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For similarly titled zines see the disambiguation Starborne.

Title: Star-Borne
Publisher: S.T.A.R. perhaps "S.T.A.R. Central"
Editor(s): Laura Basta & Margaret Basta
Type: newsletter
Date(s): May 1972-September 1974
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Star-Borne was a newsletter published by S.T.A.R., the Star Trek Association for Revival. The first issue was published in May 1972 with a relatively modest circulation of 2000 copies, however that number increased ten-fold as the popularity of Star Trek increased. Subscription to the newsletter constituted membership in STAR.

The newsletter was originally intended to be published monthly, but then switched to every 6 weeks. The last issue was published in 1974.

In its pages, the newsletter published formal guidelines for writing letters to Paramount to urge that Star Trek be put back on the air. The letter campaign was STAR's reason for being, and STAR spread the word successfully.


A fan wrote to another fan in November 1975 and said: "You asked what happened to S.T.A.R. Central. It is defunct and decentralizing. Not to cheat everybody out of his money, though, they're going to try and print up a small 'zine to send to everyone in lieu of STARBORNE." [1]

Issue 1

first issue

Star-Borne 1 was published in May 1972 and contains 3 pages.

  • ad the convention: the Detroit Triple Fan Fair (DTFF) in the fall of 1972
  • ad the convention: Equicon, organized by John and Bjo Trimble and held in California on April 19-22, 1973.
  • various fannish announcements

Issue 2

Star-Borne 2 was published in June/July 1972 and contains 5 pages.

front page of issue #2
  • it contains a letter, the issue's main feature, from D.C. Fontana, dated June 22, 1972, which said, "Paramount...[is] enormously impressed by the quantity and quality) of fan mail they continue to receive. The possibility seems to be slowly developing of a Star Trek feature movie for theatrical release, aimed at becoming the new Star Trek television pilot...on the network front, NBC still expresses great interest in doing Star Trek in some form. Both NBC and Paramount continue to receive a great deal of mail and have had to assign secretaries for the sole job of answering it."
  • other unknown content

Issue 3

v.1 n.3
art for v.1 n.3
front page of issue #3

Star-Borne 3 was published in September/October 1972 and has 12 letter-sized pages.

  • it contains a letter, the issue's main feature, from D.C. Fontana discussing the progress on the possible Star Trek movie, along with some of Roddenberry's other projects.
  • a ad for Detroit Triple Fan Fair
  • addresses for information about EquiCon, "New York Star Trek Con #2," Vul-Con #1, "International Film Fantasy Con," "TorCon"
  • ads for Grup ("The Adult Trekzine with the Vulcan centerfold"), Deck 6, Babel #3, Kraith, Star Trek Concordance and Supplement, Tholian Web
  • an large ad for a book called "A New Approach to Digital Computer Logic" ("Learn about what goes on INSIDE a computer! Contains FASCINATING SIMPLE PROJECTS which can be build from surplus electronic parts or integrated circuits! PROJECTS FOR EVERYONE -- from the simplest counters to the most difficult square rooter!")

Issue 4

ad for tribbles for sale
front page of issue #4

Star-Borne 4 was published in Nov/December 1972 and contains four pages.

Issue 5

front page of issue #5

Star-Borne 5 was published in Jan/Feb 1973 and contains four pages.

  • it contains the usual fare: cartoons, con reports, con announcements, notices from producers, addresses to write the show

Issue 6/7

front of #6/7

Star-Borne 6/7 was published in March/April 1973 and contains about 20 pages.

  • contains full text of a speech by D.C. Fontana in which she talks of the new animated series and how it is unlikely a live action Star Trek will return to the screen. She says, "Give the cartoon version of Star Trek a chance. Don't turn it off because it is a cartoon. Let it live awhile, because if you kill it, then you have really killed Star Trek. Give it a chance. See what it is like."

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

Star-Borne 8 was published May/June 1973 and contains 8 pages.

  • Comments (A) / M. Basta
  • Vul-Con; Tor-Con; Equi-Con (A) / M. Basta
  • Letter to Fans (A) / David Gerrold in which he encourages/implores ST fans to write to the networks to have ST brought back to the air. "Remember, They can't ignore a million letters. If there are really as many Star Trek fans as we hope, we can bring back Star Trek. Let's do it."'
  • Star Watch Notes (A)
  • an ad to purchase some tribbles
  • Star Bleep / C. Correlli [Also in One Trek Mind #2]
  • Letter to Fans (A) / D.C. Fontana

Issue 9

from issue #9, storyboards for the animated show
cover of issue #9

Star-Borne 9 was published in July/August 1973 and contains five pages.

  • an announcement from D.C. Fontana that Gene L. Coon, a Star Trek writer, had died
  • comments by Bjo Trimble and Pat Zotti, including a visit to the "set" where the animated series was being made
  • some rough drafts of story boards from the animated series
  • a con report for Vul-Con
  • a fan mentions "a printout of one of the various ST computer games that are being played coast-to-coast these days. Chuck [a senior systems programmer] said it was one of the easy one, but I can't get past the nine pages of instruction. Bjo Trimble thinks it would convert nicely into a board game. The computer game is only one of many which avid ST fans have worked out over the years."

Issue 10

cover of issue #10

Star-Borne 10 was published in September/October 1973 and contains 4 pages (legal-sized).

  • an article that talks of the first three animated episodes that were aired
  • much detailed info about cons, mainly Equicon, Torcon, Star-Con

Issue 11/12

cover of issue #11/12

Star-Borne 11/12 was published in December 1973/January 1974 and contains 20 pages.

  • announcements for some cons
  • addresses of all the S.T.A.R. chapters
  • a long section on the rules and regulations for chapters
  • the editors talk of some financial woes and have had to hire a lawyer, that the mailing list had been stolen by a "then-member" of S.T.A.R. and sold and copied and given to various sales outfits

Issue 13

cover of issue #13

Star-Borne 13 was published in June 1974 and contains 10 pages.

  • Comments (A) / M. Basta
  • Star Bleep / C. Correlli [Also in One Trek Mind #2]
  • Steady as She Goes...Downhill? (A) / E. Larsen
  • Equicon '74; International Star Trek Con '74 (A) / M. Basta
  • Care and Treatment of Celebrities (A) / D.C. Fontana
  • Speech, University of New Hampshire (A) / Gene Roddenberry
  • an ad for the first British Star Trek convention The British Star Trek Convention

Issue 14

Star-Borne 14 was published in September 1974.

Star Trek revival instructions printed in Star-Borne

For more on the Star Trek fan campaigns, see: Fan Campaigns/History of Star Trek Fan Campaigns.

Star trek - write now!
There has been mentioned in STAR-BORNE, in almost every issue, the letter writing campaign to help bring back ‘live’ STAR TREK and to help keep the animated STAR TREK on the air too. What should you do when you write your letters? Follow the information given here.
How often should you write? Would it be difficult for anyone to write one letter a week to PARAMOUNT and NBC? First, WRITE PARAMOUNT. Tell them that you want STAR TREK to return as a live television show or movie. Then get your friends, cousins, fellow workers, school mates, etc., to write too. The more letters the better. Let us keep burying PARAMOUNT in an avalanche of letters.
And then WRITE NBC. Tell them what you think of the animation. Tell them if you want it back next year. Tell them if you would like to see it as a prime-time evening show.
Write to your local television station that might be broadcasting the syndicated rerun STAR TREK. This can be instrumental in keeping the reruns in your area. There is nothing wrong in calling the station manager too and telling him/her what you think of STAR TREK. Every call or letter counts.
Follow the letter writing rules. If you have trouble composing a general business letter, write a general form letter and use it as the model for the letters that you will write. But most of all - WRITE!
The following are the guides for writing letters:
DO NOT write STAR TREK, “I LOVE LEONARD NIMOY” etc. on the outside of the envelope. This is automatically forwarded to Gene Roddenberry by NBC or Paramount.
DO NOT send in petitions. They are virtually worthless. One letter is worth more than 100 signatures.
DO NOT send in “Form” letters of any kind including carbon or ditto. These are too readily identified.
DO NOT write ‘cute’ letters. This is a BUSINESS LETTER! Use proper English and letter form if possible. Also, anonymous letters present a very bad image as to the caliber of the ST fan.
DO type or write neat intelligent letters with a firm voicing of opinion.
DO use letter-headed stationery only IF IT IS REPRESENTATIVE OF YOU personally. It is ideal for pointing out the kind of responsible person that the STAR TREK fan is.
WRITE NOW! It is also recommended that you keep carbons of all correspondence with both PARAMOUNT and NBC, and that you also keep records of all replies (if any) that you receive from NBC or PARAMOUNT.
S.T.A.R. CENTRAL encourages all of our readers to write now. The above rules may be reprinted freely by any ST fan or club in order that more of STAR TREK’s fans will find out about the campaign."


  1. ^ from Jean Peacock in a letter to The Communicator v.3. n.5