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Name: The SteveTony Games
Date(s): 2020, 2021, 2022
Moderator(s): Cathalinaheart, starksnack, wynnesome
Founder: Cathalinaheart, the_casual_cheesecake, sadisticsparkle, thingexplainer, athletiger, Ironlawyer
Type: Team Bingo with additional challenges
Fandom: Captain America, Iron Man
Associated Community: stevetonygames
URL: tumblr
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The SteveTony Games is an annual, competitive fanwork creation event for fanworks that revolve around the Marvel pairing Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, in all universes.

The games run for four weeks. At the opening, a single bingo card is revealed which will be shared by all teams. In early years, bingo squares were colour-coded for each team, and points were doubled for completing the opposite team's squares, but in 2022, at the same time the move was made from two teams to three teams, the coloured squares and the "Opposite Day" bonus were both removed.

Teams compete by creating fanworks that fulfill the prompt squares on the bingo card which earns their team points. Participants can also generate points for their team and themselves by completing weekly challenges (this has also changed: in year one, the challenges were static for the entire event, in year two, it became weekly challenges posed each monday during the event). The team aspect is very loose, with some participants joining multiple teams and creating whatever strikes their fancy, and some participants sticking staunchly to one team throughout the games.

Basic Rules

  1. All participants must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Every type of fanwork is accepted as a fill, including fic, art, podfic, edits, vids, playlists, and reclists. Minimums for each fanwork type are posted in the annual rules
  3. Points for each fill are calculated based on that year's bingo card and challenges.
  4. Fills must be submitted via official submission methods or they will not be counted towards either team or individual points. All fills must be sumitted before the end of the games.
  5. Fills must be posted publicly in some manner on any platform.
  6. Previously existing works will not count for points unless explicitly stated otherwise in a challenge; works must be created after the games begin.
  7. Participants must be respectful towards their fellow creators and mods, and may not create works with the intention to immediately delete them after the games are over.

Founding Motivation

Games History

2020: Angst vs. Fluff

The Games were founded in 2020 by Cathalinaheart, the_casual_cheesecake, sadisticsparkle, thingexplainer, athletiger, and Ironlawyer. The two teams were angst and fluff which gave us the original mascots: the Angst Weasel and the Fluff Bunny. The main Games ran from 8 a.m. UTC on June 9th, 2020 to 8 a.m. UTC on August 9th, 2020. There was an additional Comment Bingo that ran until August 17th, 2020 at 12 p.m. UTC. Team membership was open, and many participants joined or contributed to both teams.

STG Bingo Card 2020

Fluff Bunny
Angst Weasel

Rule Summary

Original Rules and FAQ

Spotlight Posts

A group of Spotlight Posts were created to encourage participants to explore additional universes beyond Marvel Cinematic Universe and the main comic timeline 616. These posts were created by the mods of the original games and a group of special guests invited to share their favourite universes.


A full masterlist of all the submitted words can be viewed here.


Catalinaheart prepared an overview of games-related statistics at the end of the games which can be viewed here.

2021: Canon vs. AU

The 2021 Games ran from 7 p.m. UTC on June 18th until it was no longer July 18th anywhere in the world, with two teams, AU and Canon. Team Canon won with 2493.5 points and Team AU finished with 2208 points.

Rule Changes

Full rules and FAQ.

In 2021, The Games moved from two months to one month. Challenges, instead of being static for the whole event, were made more specific and were posted in groups of five each Monday, for the four weeks the games ran.

The 2021 Games was the first to introduce the Point Cap. This cap prevented participants from earning points for their team beyond a cap of 60, however they could still submit fills to contribute to bingos and blackouts for their team and for individual achievements. The point cap reset every Monday when the new week's challenges were posted. Amnesty submissions could fill challenges from previous weeks for half as many points. Amnesty fills contributed towards the point cap of the challenge being filled, regardless of which week it was posted in.

STG Bingo Card 2021


Week 1 Challenges

It’s a Party (all work types; 5 points): Collaborate with at least three other people to create one work to which everyone contributes, or to create multiple works that belong together. For multiple works, this must include at least two different work types, e.g. fic + podfic + moodboard, one fic with multiple accompanying pieces of art, etc. Every collaborator that contributes in a meaningful way may submit the work for points (i.e. submit to the finish line with themself listed as the creator and all of the other collaborators listed in the “additional creators” field). The minimum requirement for each work is that work type’s standard minimum requirement times the number of people contributing to it (e.g. if two people write a fic together, the minimum word count is 200 words rather than 100).

New Shoes (all work types; 3 points): Create a work using a POV (Point of View) or voice you have never used before. POV = from the perspective of a particular character, including outsider POV. Voice = first person, second person, third person, omniscient narrator, etc.

Live on Air (podfic; 3 points): Record a live reading of a fic, including any reactions from you and your audience. Audible audience members are not eligible for points.

Comic Time (art/edit/vid; 2 points): Create a short comic strip or series of images, with or without words.

5+1 (all work types; 2 points): Create a work in the 5+1 format.

Week 2 Challenges

Filk It (fic/podfic/reclist/vid; 5 points): Write, record, or rec filk. Alternatively, create a cover image for an existing filk.

Tower of Babel (all work types; 3 points): Create a work that incorporates three or more languages. Any form of code, cypher, or language fits the bill for this challenge. Examples include programming languages, Groot, cat meows, Marvel symbol alphabets (symbiote/rune/Skrull, etc), Morse Code, and others. Get creative! And if you're not sure if your idea for a language counts toward this challenge, please ask a mod.

Uncharted Waters (all work types; 3 points): Create a work in a format you’ve never used before, or using a technique you’ve never used before. When posting the work, please mention the format or technique that you’ve used for the very first time!

AI Takeover (all work types; 2 points): Create a work inspired by one of the following computer-generated titles:

  • Another silent question
  • shred of sanity he had decided
  • looks at him, heat and intent
  • at one of your demands, Captain
  • shoving another cabinet shut in desperation

Colour of the Year (art/edit/vid; 2 points): Utilize one of the palettes featuring Pantone's colour of the year 2021.

Week 3 Challenges

New to me! (all work types; 5 points): Create in an universe you’ve never created for. When posting the work, please mention what universe it is for which you’ve never created before!

WIP Amnesty (all work types; 3 points): Finish and post an unfinished work that was started before January 1, 2021.

Post in Style (fic/podfic/art; 3 points): Get fancy! AO3 skins can do many different things to change the appearance of your posted work, such as formatting to look like text messages, newspaper articles, discord messages, and much more. For this challenge, post a work using any non-default AO3 work skin. Use a pre-existing non-default skin, or code a new one of your own - either will earn you the points! If you're coding a new skin you don't need to post a work using it (though you obviously can). You do need to link to a place where people can find the work skin so they can use it. In this case you are not required to make it SteveTony specific, but rather to create something usable for fandom at large. Alternatively you can set-up a spreadsheet that auto-generates the html needed for an already existing work skin and share that, to help your fellow creators use workskins more easily.

Fandom’s Favourite (all work types; 2 points): Create a work using at least three tags from the top 10 “additional tags” in the Steve Rogers/Tony Stark AO3 search (after filtering for the universe of your choice).

From the Real World (all work types; 2 points): Create a work that makes use of knowledge or a skill from your professional field, area of study, or a hobby -- any non-fandom area of specialty or expertise.

Week 4 Challenges

Camouflage (art/fic/podfic/vid; 5 points) Imitate another person’s style.

It’s a Musical (playlist/podfic; 3 points) Tell a story or recreate a fic through songs.

Mix it up (all work types; 3 points) Remix (with permission) a work created for the 2020 or 2021 SteveTony Games. The remix should be derived from the original work and not be a companion piece (e.g. an illustration of a scene), sequel or prequel without changing things about the original.

Wayback Machine (all work types; 2 points) Use at least one of last year's bonus prompts.

Spotlight (reclist; 2 points) Create a reclist of creators/works of creators who have fewer than 5 works published on AO3.


Masterlists of all submitted works, divided by week, can be found here. A full spreadsheet of all works is here.


A full breakdown of Games stats can be viewed here.

2022: Fuck vs. Marry vs. Kill

The 2022 games are currently underway.

STG Bingo Card 2022

Rule Changes

2022 is the first year with three teams instead of two. The interpretation for each team is much looser as well.



Stats will be available when this year's games are complete.


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