Marvel Rarepair

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Name: Marvel Rarepair
Date(s): November 7, 2013 - 2016
Submissions: submissions accepted
Type: fanworks
Fandom: Marvel Comics, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Scope: Rare pairings
URL: offline, link to archived version dated (Mai 23, 2016)
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Marvel Rarepair is a Tumblr blog that "organizes fan content (fanart, Fanmixes, fanfic, etc.) made for rarepairs as well as highlights less popular characters."

Popular Ships vs. Rarepairs. What we consider a “rarepair” will be fairly subjective. Questions that will factor into our ultimate decision include:

•Does the pairing have under 1,000 works on A03?
•Is there an official ship name for this pairing?
•Is it relatively easy to reach the end of the tumblr tag for this pairing? Does the tag stay relatively busy?
•Are there are a lot of works for the pairing? How diverse are the works (e.g. is there a lot of fanfiction but little fanart) as is the case with a pairing like Clint/Coulson? Is the pairing the focus of these works (e.g. Pepper/Tony is one of the most popular ship tags on A03 but rarely the focus of works)?

Our ever-growing list of pairings that we do not currently consider rarepairs currently include:


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