Not Without You

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Title: Not Without You
Publisher: Daybreak Press
Date(s): 2017
Series?: No
Size: 8.5" x 11", 300 pages
Genre: Slash
Fandom: MCU
Language: English
External Links: Not Without You Kickstarter
notwithoutyoufanbook (Tumblr)
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Not Without You is a Steve/Bucky fanzine with slash fanfiction, fanart and comics.

From the about page:

NOT WITHOUT YOU is an anthology of transformative works, creating new stories, commentary, and perspectives on our favorite men out of time and their enduring bond. We're combining artwork, comics, illustrated fiction, and other mixed media into a single high-quality book that casts their relationship in a romantic light and deconstructs the modern soldier archetype with new narratives and themes. Within this 300-page book, you'll find dozens of full-color paintings, 10 full-color comics, and 17 illustrated stories created for this anthology. We're working with a high-quality printer to create a beautiful art book our backers will be proud to own, whether as a digital download or as an 8.5" x 11" printed book.

Contributing Artists

table of contents

Contributing Writers

The zine had a hard cover, with perfect binding and a wraparound color cover. Cover illo by Whimseycatcher

Table of Contents