From the Neon by the9thdoctor

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 44,400
Art by reflectedeve
Mix by x3fixmein45

Sing Me Something That I Can Understand by arsenicjade

Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Word Count: 28,412
Art by slyfuck
Mix by verbyna

Away With The Boys In The Band by inlovewithnight

Pairing: Mikey/Otter, Mikey/Gabe, Mikey/Pete, Mikey/Alicia
Word Count: 69,000
Art by impromptu_love
Mix 1 by anoneknewmoose, mix 2 by shinetheway

Running in Slow Motion by sunsetmog

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 80,000
Art by aredblush
Mix 1 by blindinglights, mix 2 by mayqueen517, mix 3 by inteligrrl

Pete Wentz vs the World (This Ain't a Date, it's a Goddamn Death Match!) by kisforkurama

Pairing: Pete/Mikey, Pete/Ashlee, Mikey/Twenty Evil Exes
Word Count: 21,652
Mix by morganya

Recognize Myself by 15dozentimes

Pairing: Jon/Ryan
Word Count: 21,482
Art by moku_youbi
Mix 1 by iamthelolrus

Twisted By Design by girlmarauders

Pairing: Mikey/OFC
Word Count: 20,726
Art by amkave
Mix by lemniciate

Silver Screen Romance by sowrongitsbec

Pairing: Spencer/girl!Brendon - Dallon/girl!Brendon - Ryan/Jon - fake!Ryan/Spencer
Word Count: 39,500
Art by salire
Mix by bettertravesty

The Bittersweet Taste of Disobedience by sexontoasties

Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
Word Count: 29,811
Art by cereselle
Mix by nearlyskeletons

Let’s Kill Tonight by jokerindisguise

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Pete
Word Count: 23,212
Art by paracaerouvoar
Mix by enimsaj_2

The Heart of Summerlin by redorchids and salire

Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Word Count: 36,000
Art by saint_vee
Mix 1 by lady_writes , mix 2 by quarterturn

Thank you for the coffee by piratesunk

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 20,295
Art by emmadoestoo
Mix by noctecaelum

The Twelve Steps (to a chalk outline) by gala_apples and dr_jasley

Pairing: Mikey/Gerard/Brendon/Frank (and combinations within), Gabe/William/Kesha, Jon/Tom, mentions of Brendon/Jon, Brendon/OMCs, Mikey/OMCs (not infidelity).
Word Count: 74,500
Art by creepylicious
Mix 1 by kisforkurama, mix 2 by dear_monday

Footnotes of a Forgotten Foreword by dr_jasley

Pairing: Gen with background Mikey/Jon and one minor mention of Gabe/OFCs
Word Count: 22,139
Art by moku_youbi
Mix by maggiebloome

Strange Things Happen At The One Two Points by lovebashed

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Bob/Tegan Quin, one-sided Pete/Ashlee, one-sided Bob/Gerard
Word Count: 80,000
Art by lady_writes
Mix 1 by rokittomars , mix 2 by halfeatenmoon , mix 3 by lady_writes

Across The Lines by slashxyouxup

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Ray
Word Count: 67,244
Art by heyhoolou
Mix 1 by inteligrrl, mix 2 by biodarkness

You Are A Runner, And I Am My Father's Son by aerogroupie

Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Word Count: 35,259
Art by moku_youbi
Mix by roebling

Whatever Beauty by arctic_grey

Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
Word Count: 32,200
Art by salire
Mix 1 by bestthingaround, mix 2 by fervc, mix 3 by secretly_smush

When A Home Is A Menagerie by gala_apples

Pairing: Mikey/Pete, Pete/Brendon, Mikey/Pete+Brendon, Brendon/Gabe
Word Count: 28,171
Art by focusfixated
Mix by vixalicious

(Airship) Pirates! by eledhwenlin

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 55K
Art by verbosewrdsmith
Mix 1 by thislittleanon, mix 2 by sweetnovicane

Despair In The Departure Lounge by hurricaneeyes

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 20,600
Art by dear_monday
Mix 1 by xoxxblitz7 , mix 2 by silver_etoile

Night Terrors by madguru

Pairing: Gerard/Frank (mainly), Gerard/Lindsey and Frank/Jamia (no conflict) on the side, Gerard/Eliza (lots of delicious conflict), Amanda Palmer/Neil Gaiman, Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie
Word Count: 56,000
Art by emma_zing
Mix 1 by slashxmistress

Every Word Not Spoken To You by turps33

Pairing: Frank/Mikey
Word Count: 56,000
Art by squashbee
Mix 1 by kuperkeikka

Blaming Frank by dapatty and s0ckpupp3t

Pairing: Frank/Gerard/Mikey/Ray, all pair permutations thereof, bonus Frank/Mikey/Gerard
Word Count: 30,498
Art by solarbaby614
Mix 1 by lumikki_fee, mix 2 by verbyna

Aquarium by xoxxblitz7

Pairing: Frank/Gerard (Mikey/Ray)
Word Count: 47,357
Art by clandestine_fey and mix by slashxyouxup

faster than a heartbeat by seimaisin

Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 21,446
Art by xlindziex
Mix by queen_of_goat

I'd Hate To See You Frown by oanja

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 52,000
Art by melenaa
Mix by vixalicious

Void & Null by bootson

Pairing: Bob/Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 39,891
Art by asmallbluedot
Mix 1 by stardustonsable, mix 2 by cincodemaygirl

Shine So Bright by ohnoscarlett

Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Word Count: 20,433
Art by omens
Mix by holy_glomp

King and Country by tabula_x_rasa

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 53,000
Art by mrsronweasley
Mix 1 by xoxxblitz7, mix 2 by silver_etoile

Love and Other Cliches by xrysomou and xaritomene

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 28,694
Art by soundslikej
Mix by crowgirl13

Tie me up, Tie me down. by holycloud

Pairing: Jon/Spencer
Word Count: 30,000

Sing The Blues And Swallow Them Too (Or We Put The Men In Mental Health) by rachelriott

Pairing: Ryan/Jon, Spencer/Brendon, Gerard/Frank, Mikey/Bob, Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 28,000
Art by camatie
Mixes by dancinbutterfly and morganya

Wake for Young Souls by piratekitten

Pairing: Ryan Ross/Shane Valdes
Word Count: 20,916
Art by chasesstarlight
Mix 1 by prettykitty_aya, mix 2 by justranda

Waiting In The Sky by dancinbutterfly

Pairing: Gerard/Mikey
Word Count: 22,830
Art by solarbaby614
Mix 1 by morganya, mix 2 by delphinapterus

life is not a cabaret. it's a damn daycare. by holycloud

Pairing: Jon/Spencer, Brendon/Ryan, Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 22,000

On the Midtown Direct by mistresscurvy

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 23,000
Art by idktbh
Mix 1 by manuanya, mix 2 by moku_youbi, and mix 3 by airporttags

On the Getaway Mile by jezrana

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Grant Morrison
Word Count: 40,072
Art by calamitycalls
Mix by yarp_narp

Two Down Now, But Who's Counting Anyway? by rokittomars

Pairing: William/Travis, one-sided Mikey/William, William/Alex, Victoria/Mikey, past Victoria/Brian, Travis/Katy Perry, sort of Gabe/Maja
Word Count: 24,799
Art by speep
Mix by morganya

Keep Running by silentdescant

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 25,300
Art by xanax_n_wine
Mix 1 by dwg

Allow Me to Exaggerate A Memory or Two by fannyt

Pairing: Gen
Word Count:46,000
Art by redorchids
Mix by secretly_smush

Along the Way by cloudlessclimes

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 35,000
Art by look_alive
Mix by saint_vee

Asymmetrical by pinkichan

Pairing: Jon/Ryan, Brendon/Spencer/Dallon
Word Count: 62,830
Art by redorchids
Mix by meiloslyther

The Fire's Centre by faded_memories

Pairing: Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross
Word Count: 32,000
Mixes by gala_apples and vivipiphany and artwork by red_orchids

It Lives by collie_girlie

Pairing: Mikey/Pete, Gerard/LynZ, Gabe/OFC, Brendon/Ryan
Word Count: 24,089
Art by redorchids
Mix 1 by dear_monday, mix 2 by halfeatenmoon

The Ink Files by theficisalie

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 90,000
Art by undeny
Mix by saranoir

James Cameron Got It Wrong by ladyfoxxx

Pairing: Frank/Frank, Frank/Gerard, Frank/Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Ray
Word Count: 57,000
Art by my_twistedshell
Mix 1 by rachelriott, mix 2 by 26days, and mix 3 by languisity

When There's No More Room In Hell by geranosaurusfic

Pairing: Frankie/Gerard
Word Count: 24,901
Art by pikasafire
Mix by wtfbrain

The Wrong Way by kopperblaze

Pairing: Frank/Mikey, Gerard/Pete
Word Count: 25,629
Art by anna_luna
Mix by faded_memories

Cute Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun) by littlemousling

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 36,000
Art by saintvee
Mix 1 by roadmarks, mix 2 by catchmelike

We each play the part written for us (you can't change the future) by piratesunk

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 27,059
Art by redorchids
Mix 1 by erraticonstilts, mix 2 by xoxxblitz7

Draculoids Will Never Hurt You by sassbandit and were_duck

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Ray/Show Pony
Word Count: 94K
Art by kidsxheroes
Mix 1 by bittersweetrick, mix 2 by maggiebloome

I'm A Hopeless Romantic (You're Just Hopeless) by aerogroupie

Pairing: Frank/girl!Gerard
Word Count: 32,862

Strings by auctorial

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 26K
Art by moku_youbi
Mix by halfeatenmoon

Floating Our Way Out by frankie_ann

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer, Ryan/Jon
Word Count: 20,000
Art by omens
Mix by defect_no9

worse things have happened at sea by prettykitty_aya

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 25,500
Art by amkave
Mix by spindlelimbs

Where We Land by almostblue and harborshore

Pairing: Brendon/Z, Ryan/Spencer/Tennessee, Annie/Laena
Word Count: 55,306
Art by redorchids
Mix 1 by oh_whoa_oh , mix 2 by takes_serenity

Wave Two

Been Picked Up And Been Sedated by morganya

Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 16,074
Mix by maggiebloome

Some girls are built for speed by piratesunk

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 29,325
Art by xanax_n_wine
Mix by eflorentino

With Everything Falling Down Around Me by sowrongitsbec

Pairing: Spencer/Brendon – Brendon/Shane – Ryan/Jon
Word Count: 20,200
Mix by morganya

Tell me baby (who do you wanna be?) by xoxxblitz7

Pairing: Mikey/Ray, Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 38K
Mix by growlery

Heart On by desfinado

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Frank/Gerard/Pedicone
Word Count: 13,372
Art by mrsronweasley
Mix by schneestern

With Intent To Stay by laniew1

Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 13,198
Mix by masterpenguin82

Once More, With Feeling by almostblue

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 15,921
Mix by anoneknewmoose

It's a Nice Day To Start Again by jokerindisguise

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Ray
Word Count: 13,404
Mix by slashxyouxup

The Merits of Teaching by alsointogiraffe

Pairing: Brendon/Gerard
Word Count: 10,784
Art by crazybutsound
Mix by cloudlessclimes

Perfect by littlblackghost

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 14,044

That's what you get (when you let your heart win) by creepylicious

Pairing: William/Gabe, Mikey/Gerard, Mikey/Spencer/William, Gerard/William
Word Count: 17,149
Mix by pikasafire

Strawberries are not the only fruit. by bebunny

Pairing: Bob/Frank, Mikey/Pete
Word Count: 17,633

Truth Is, I'm a Runaway by la_dissonance

Pairing: Tom/Sean
Word Count: 24,206
Art by romancndleheart
Mix by tjs_whatnot

End Days by madguru

Pairing: gen
Word Count: 17,000
Mix by morganya

My Destination by heartsdesire456

Pairing: Ray/Gerard
Word Count: 52,648
Mix by crazybutsound

Pages In Your Passport by inlovewithnight

Pairing: Pete/Mikey
Word Count: 15,000
Art by omens
Mix by thislittleanon

You Stop, I Start by seratonation

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 10,368
Mix by slashxmistress

While I’m Still Young and Horny by dapatty and s0ckpupp3t

Pairing: Frank/Gerard/Mikey/Ray + eventual Pedicone, various pair permutations thereof, Frank/Jamia, and bonus Ray/Gerard/Lyn-Z phone!sex
Word Count: 24,037
Art by turlough
Mix by manuanya

When I Come Home by sparrowsverse

Pairing: N/A
Word Count: 18,918
Art by undeny
Mix by thebunnyknows

Sleepwalker by lyrical_tragedy

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 73,158
Art by music_medicine
Mix by exoticway

Crash by cho_malfoy

Pairing: Mikey/Frank
Word Count: 26K
Mix by seimaisin

Take Your Straight Line for a Curve by chalcopyrite

Pairing: Gabe Saporta, Gerard Way (gen)
Word Count: 15,158
Art by creepylicious and mix by inlovewithnight

Patience Is A Virtue (You Might Be Good Looking, But You Can’t Sleep With Yourself Tonight) by eflorentino

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 21,504
Art by music_medicine
Mix by lumikki_fee

You’re Not Listening by mywholecry

Pairing: Girl!Brendon/Greta, Z/Tennessee
Word Count: 16,000
Art by rokittomars
Mix by almostblue

How To Train Your Teacher by tygermine

Pairing: Travis McCoy/Gabe Saporta, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro
Word Count: 25,042

But Nobody Cares If You're Losing Yourself by red_ones_fly

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 15,841
Mix by walkers_welcome

It Came From Within by turps33

Pairing: Frank/Mikey
Word Count: 31,068
Art by iamsupernova
Mix by sausagemahoney2

Turn It Up by brooklinegirl

Pairing: Frank/Jamia
Word Count: 30,500
Art by focusfixated
Mix by halfeatenmoon

Day of the Starship by mizubyte

Pairing: Gabe/William, Nate/Victoria
Word Count: 15,821
Mix by monkey_pie

Square One by schneestern

Pairing: Vicky-t/Brendon
Word Count: 15,500
Art by dwg
Mix by mayqueen517

All The Friends You Need by psuedo_catalyst

Pairing: Butcher/Siska
Word Count: 12,000
Mix by roadmarks

Run the Doldrums by crowgirl13

Pairing: Bob/Mikey
Word Count: 16,184
Art by turlough
Mix by masterpenguin82

My Chemical Romance (a fountain to spray on your youth) by kisforkurama

Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 10,049
Art by squashbee
Mix by dear_monday

The Happiest Fuckin’ Place on Earth by roxy_palace

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 27,419
Art by squashbee
Mix by heartsdesire456

Stay With Me (Go Places) by silentcs

Pairing: Ryan/Spencer
Word Count: 10,898
Art by verbosewrdsmith
Mix by my_atlantis

Giving Up the Ghost by cho_malfoy

Pairing: Bob/Gerard
Word Count: 26,300
Art by clandestine_fey
Mix by desfinado

Somewhere to Begin by 15dozentimes

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan (Brendon/Dallon)
Word Count: 10,963
Mix by strangecobwebs

These Elegant Crimes by dancinbutterfly

Pairing: Bob/Ryan, Jon/Spencer, Frank/Jamia
Word Count: 19,800
Mix by verbyna

Like A Safety Pin Through Your Skin by kuriositet

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Pete
Word Count: 112K
Art by creepylicious
Mix by dwg

In the Music of Time by greedy_dancer

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Frank/Gerard, and all kinds of Gerard/Gerard
Word Count: 13K
Art by turlough
Mix by manuanya

Faint of Heart by pikasafire

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 14,480

Fabulous Killjoys by slashxyouxup

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Ray
Word Count: 15K
Art by solarbaby614
Mix by parametre

Don't Drink the Water by cloudlessclimes

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer, Ryan/Jon
Word Count: 12,000
Art by aredblush
Mix by kurdt105

His Last First Kiss by click_your_heel

Pairing: Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 39,000
Art by redorchids
Mix by ipreferaviators

The Buildings Turn To Dust by annemaris

Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 18,436
Art by creepylicious
Mix by tortugax

You know what they do to guys like us in community service (Nothing!) by halfeatenmoon

Pairing: Bert/Gerard
Word Count: 12,534
Mix by rokittomars

Parks and Recreation by vinvy

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 35,000
Mix by auctorial

Two Part Harmony by chibifukurou

Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 10,800
Art by amkave
Mix by parametre

Imminence by ohnoscarlett

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 11,625
Mix by defect_no9

Tell Me Something True by ladyfoxxx

Pairing: Mikey/Ray, Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 14,700
Mix by xoxxblitz7

24 frames per second - The Belleville Fright Night Experiment of 1984 by lea_ndra

Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 54,000
Art by noctecaelum
Mix by crowgirl13

Dead Men Can't Look Up by daniomalley22

Pairing: Gerard/Ray
Word Count: 16,350
Mix by morganya

you, the moon. you, the road. by choke_backtears and cheshire_hare

Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Word Count: 17,188
Mix by languisity

Run This Town by licklicksalute1

Pairing: Tyson Ritter/Gabe Saporta, Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, Gerard Way/Frank Iero
Word Count: 51,831
Art by vanilla_fiend
Mix by morganya

Empire Boys by noctecaelum

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, William/Gabe
Word Count: 29,605
Art by heyhoolou
Mix by knight_tracer

A More Audacious Monster by verbyna

Pairing: Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross/Jon Walker, Michael Guy Chislett/Butch Walker
Word Count: 37,776
Mix by crazybutsound

This Scattered Path Stretches Out and Tugs Me Forever Forward by dr_jasley

Pairing: Brendon/Ryan/Pete
Word Count: 15,382
Mix by inteligrrl

Delivering Just What You Need by frankie_ann

Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Gabe/Bill, Gabe/Vicky-T, Gabe/Bill/Vicky-T
Word Count: 25,000
Mix by madguru

Catching Pieces of a Fallen Sky by snarkydame

Pairing: Ray/Mikey
Word Count: 20,000
Summary: SpaceAU!
Art by kidsxheroes
Mix by wtfbrain

Love Is An Obstacle Course by kopperblaze

Pairing: Frank/Pedicone
Word Count: 20,695
Art by crazybutsound
Mix by tygermine

Drowning Lessons by sailorstkwrning

Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 33,060
Mix by prettykitty_aya

george romero is dead; long live george romero by thewayout

Pairing: Gerard/Lindsey, Mikey/Alicia
Word Count: 11,065
Art by rosalui
Mix 1 by takethispike

Empty The Sky by girlmarauders

Pairing: Mikey/Alicia, Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 18,910
Mix by delphinapterus

Forget About the Dirty Looks by sassbandit

Pairing: Gerard/Brian
Word Count: 18,400
Art by anna_luna
Mix by kisforkurama

There and Back Again by dr_jasley and gala_apples

Pairing: Established Gabe/Nate. Eventual Gerard/Bert, Brendon/Patrick, Frank/Bob. Forced Spencer/Ryan. Hetero life partners Ryland/Ray.
Word Count: 31,797
Mix by thebigmachines

Follow My Lead by littlemousling

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 30,000
Art by asmallbluedot
Mix by ohohstarryeyed and catchmelike

I Lost Myself by 1842

Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
Word Count: 16,222
Mix by meiloslyther

The Commoner and The Scribe by gala_apples

Pairing: Bob/Brendon
Word Count: 14,421
Art by amkave
Mix by synthvirus

Rage Fear Sorrow Shame by theletterelle

Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 14,000
Art by creepylicious
Mix by creepylicious

Let the Compass Point You Home by amazonziti and mistresscurvy

Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Frank/Jamia, Jamia/Lindsey, Gerard/Lindsey
Word Count: 43,000
Mix by vixalicious


Wave One

The Only Hope For Me Is You by tuesdaysgone

NC-17, 31k; Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Korse (past); violence, dub-con, major character death (impermanent), minor character death, induced amnesia, torture

Public Enemy by tabula_x_rasa

MA, 21k; Frank/Gerard; some violence, homophobic attitudes

And I Will Be Your Goal by fleurdeliser and tuesdaysgone

NC-17, 71k; Grant Morrison/Gerard Way, Frank Iero/Grant Morrison/Gerard Way; voyeurism, non-graphic violence

And The Cogs Fall Into Place by heartsdesire456

PG-13, 38k; Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Spencer

When You Go, Just Know That I Will Remember You by viviansface

NC-17, 37k; Frank/Gerard; language, sexual content, mentions of self-harm, suicide [but no character death - not really]

Children of the Grave by julorean

NC-17, 23k; Brian/Gerard; Violence, cursing, mention of gore. The following are also mentioned but not graphically described: suicide, past addictions, and self-harm.

Wherever I'm With You by restlesslikeme and bangupmyheart

NC-17, 26k; Ryan Luciani/Nick Scimeca

Sideshow by romanticalgirl

PG-13, 22k; Gerard Way & William Beckett, background Pete/Mikey; mentions of drug and alcohol use/abuse

All That Shit Seems To Disappear When I'm With You by gala_apples

NC-17, 26k; Frank/Pete/Patrick/Mikey, past Frank/Bob; teenage sex, underage drinking

Such Cheery Duplication by coricomile

NC-17, 21k; Pete/Patrick/OMC; underage, sibling incest

They Want Me Alive Or Dead by jokerindisguise

R, 37k; Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Pete; minor character death, violence

Variations on a Fugue by mrsronweasley

NC-17, 36k; Frank/Gerard

Make It Loud by brooklinegirl

NC-17, 31k; Frank/Jamia

Better to Jump Not Fall by pinkichan

NC-17, 56k; Sean Van Vleet/Ryan Luciani, Tom Conrad/Ryan Ross; minor character death (off-screen), abduction, deviation from canon timelines

Through the Trees by modern_dion

NC-17, 47k; Frank/Gerard; recreational drug use (pot), mentions of past alcohol abuse and addiction, OC bullies and fist-fights, werewolf fighting

Sweetbreads and Sweet Nothings by dancinbutterfly

NC-17, 30k; Gerard/Frank, Gerard/Patrick, established Mikey/Pete; major character death in the form of assisted suicide or murder (depending on your interpretation), gore, cannibalism, violence, severe emotional trauma

The Boy with the Bread by daniomalley22

PG-13, 26k; Gerard/Frank; character death, graphic violence

Against the Works of the Flesh by happilyappled

NC-17, 63k; Frank/Gerard; descriptive MM sex, opinions on religion, monologues; also slight homophobic behavior from minor characters

(all I ever wanted was) The Right Kind of Light by caarirose

MA15+ for language, 22k; pre Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, very vague mentions of Pete Wentz/Ashlee Simpson

A Kiss With A Fist by slashxyouxup

NC-17, 46k; Frank/Gerard; illegal sports, sporting violence, sex and language

The Life and Lies of Gerard Way by maybegasoline

R, 33k; Frank/Gerard; mentions addiction, self-harm, and character death

momentum keeps us going, gravity makes us strong by akamine-chan

NC-17, 26k; Frank/Gerard; discussions of drug/alcohol abuse, discussion of attempted suicide, brief violence, casual discussion of murder, SCIENCE!, creepy parasitism, tentacles

And the Painted Ponies by turps33

R, 35k; Frank/Mikey

The Killing Trade by dr_jasley

R, 74k; Brendon/Frank; violence, alcohol abuse, background mentions of organized crime, past secondary character death, survivor’s guilt, anger issues, ptsd, moral ambiguity

How Do You Sleep When The City Is Burning? by piratekitten

PG-13, 20k; Brendon/Ryan; secondary character deaths

A Home In Our Heartland by annemaris

NC-17, 36k; Frank/Gerard

When It All Goes To Hell by ohnoscarlett

NC-17, 26k; Brendon/Spencer; sex, violence

A Soft Place to Land by rubytuesday5681

NC-17, 45k; Frank/Gerard; UST (temporary) and pining. Hurt/Comfort. Angst with a hopeful ending. Early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Some schmoop and fluff. Masturbation and explicit sex- handjobs, oral, anal, rimming.

The Science of Sleep by chimneythunder

15, 90k; Frank/Gerard; violence, swearing, minor character death

In Which Pete Sucks At Keeping Secrets And Harry Calls McGonagall A Heterophobe by maybegasoline

NC-17, 34k; Frank/Gerard, Harry/Draco; Mild non-con (just a forced kiss), sexual content involving children (they’re all fifteen years old!) Oh, and crack. Loads of it.

'Ghost Hunter' is Too Cable TV by lilac_one and strangecobwebs

PG-13, 25k; Frank/Gerard; ghosts of dead OCs

Zero Percent by kopperblaze

R, 44k; Frank/Gerard/Mikey; violence, prostitution, sibling relationship, drug dependency, mentions of daddy!kink in one scene (will be marked and can be skipped), (brief) cruelty towards an animal

Imitate the Sun by mistresscurvy

NC-17, 50k; Frank/Gerard; Graphic Violence (scenes of battle)

Something Other than Human by misslucythenerd

NC-17, 42k; Frank/Gerard; vampire related violence including non-consensual blood drinking between a vampire and human, however, any sexual activity is consensual; minor character death; sexual activity

Lock and Load by lady_cadaver

NC-17, 26k; Frank/Gerard; graphic violence, character death, explicit sexual scenes, excessive swearing, mob-related crimes

This Tornado Loves You by theopteryx

NC-17, 46k; Frank/Gerard; character death (non-permanent), character death of OCs, graphic violence, alcoholism, domestic abuse, self-harm for magic-type purposes

Damn the Man, the Empire Strikes Back by celtic_cookie and sophie_448

R, 29k; suicide themes: discussion of two past suicide attempts, one aborted on-screen suicide attempt, no character death

A Crack in the Sky by jezrana

R, 55k; Frank/Gerard/Grant Morrison; violence, self-harm, discussion of suicide, mentions of drug use and addiction problems, dubcon, demonic possession and horror themes

Let the Darkness Lead You Home by rivers_bend

NC-17, 50k; Frank/Gerard; This story contains vampire-related violence including graphic mentions of blood and blood drinking (both violent and eroticized), and some on-screen death. Only original (and mostly unnamed) characters die in any permanent way. Brief mentions of an animal injury. Some humans in this verse are controlled or owned by vampires, but all sexual activity is consensual.

All the Broken Pieces (Keep Cool, Stay Tough) by lucifuge_5

NC-17, 39k; Frank/Mikey, Frank/Ray; main character sustaining a permanent injury (character is paralyzed from the waist down due to a car accident), mentions of depression, instances of self-hate from character with a disability, some medical handwaviness. This is an AU in which MCR (as a band) never existed.

smile as I respire ('cause I know they'll never win) by kisforkurama

R, 21k; Panic GSF; major character death, brainwashing, some violence

Ain't Nobody Gonna Love You Like The Devil Do by dear_monday

NC-17, 40k; Frank/Gerard; religious themes, crisis of sexuality, consensual underage sex, spanking, rimming, facial, brief depiction of homophobic bullying, infidelity of a minor OC, underage drinking, potentially disturbing nightmare sequences

If I Could Be Anything by frankie_ann

NC-17, 53k; Mike/Kevin, Gabe/Bill, Nick/Travis, Jon/Ryan; an entire kink bingo card (see fic for details)

The Evolution Index by theficisalie

NC-17, 32k; Frank/Gerard; violence

We Used To Be Friends by ladyfoxxx

NC-17, 51k; Frank/Mikey; canon fuckery

The Rumor Of Us by littlblackghost

NC-17, 34k; Frank/Gerard; underage sexual situations (13 year olds talking about sexuality/crushes/kissing), non-graphic but violent homophobia, profanity, mentions of dealing with loss

A Good Ocean Gone Wrong by xoxxblitz7

NC-17, 31k; Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Ray; sex, language, historical tragedy, death

Wave Two: Podfics

Cute Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun) read by knight_tracer, written by littlemousling

Explicit, 4:37:38; Brendon/Spencer

In the Music of Time read by pennyplainknits, written by greedy_dancer

NC-17, 1:11:08; Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Gerard; mentions of alcohol and substance abuse

Pages in Your Passport read by fire_juggler, written by inlovewithnight

Explicit, 1:52:11; Mikey/Pete

Should You Choose To Remember read by croissantkatie, written by dear_monday

NC-17, 3:23:40; Frank/Gerard; minor character death

Some Girls Are Built For Speed read by dapatty, written by piratesunk

NC-17, 2:46:23; Frank/Gerard; cross-dressing, roller derby related violence, some liberties with geography and roller derby rules and regulations

All the Friends You Need read by growlery, written by pseudo_catalyst

Teen, 1:00:44; Butcher/Sisky

It Came from Within read by takola, written by turps33

NC-17, 3:20:28; Frank/Mikey

The Merits of Teaching read by dapatty, written by alsointogiraffe

PG-13, 1:03:49; Brendon/Gerard

Where We Land read by misprintify, written by almostblue and harborshore

NC-17, 5:28:15; Brendon Urie/Z Berg, Spencer Smith/Tennessee Thomas, Spencer Smith/Tennessee Thomas/Ryan Ross; One scene contains violent imagery and references to the threat of attempted non-con. Some scenes also contain homophobic language and sexualized insults directed at women. There is no actual dub-con or non-con in this fic.

Catching Pieces of a Fallen Sky read by sylvaine57, written by snarkydame

Explicit, 1:57:09; Mikey/Ray; off screen character death, contemplation of suicide, language, sex. Also some fairly sudden changes in volume.

The Happiest Fuckin' Place on Earth (tm) read by argentumlupine, written by roxy_palace

Explicit, 2:42:48; Frank/Gerard

Faint of Heart read by draconic_girl, written by pikasafire

NC-17, ~1:36:00; Frank/Gerard

Truth Is, I'm a Runaway read by growlery, written by la_dissonance

Explicit, 2:15:54; Sean/Tom

James Cameron Got It Wrong read by knight_tracer, written by ladyfoxxx

NC-17, 6:59:27; Frank/Frank, Frank/Gerard, Frank/Gerard/Frank, Mikey/Ray; sex, mild violence, self-cest & cross-dimensional pining

Crash read by dapatty, written by gorgeousnerd

NC-17, 2:38:31; Mikey/Frank; dub-con, violence, drinking and references to addiction, pills and references to medical situations, vaguely naughty language, sexy times and characters in heat

Floating Our Way Out read by jenepod, written by frankie_ann

NC-17, 2:17:13; Brendon/Spencer, Ryan/Jon; character death

Turn It Up read by mistresscurvy, written by brooklinegirl

NC-17, 2:36:55; Frank/Jamia, Gerard/Michael Pedicone

Blaming Frank read by shinetheway, written by dapatty and s0ckpupp3t

NC-17, 3:44:54; Frank/Gerard, Frank/Mikey, Frank/Ray, Frank/Mikey/Gerard, Mikey/Gerard, Mikey/Ray, Gerard/Ray, Ray/Mikey, Frank/Gerard/Mikey/Ray, Frank/hair products; wildly improbable amounts of sex, sibling incest, gratuitous use of vegetarian-friendly body wash (tm), and a brief brief mention of sexual contact (kissing) between brothers as children.

Wave Three

not smashing windows by inlovewithnight

NC-17, 32k; Gabe/Mikey; hate-based violence and slurs

I'll Repair For You (When The Roof Starts To Fall) by fleurdeliser and tuesdaysgone

NC-17, 17k; Gerard/Grant

Trees Have Roots And I Have You by viviansface

NC-17, 28k; Frank/Gerard

Last Chance At Love by eledhwenlin

PG, 16k; Brendon/Spencer

Jersey Shore: Vampire Edition by jokerindisguise

R, 20k; Frank/Gerard, Brendon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick; violence, blood, what can be perceived as a variation of sleep!groping, accidental biting of a human that turns into a public scandal

Five Times Gerard Pays For It and One Time He Doesn't by rubytuesday5681

NC-17, 23k; Frank/Gerard; prostitution, angst, pining, drunkenness, explicit sex – oral, anal, rimming, fingering

Pockets Full of Stones by viviansface

NC-17, 17k; Frank/Gerard; use of superpowers, minor character death

awkwardly reversed by kisforkurama

R, 10k; William Beckett/mirror!William Beckett (Santi); selfcest

Life in Technicolor by seratonation

R, 12k; Ryan/Spencer, Brendon/Jon

the less specific i become by notamagnet

R, 22k; Panic GSF; mentions of an off-screen past kidnapping of a main character as a child (no abuse), language, some sexual content (all consensual)

the trick of finding what you didn't lose by melusina and girlpearl

Explicit, 17k; Brendon/Spencer, Brendon/Patrick/Spencer; light bondage, power play, spanking

Write What You Know by romanticalgirl

Mature, 27k; Pete/Gabe; mention of/description of a death of original character (past)

In The Eye Of The Beholden by mistressteacup

R, 11k; Kevin/Mike, Patrick/Pete, Gerard/Frank; character death, graphic violence

Stronger Together, a fanmix by monkey_pie

Ten Year Drag by thebigmachines

NC-17, 24k; Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Lindsey, Frank/Jamia; light drug use, language, sexual content with dirty talk, nevergotmarried!verse

Long Snake Moan by gala_apples

NC-17, 16k; Alex/Ryland, Alex/OFC, Alex/Ryland/Gabe/Victoria/Nate; consensual but unenthusiastic sex with an OC

What Defines Us by dr_jasley

R, 16k; Gabe/Brendon, Gabe/Brendon/Frank; underaged drinking, implied drug use, creepy imagery(including creepy children), secondary oc character deaths, violence, implausible action sequences, stealing, alternate realities, alluded to soulbonding, supernatural elements, bullying, and vague homophobic behavior

Boys that glitter love the dark by creepylicious

PG-13, 16k; gen, Gerard/Brendon, Gerard/Adam

It's All Chris Martin's Fault, Basically by maybegasoline

NC-17, 10k; Frank/Gerard; rimming/felching, rough sex, d/s dynamics, double penetration (one cock + two fingers)

Love like the Novels by murtaghs_rose

G/T, 11k; Pete/Ashlee (onesided); slightly creepy behavior

Camp Cherry Woods by littlblackghost

NC-17, 21k; Frank/Gerard, Pete/Mikey; sexual situations, language, underage sexual situations, angst

The Big Picture by fleurdeliser and tuesdaysgone

NC-17, 52k; Frank/Gerard, Frank/Gerard/Grant

The sound of loneliness (makes me happier) by art_brutal

R, 13k; Bob/Mikey; brief mentions of past abuse within a relationship, a small violent incident

What Nobody Knows... by heartsdesire456

R, 25k; gen; graphic depictions of violence, supernatural elements, mind control

The High Place by cho_malfoy (gorgeousnerd)

Mature, 12k; Brendon/Spencer; past rape/abuse briefly discussed (not between any romantic pairing), violence, drug use similar to pot (with liberties taken)

We Are Silhouettes, a fanmix by truthismusic

(fic was withdrawn)

Cause What I'm Thinking About You Is Not Okay by lizibabes

NC-17, 33k; Mikey/Frank, Gerard/Bob; swearing, AU, sex toys, whipping with a riding crop, handcuffs, sub/Dom relationship, sex/fetish shop, past assault of an underage character by an authority figure, stalking, violence, attempted murder, recounting of/processing past sexual assault, alcohol abuse, past drug addiction, small references to mental illness, sex, ball gags

A Fanfiction (In Which Gerard Has A Secret Stash of Star Wars Fanfiction) by sparklefap (faviconsparklefap)

R, 10k; Frank/Gerard; moderate sexual content, language, very brief mention of fictional incest

Nothing is all You Have by dr_jasley

R, 15k; Pete/Patrick/Brendon, Patrick/Brendon, Pete/Brendon; allusions to past suicide attempt, suicide ideology, a suicide pact that is actualized, internalized homophobia, virtual realities, drug use, past drug abuse, one very short unharmful drugging scene, implied self harm(secondary character), possible religious blasphemy, secondary character deaths, main character death, violence, perceived one-sided incest by an outside character

(No One's Gonna) Fix Me When I'm Broke by theletterelle

R, 40k; Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Mikey; rape/non-con, references to suicide, graphic violence, veiled references to sexual content with a child, eating disorders, teen abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, veiled references to sexual abuse by an authority figure, hate speech, homophobia, internalized homophobia

Nowhereville by turps33

PG, 26k; Brendon/Spencer, Mikey/Patrick/Pete

Emotional Brilliance by kopperblaze

NC-17, 20k; Frank/Mikey, Gerard/Ray/Lindsey; one instance of homophobic language

I go blind (it's no big deal) by i_claudia

NC-17, 19k; Spencer/Brendon; dub-con (under the influence), drugged drinks, angst, infidelity

We all Build Our Ruins by kuriositet

NC-17, 29k; Frank/Gerard; coercion of a minor (16 y/o) by OC teacher, student/teacher relationship

Just a Little Hocus Pocus by truthismusic

PG-13, 19k; Ryan/Brendon

Late Bloomer by flyby

NC-17, 25k; Frank/Gerard; minor underage drinking, mention of homophobia and homophobic language

Moth to Flame (or Whatever) by onceuponamoon

NC-17, 31k; Frank/Gerard; adult themes, sexual content, profanity, mentions of past marijuana use, minor off-screen OC death

Oscar Wilde would not apologise by pr_scatterbrain

R, 10k; Ryan/Spencer; implied drug use

Food of Love by lucifuge_5

PG-13, 12k; Frank/Mikey; mild drug use (pot smoking)

I’ll Put My Future In You (I Can Keep You Safe) by fallennotes

NC-17, 12k; Frank/Gerard; bondage, kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome, dub-con (or a consensual D/s relationship, depending on your opinion of the influence that Stockholm Syndrome has on people)

He Can't Lose With Me in Tow by vintagesick

NC-17, 26k; Frank/Gerard; cross dressing, graphic violence, explicit sexual scenes, mentions of war and various crimes, mentions of death {not toward any major characters}, homophobia

Clockwork Romance by piratekitten

NC-17, 10k; Spencer/Brendon, Brendon/Sarah

In Repair by blue_soaring (autoschediastic)

NC-17, 33k; Frank/Gerard; Frank is sixteen. Also, there are robots.

Cupid's Chokehold by matchbox_bones

NC-17, 14k; Frank/Gerard

King of the Pumpkin Patch by bad_peppermint

PG, 12k; gen; AU

Give Me A Reason by mistresscurvy

NC-17, 38k; Frank/Gerard, Frank/Jamia, Gerard/Lindsey, Frank/Jamia/Gerard, Frank/Gerard/Jamia/Lindsey

to the midnight land by akamine_chan

NC-17, 24k; Frank/Gerard; consensual teenage sexual activity, mentions of depression and drinking, mentions of off-screen historical death

You're a Matter of Urgency by annemari

NC-17, 34k; Mikey/Gerard, Frank/Gerard/Mikey; incest

Under Wraps by shystrangemanic & elle2706

PG-13, 28k; Frank/Gerard; deals with issues of transgender/transexualism, cross-dressing, violence in the form of a short scuffle at a high school game

Tea for Two (And Me for You) by inabathrobe and theficisalie

PG, 10k; gen; unkindness to a small child, some sexual content, excessive swearing, ridiculous magic

Colorblind by viviansface and bloodynemo

NC-17, 20k; Frank/Gerard; wing!kink, hurt/comfort, mentions of alcohol abuse

The Cameras Watch the Accidents and Stars You Hate by daniomalley22

PG-13, 23k; Frank/Gerard, Alicia/Vicky-T, Pete/Patrick; character death, graphic violence, alcohol abuse, fairly dark

Everybody was well dressed (everybody was a mess) by pr_scatterbrain

R, 18k; Ryan/Spencer; drug use, a DUI offence

Monsters, and the People Who Hunt Them by cosmoscorpse

PG-15, 12k; gen; multiple offscreen minor character deaths, description of gore and old injuries, probable mythological bastardization

Red is the Rose by cloudlessclimes

R, 29k; Brendon/Spencer; graphic violence

Bound to the Beat by dancinbutterfly

NC-17, 37k; Bob/Patrick; innate Dominant/submissive identities, soulbonding, prescription drug use and misuse in conjunction with soulbonds, consent issues discussed in regards to soulbonding, reference to canon suicide attempt, BDSM, minor OC character death, still-a-band!AU, a Will who is NOT William Beckett


Wave One

Starcrossed by bad_peppermint

R, 28k; Brendon/Spencer; suicide, suicide attempt, depression, dead character

Lovers in Combat by tuesdaysgone

Explicit, 26k; Frank/Gerard/Grant; non-graphic violence, past injuries, past drug and alcohol use, minor medical procedures

Feel the tide shifting by bunniewabbit

NC-17, 20k; Brendon/Spencer

I Know You'll Forgive Me by happilyappled

Mature, 28k; Frank/Gerard; Fluff, Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Depression, References to Suicide. Although Frank is 7 years old in the beginning of the story, NOTHING illegal happens when he's underage.

Stay A Little; News Will Find You by fleurdeliser and tuesdaysgone

NC-17, 23k; Gerard Way/Grant Morrison; Drug Addiction, Drug Overdose

Match your lips up to mine by i_claudia

Mature, 56k; Brendon/Spencer; modern AU. pining, workplace shenanigans, misunderstandings, arguments, poor coping mechanisms, a bit of recreational drug use

Professional Healers by synonomy

NC-17, 34k; Frank/Gerard; Sex, kid!fic, medical knowledge and terminology acquired from Google

Adrift by innocent_wolves

NC-17, 31k; Frank/Gerard; explicit language, sexual content, supernatural elements (ghost), references to suicide, mentions of past alcohol abuse/depression, dead character, implied homophobia

Well, I Changed For Good by gorgeousnerd

Explicit, 33k; Frank/Gerard; temporary main character death, gore/offscreen violence, drug/alcohol addiction, depictions of illness

In A Pretty How Town by fleurdeliser and tuesdaysgone

NC-17, 23k; Frank/Gerard; mention of past drug abuse

Ever On and On by alpheratz

PG-13, 24k; Pete/Gabe; mild/moderate video game-style violence, brief moments of animal harm

yes is a world by melusina and girlpearl

Explicit, 32k; Pete/Patrick; bdsm, tabloid-style gossip, a scene in which a someone uses a safeword

All you need to know is never let go by lalejandra

XXX, 20k; Pete/Gabe, Pete/Meagan, Pete/Gabe/Meagan

Never Wanted to Save the World by doctor_jasley

R, 30k; Brendon/Frank, Brendon/Frank/Gabe; action movie depictions/embellishments of: violence, science, and computer technology, one instance of workplace sexual harassment and resolution, polyamory, spies, shadowy non-government spy institutions, oc character death

All the Rides We Take by daniomalley

PG13, 25k; Frank/Gerard, Alicia/Vicky-T; violence, character death, torture, brainwashing, drug use and alcoholism

Blurring the Truth and the Lies by turps

PG-13, 33k; Pete/Mikey; discussion of injuries and mental health issues, allusions to suicidal feelings and impulses

patched-up patchwork taped-up tape deck heart by inlovewithnight

Mature, 22k; Gabe/Pete; offscreen drug addiction and alcohol abuse; recovery from same

Somewhere In Neverland by chimneythunder

15, 53k; Frank/Gerard; Recovery from severe depression, addition and attempted suicide. Child death, disappearance and abduction. Minor/adult relationship (kept very PG )

Companion by onceuponamoon

NC-17, 34k; Frank/Gerard; adult themes, sexual content

Orchestra of Breathing by panicparade

R, 27k; many pairings; addiction and self harm

A Little Infamy by ladyfoxxx

Explicit, 33k; Pete/Patrick; one instance of homophobic language

Wave Two: Podfic

You're a Matter of Urgency by argentumlupine

Explicit, 03:13:40; Mikey/Gerard, Frank/Gerard/Mikey; incest

The Big Picture by dapatty

Explicit, 05:05:43; Frank/Gerard/Grant; copious sex acts (read the tags), podfic contains music

Life in Technicolor by miss_marina95

R, 01:31:13; Brendon/Jon, Ryan/Spencer

Public Enemy by rhea314

Explicit, 02:18:13; Frank/Gerard; some violence, homophobic attitudes, podfic has musical interludes

Write What You Know by dapatty

Mature, 02:34:00; Pete/Gabe; minor character death, podfic contains music

This Tornado Loves You by prophetic

NC-17, 05:15:49; Frank/Gerard, Frank/Kitty; character death (non-permanent), character death of OCs, graphic violence, alcoholism, domestic abuse, self-harm for magic-type purposes. Podfic contains music and limited sound effects.

We Used to be Friends by jenepod

NC-17, 05:15:25; Frank/Mikey; podfic has musical interludes

Ain't Nobody Gonna Love You Like The Devil Do by reena_jenkins

NC-17, 05:14:27; Frank/Gerard; Catholicism, brief depiction of homophobic bullying, infidelity of a minor OC, underage drinking, podfic contains music

Wave Three

Stronger Together by happilyappled

NC-17, 20k; Frank/Gerard

Is It Enough to Have Some Love? by viviansface

NC-17, 16k; Frank/Gerard

Shadows Fall Behind by anoceanmonster

NC-17, 38k; Frank/Gerard; minor character death

Fix That Hole In You by abtagrl

R, 25k; Spencer/Tom; language, sexuality, and underage drinking [& copious amounts of teen angst]

Tarnished Gold Standard by bootson & doctor_jasley

Mature, 23k; Pete/Patrick; graphic violence, firearms, explosions, physical injury, abduction, minor OC death, grief responses, co-dependency

Something Death-like by doctor_jasley

R, 11k; Brendon/Frank; afterlife au, disturbing imagery, violence, supernatural creatures, offscreen OC character death, possible religious blasphemy

Hold My Bones by inlovewithnight & lalejandra

PG, 23k; Pete/Gabe; references to child abuse (violence, sexual)

Today is Tomorrow by alpheratz

Explicit, 13k; Gerard/Mikey, Gabe/Mikey, Gabe/Gerard; incest

The Heart You Need by flyby

Explicit, 92k; Frank/Gerard; graphic violence; (offscreen) minor character death; alcohol/drug use & implied addiction

Got Lost Into The Sea by tuesdaysgone, ktc, & fleurdeliser

Explicit, 28k; Frank/Gerard/Grant

fire alarms (and losing you) by girlpearl

Explicit, 13k; Pete/Patrick; panic attacks, character with a condition of compulsive desire for sex

Lead Me Home by jezrana

Explicit, 34k; Frank/Gerard/Grant; amnesia, kidnapping, violence

Mingling Hands and Mingling Glances by fleurdeliser and tuesdaysgone

Explicit, 21k; Frank/Gerard/Grant; mention of drug use

All Boundaries are Conventions by art_brutal

NC-17, 30k; Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Bob, Gerard/Spencer; non-con, character death, suicide, abuse, violence

Carpe-f***in'-Diem by chimneythunder

15, 28k; Frank/Gerard; character death, graphic violence

The One Where Gerard's An Amateur Wizard Whose Potions Never Turn Out Exactly Right by wicked21

Explicit, 14k; Frank/Gerard; slight dub-con, sexual content

Of All The Nail Salons In All The World by inlovewithnight

Explicit, 11k; Pete/Gabe

A Constant Work in Progress by onceuponamoon

NC-17, 33k; Frank/Gerard; angst, emotional hurt/comfort, sexual content

i forgive you by girlmarauders

PG-13, 14k; gen; dystopia, mention of medical euthanasia, grief

Coin Toss Girl by 0_mutiny_0

NC-15, 16k; Frank/Gerard; genderswap, sexuality crises, mutual pining

Close Quarters by ladyfoxxx

Explicit, 13k; Pete/Patrick/Mikey/Ray

colder as the years go, warm yourself again by annemari

Explicit, 29k; Mikey/Gerard; incest

The Secret Ingredient by fleurdeliser, tuesdaysgone, & ktc

Explicit, 22k; Frank/Grant

ever just the same (ever a surprise) by ampersandjay

Explicit, 21k; Frank/Gerard

Because We Choose To by rannyfighter

NC-17, 60k; Frank/Gerard; swearing, drug use, sexual situations, attempted domestic violence

Once in a Lifetime by melusina

Explicit, 15k; Pete/Patrick; amnesia and related emotional distress

I'm Feeling Badly, It's Not An Attempt At Decency by annemari

Explicit, 17k; Mikey/Ray

and me here on the ground by ktc

Explicit, 33k; Frank/Gerard

Said the Spider to the Fly by romantical

Explicit, 30k; Sean Van Vleet/William Beckett; drinking, discussion of drinking, underage (aged 16), mild playground trauma mentioned

Beyond the Dark Horizon by turps

R, 24k; Gerard/Mikey; incest, description of violence & injuries

Shadow of a Damaged Heart by akamine_chan

Explicit, 16k; Frank/Gerard; non-violent off-screen kidnapping, character being temporarily held against his will, talk of past wars, talk of off-screen apocalyptic events, a dead body, non-sexual robotic tentacles, a furry octopus

A Storm Brewing by bad_peppermint

PG, 25k; Brendon/Spencer


Wave One

An Imprint on the Bedsheets by romanticalgirl

Bands: Cobra Starship, The Academy Is..., various others in minor roles
Pairing: Gabe/William
Word Count: 33,905
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Major character death

Masters of Sorrows by happilyappled

Band: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Frank Iero/OMC
Word Count: ~54,000 words
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Romance, Angst, Established relationship, Developing relationship, Past relationship(s)

tonight. by mournful_optimist

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, mentions of Panic! at the Disco
Pairings: Gerard Way & Mikey Way, Party Poison/Kobra Kid, Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter, mentions Mikey Way/OCs
Word Count: 31k
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: sibling incest, graphic violence (including gun violence, murder), references to torture, trauma, memory loss, medical situations, grief/mourning, references to past drug addiction, minor drug use (pot).

On Dust Storms of Rebellion by vonraphael (SunshineAndRoseWater on AO3)

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Mikey Way/Brian Schechter, Gerard Way/Frank Iero
Word Count: 22,941
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Major character death

Charmed Heart by akamine_chan

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Mindless Self Indulgence
Pairings: Frank Iero/Mikey Way, Lindsey Ballato/Gerard Way
Word Count: 21,563
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: supernatural elements, non-permanent major character death, anger, angst, two flashback scenes to off-screen deaths with mentions of blood, very minor and brief suicidal thoughts.

at some point it becomes true by whatimages and sceptick

Bands: Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 53,426
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: No mandatory warnings apply. Minor, semi-spoilery warnings are included in the notes on AO3.

Who Dares to Love Forever by owlhooots

Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Word Count: 22,103
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Minor Character Death

J'ai Rêvé De Toi by porphyrophobiac

Bands: Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, William Beckett, Travie McCoy, Cobra Starship
Pairings: Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross
Word Count: 53, 400
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Period-typical homophobia, period-typical terminology of POC, off-screen violent death of minor character, mention of unhealthy relationship

I pull up to the front of your driveway with magic soaking my spine by rannyfighter

Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Word Count: 42,500
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None

love is the sky by girlpearl and melusina

Bands: Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco
Pairings: Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Spencer, Spencer/Ryan, Patrick/Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 30,000
Rating: explicit
Warnings: References to recovery from addiction, poorly-negotiated polyamory and brief unnegotiated kink; please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Take One For The Team (Excuse Me If I'm Rude) by frenchpirate

Bands: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship
Pairings: Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, William Beckett/Gabe Saporta
Word Count: 24,562
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Minor Drug Use, Minor Alcohol Use, Underage, Age-Gap

For Everything That It's Worth by doctor_jasley

Bands: Cobra Starship, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Frank/Gabe/Brendon
Word Count: 30k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: action movie depictions/embellishments of: violence, science, and computer technology, polyamory, spies, shadowy non-government spy institutions, oc character death, shadowy anti-non-governmental terrorist organizations, kidnapping of background characters

The Truth About Patrick by ladyfoxxx

Bands: Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Pete/Patrick, Pete/Patrick/Mikey
Word Count: 23 630 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Lies and deception, self confidence issues.

The Academy Was... by volrosso

Bands: Cobra Starship, The Academy Is..., My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy
Pairings: William Beckett/Gabe Saporta, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, Frank Iero/Mikey Way
Word Count: 20,282
Rating: T
Warnings: Graphic violence

Wave Two: Podfic

Nowhereville read by dapatty, written by turps

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Mindless Self Indulgence
Pairings: Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump/Mikey Way/Pete Wentz
Time: 02:26:29
Time:(with music) 02:29:57
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No warnings except for a scene sexual in nature between two adults in the second part.

Want Need Have Series (“just off the key of reason” and coda “a little bit dirty”) read by ailis_fictive, written by arsenicjade

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall out Boy
Pairings: Gerard Way/Pete Wentz, background Frank Iero/Mikey Way
Time: 3:07:13

Wave Three

Zero Percent by neelacuda

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Mindless Self Indulgence, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship
Pairings: Mikey Way/Ray Toro
Word Count: 23,911
Warnings: Addiction, Canon-typical addiction, Canon-typical character death, Canon-typical graphic violence, Mind-control, Abusive elements.

blood-red, ink-black by inlovewithnight

Bands: Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship
Pairings: Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta
Word Count: 11,000
Rating: Mature
Warnings: BDSM, consent issues, prostitution

A Little Inspiration (Is All I Need) by cockzero

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Mindless Self Indulgence, Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Frank Iero/Gerard Way; Pete Wentz/Mikey Way/Alicia Simmons
Word Count: 13,945
Rating: PG
Warnings: No warnings

Something Wicked This Way Comes by dear_monday

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, The Used, Murder By Death, Cobra Starship, Travis McCoy, others.
Pairings: Frank/Gerard, mentions of past Gerard/Bert, one-sided Pete/Patrick, Ray/Janelle.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: minor character death, violence, alcohol abuse, some potentially disturbing/scary scenes.

Lions and Tigers and Bears by thewrongkindofpc

Bands: Jjamz, Ryan Ross
Pairings: Z Berg & Ryan Ross
Word Count:10,774
Rating: T
Warnings: allusions to alcoholism and addiction

A Dash of You by owlhooots

Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Word Count: 37,911
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None

Set Fire to the Bones by chibifukurou

Bands: My Chemical Romance/True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys; Cameo by Pete Wentz
Pairings: Gen
Word Count: 15k
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Cannibalism; Violence; Fictitious God

the way of the voice by fleurdeliser, ktc, tuesdaysgone

Bands:My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Frank/Gerard/Grant
Word Count: 62,500
Rating: explicit
Warnings: none

are you ready for more by romantical

Bands: The Academy Is..., My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy
Pairings: William Beckett/Mikey Way
Word Count: 26,482
Rating: Mature
Warnings: All sex is consensual, but is of a D/s nature

Bus-stop by the Last Song Coffee-shop by chibifukurou

Bands:Cobra Starship; Fall Out Boy; Panic! at the Disco
Pairings: Gen; Pete/Gabe
Word Count: 11,815
Rating: Pg13
Warnings: homophobia, internalized homophobia

All Our Stars Aligned (Put Love On Hold) by xaritomene and xrysomou

Bands: Fall Out Boy; The Academy Is...; Cobra Starship; Panic! at the Disco; My Chemical Romance.
Pairings: Pete/Patrick (main); Bill/Gabe; Bill/Gabe/Travis; Frank/Gerard
Word Count: Erk. 133,939
Rating: R
Warnings: mild period-appropriate attitudes to mental illness; references to prostitution.

WFOB by gorgeousnerd

Bands: Fall Out Boy (with background TAI, MCR, Cobra, and Panic)
Pairings: Pete/Patrick
Word Count: ~10,500 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage drinking

Dead Matters by elle2706

Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 16,353
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Paranormal activity, implications of spousal abuse, violence, and character death (in the sense that the character is already dead).

Eternity Lasts Forever by rannyfighter

Band: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 31474
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Major characters (untimely) death, reincarnation, war, war injury, nightmares, hallucinations, mythical creatures, non-graphic violence leading to a minor character death.

We Flew Over the Western Valleys by truthismusic

Bands: Fall Out Boy, The Like, Panic! at the Disco
Pairings: Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Spencer/Ryan, Z/Tennessee
Word Count:14, 511
Rating: R
Warnings: Some mentions of violence.

Pills and Potions Fanmix by adashofcyanide

Untitled art by dizzyondreams


Wave One

Fanworks by porphyrophobiac and teaplatypus

Fic: Bet On Forgetting Your Regrets (Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie) by porphyrophobiac
Art: Art for Bet On Forgetting Your Regrets by teaplatypus

Fanworks by momiji_neyuki, actiongerard and psychoticbeautfy

Fic: Gerry Dangerously (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by momiji_neyuki
Mix: Gerry Dangerously Soundtrack by actiongerard
Art: Art by psychoticbeauty

Fanworks by inlovewithnight and syrupwit

Fic: burned, about to burn, or still on fire (Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz) by inlovewithnight
Mix: flame upon flame upon flame by syrupwit

Fanworks by actiongerard and psychoticbeauty

Fic: Seventh Haven Prison (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by actiongerard
Mix: Like A Knife by psychoticbeauty

Fanworks by whatimages and melusina

Fic: how the future's done (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz) by whatimages
Mix: Chasing After Happy Endings by melusina

Fanworks by Tigress33 and Teigh

Fic: When We Get Home, I Know We Won't Be Home At All (This Place We Live, It Is Not Where We Belong) (Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz(/Mikey Way), Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by tigress33
Mix: Both Feet And That Winding Knee by Teigh

Fanworks by romanticalgirl and general_jinjur

Fic: Fault Lines to Your Own Front Door (Courtney Beckett/Mike Carden, Christine Bandy/William Beckett) by romanticalgirl
Mix: slip, heave, throw by general_jinjur

Fanworks by SunshineAndRoseWater and dapatty

Fic: They Fall Like Acid Rain (Brian Schechter/Mikey Way, Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by SunshineAndRoseWater
Art: Art for They Fall Like Acid Rain by dapatty

Fanworks by doctor_jasley and chibifukurou

Fic: Curled Amongst Memories of Home (Gabe Saporta/Brendon Urie, Frank Iero/Brendon Urie) by doctor_jasley
Art: A trip to Rock City by chibifukurou

Fanworks by dapatty and fisa_is_your_friend

Podfic: Séance Weather, by dear_monday, performed by dapatty
Mix: Séance Weather by fisa_is_your_friend

Fanworks by daniomalley and lucifuge5

Podfic: Absence Sort of Does Make the Heart (Bob Bryar/Ray Toro), by cimorene, performed by daniomalley
Mix: Confessions of a Snarky Dude by lucifuge5

Fanworks by syrupwit, sunshineandrosewater, and romanticalgirl

Mix: Creature of the Night by syrupwit
Fic: The Sun In My Eyes (Ray Toro/Mikey Way, Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by sunshineandrosewater
Fic: A Clue Too Many Monsters by romanticalgirl

Fanworks by Sundrowned and Winterlover

Fic: Hand in Mine, Into Your Icy Blues (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by sundrowned
Art: Art for Hand in Mine, Into Your Icy Blues by winterlover

Fanworks by coricomile and concinnity

Fic: These Hands (if not gods) (Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones/Patrick Stump) by coricomile
Mix: C.V.E by concinnity

Fanworks by Turlough and Turps and Tigress33

Art: Those Who Favour Fire by turlough
Fic: Burn Ever Bright (Frank Iero/Ray Toro, Gerard Way/Mikey Way, Frank Iero/Ray Toro/Gerard Way/Mikey Way) by turps
Fic: Older Than Water, Subborn As Stone by tigress33

Wave Two

Fanworks by Gorgeousnerd and Chibifukurou

Fic: Halcyon (Frank Iero/Mikey Way, Ray Toro/Gerard Way) by gorgeousnerd
Art: FRNK (Frank Iero/Mikey Way) by chibifukurou

Fanworks by heyhoolou and dear_monday

Art: Hades & Eubuleus (Ray Toro/Mikey Way) by doodledumpery
Fic: If You've Seen The Light (Ray Toro/Mikey Way) by dear_monday

Fanwork by zeldazonk

Fic: Let The Children Lose It (Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way) by zeldazonk

Fanworks by dear_monday and heyhoolou

Fic: Spun (Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Mikey Way/Pete Wentz) by dear_monday
Art: Spun Illustrated by doodledumpery

Fanworks by Daniomalley and dapatty

Podfic: Worth it (Bob Bryar/Ray Toro), written by cimorene performed by daniomalley
Art: Cover Arts for Worth It by dapatty

Fanwork by Coricomile

Fic: Pull Hard and Make a Wish (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, Pete Wentz/Jeanae White) by coricomile

Fanworks by dear_monday and coricomile

Mix: God's Gonna Cut You Down by dear_monday
Fic: whatever bitter brew (Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie) by coricomile

Fanwork by Jokerindisguise

Fic: A Trial For Salvation (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by jokerindisguise

Fanworks by painfullyqueer and dapatty

Fic: For Art Reasons (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley/Joe Trohman, William Beckett/Gabe Saporta, Dallon Weekes/Brendon Urie) by painfullyqueer
Mix: For Art Reasons mix by dapatty

Fanworks by Amarenthina and fisa_is_your_friend

Fic: Listen to the Waves (William Beckett/Tom Conrad, Andy Mrotek/Adam Siska, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie/Jon Walker) by Amarenthina
Mix: Listening to the Waves by fisa_is_your_friend

Fanworks by Jiksa and akamine_chan

Fic: Old Scars / Future Hearts (Frank Iero/Grant Morrison/Gerard Way, Grant Morrison/Gerard Way, Frank Iero/Grant Morrison, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Gerard Way/Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, Frank Iero/Travie McCoy, Kristin Blanford/Mikey Way, Lindsey Ballato/Gerard Way, Ray Toro/Jessica Simpson) by Jiksa
Art: Art for Old Scars / Future Hearts by akamine_chan

Fanworks by Girlpearl, Melusina, and Whatimages

Fic: yes is the only living thing (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, Travie McCoy/Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz/Hayley Williams, Gabe Saporta/Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz) by girlpearl and melusina
Mix: performative utterances by whatimages

Fanwork by chibifukurou

Art: Rainbow Parade by chibifukurou

Fanwork by akamine_chan

Art: Tarot by akamine_chan

Fanwork by inlovewithnight

Fic: Chemical Physical Kryptonite (Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, Travie McCoy/Gabe Saporta) by inlovewithnight

Fanwork by thislossofsleep

Fic: The First Cut is the Deepest (Mikey Way/Pete Wentz) by MsPepperNose

Fanworks by phylocalist and general_jinjur

Fic: Gold Sharpie Promise (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by phylocalist
Mix: Inscribere by general_jinjur

Fanworks by fisa_is_your_friend and syrupwit

Mix: A Saviour Came My Way by fisa_is_your_friend
Fic: Sound Salvation (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by syrupwit

Fanwork by akamine_chan and painfullyqueer

Fic: it was really me, it was really you (Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Lindsey Ballato/Jamia Nestor) by akamine_chan
Art: Poster for the Life of Dinosaurs by heyyoungbleed


Fanworks by moshigami and crepeygirl

  • Fic: Misadventures by moshigami
  • Mix: a helluva school year by crepeygirl

Fanworks by caimani and general_jinjur

  • Fic: Hot American Summer, or The Hardest Thing to Swallow by caimani
  • Mix: Bad Ideas in Good Company by general_jinjur

Fanworks by aethel and akamine_chan

  • Art: Lyn-Z's Projekt Revolution Tour Diary by aethel
  • Mix: The Hesitant Alien / The Punk Rock Princess by akamine_chan

Fanworks by prophetic and winterlover

  • Fic: No Future In Our Dreaming by prophetic
  • Art: Artwork by winterlover

Fanworks by ande and aethel

  • Podfic: and me here on the ground performed by ande
  • Art: Artwork by aethel

Fanworks by melusina and doctorkilljoy

  • Fic: Love Will Tear Us Apart by melusina
  • Art: Artwork by doctorkilljoy

Fanworks by sunshineandrosewater and jiksa

  • Fic: A World That Sends You Reeling by sunshineandrosewater
  • Art: When The End Comes Reeling by jiksa

Fanworks by go0se and syrupwit

  • Fic: The Edges by go0se
  • Art: spark in you by syrupwit

Fanworks by doctorkilljoy and awake_atnight

  • Fic: Ad Astra by doctorkilljoy
  • Mix: No Easy Way by awake_atnight

Fanworks by ladysmutterella and johanirae

  • Fic: Front Row Seats by LadySmutterella
  • Art: Artwork by johanirae

Fanworks by slashfanatic22 and general_jinjur

  • Fic: Coffee Beans and Tea Baggers by slashfanatic22
  • Mix: Stay awake long enough by general_jinjur

Fanworks by dapatty and akamine_chan

  • Podfic: Sideshow performed by dapatty
  • Mix: Songs About Meat and Pizza by akamine_chan

Fanworks by argentumlupine and kiki-eng

  • Podfic: Half of Something Else performed by argentumlupine
  • Mix: Three is a Magic Number by kiki_eng

Fanworks by syrupwit and volrosso

  • Mix: Whose Vengeance Is It Anyway by syrupwit
  • Fic: Orpheus Complex by volrosso

Fanworks by turlough and go0se

  • Art: Welcome to the Black (Cat) Parade by turlough
  • Fic: Beasts In Repose by go0se

Fanworks by thislossofsleep and shotasammy

  • Fic: I know the pieces fit by MsPeppernose
  • Art: The Hands we Hold by ShotaSammy

Fanworks by heartofthesunrise and sunshineandrosewater

  • Fic: A Million Reasons by heartofthesunrise
  • Mix: You Are My Reason by sunshineandrosewater

Fanworks by leilana_grace and 26days/petrify

  • Fic: you're never gonna fit in much kid by leilana_grace
  • Mix: Boys Don't Cry by 26days

Fanworks by volrosso and heartofthesunrise

  • Fic: Normal's Just a Setting on a Washing Machine by volrosso
  • Art: Artwork by heartofthesunrise


  • Fanworks by doctorkilljoy and das_verlorene_kind (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta/Brendon Urie)
    • Fic: A Charmed Life
    • Art: BBB 2017 - Complement Artwork For A Charmed Life
  • Fanworks by heartofthesunrise and trojie (James Dewees/Frank Iero, Bob Bryar/Frank Iero, Ray Toro/Gerard Way)
    • Fic: The Road to Babylon
    • Podfic: The Road to Babylon [podfic]
  • Fanworks by darkrosaleen and rosiedoes (Patrick Stump/Joe Trohman/Pete Wentz)
    • Fic: To Soothe a Savage Breast
    • Art: Complement Art: To Soothe a Savage Breast
  • Fanworks by doctorkilljoy and winterlover (Grant Morrison/Gerard Way)
    • Fic: In Firmer Chains Our Hearts Confine
    • Art: Art for "In Firmer Chains, Our Hearts Confine" by doctorkilljoy
  • Fanworks by trojie and petrify (Ray Toro/Gerard Way)
    • Fic: straight up
    • Mix: entangled
  • Fanworks by scarredsodeep and collettephinz (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
    • Fic: The Difference Between Real Love and the Love On TV
    • Art: Don't Erase My Bisexuality
  • Fanworks by misteratomicbomb and doctorkilljoy (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
    • Fic: Born Under A Bad Sign (You Saved My Life)
    • Art: Fan Art for Born Under A Bad Sign (You Saved My Life)
  • Fanworks by flames_and_jade and solikethesea (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
    • Fic: Perfect Boys with their Perfect Lives
    • Art: Art for "Perfect Boys with their Perfect Lives"
  • Fanworks by slpblue and urieclectic (Patrick Stump/Brendon Urie)
    • Fic: Visitation of the Ghost
    • Art: Visitation of the Ghost
  • Fanworks by reading_is_in and corruptedkid (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, Ashless Simpson/Pete Wentz)
    • Fic: Now I Only Waste It Dreaming Of You (Or, You and Me are the Universe's OTP)
    • Mix: Wish Upon a Star
  • Fanworks by trojie and lady_smutterella (Frank Iero/Ray Toro/Gerard Way/Mikey Way)
    • Fic: we are not afraid (and we are not ashamed)
    • Mix: Fanmix for we are not afraid (and we are not ashamed)
  • Fanworks by personalized_radio and slashfanatic22 (Josh Dun/Tyler Joseph)
    • Fic: Heavydirty
    • Mix: Be Mine.
  • Fanworks by babyashleym and sleepysoftboy (Josh Dun/Ryan Ross, Jenna Black/Tyler Joseph, Frank Iero/Gerard Way)
    • Fic: Bloodstream
    • Art: Bloodstream
  • Fanworks by corruptedkid and starryfrights (Frank Iero/Gerard Way)
    • Fic: Fate Don't Make Mistakes
    • Art: Fallen
  • Fanworks by dapatty and aethel (James Dewees/Frank Iero)
    • Podfic: Because Werewolves or Something: A Frank/Dewees Podfic Compilation
    • Art: Frank/James podfic cover art
  • Fanworks by rosiedoes and heartofthesunrise (Patrick Stump/Joe Trohman)
    • Fic: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
    • Mix: Things We Have To Burn
  • Fanworks by aethel and darkrosaleen (Frank Iero/Gerard Way)
    • Podfic: Wake Up and Notice
    • Mix: Tear That Cherry Out
  • Fanworks by mousefrnk and babyashleym (Frank Iero/Gerard Way)
    • Fic: It Had To Be You
    • Mix: But What About Love?
  • Fanworks by lady_smutterella and johanirae (Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
    • Fic: Sugar We're Going Down Baking
    • Art: Illustrations to Sugar We're Going Down Baking
  • Fanworks by akamine_chan and jiksa, starrymellie, and corruptedkid (Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, Kristin Colby/Mikey Way)
    • Fic: Empty With You
    • Art: Alone
    • Mix: Half
  • Fanworks by prophetic and starryfrights (Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Lindsey Ballato/Frank Iero/Gerard Way)
    • Fic: Gunpowder and Lead
    • Art: We’re All Just Dust