List of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fanzines

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Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
All the Prophets Will Bestow novel Orion Press 1996
Alpha Factor crossover with Doctor Who Nyssa's Rainbow 1994
Beyond Gloomy Chaos 180 page TNG/DS9 novel Orion Press 2000
Circus novel
The Collaborator 66-page digest-sized novel by Tami R.  ? 1993
Cultural Affairs - Steve Nottingham
Deep Spaces adult het and slash 1994
Deep Space Nine Concordance encyclopedia, episode guide, trivia Michael Ruff mid 1990s
Diplomatic Reception novel Orion Press 1996
Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir, This is Your Life! #1-#2 1995-1996
Dreadnaught - Wayne Schmidt 120-page long novel  ? 2001
Ecdysis gen carde-ologist ?
The Evil That Men Do gen novel
Facets anthology Orion Press 1996-1997
Farthest Frontier various Trek incarnations Criterion Press
Flames of Eternity adult het
For There is Much to Dare adult Susan C. 1993
Fragments of Amber C. Zdroj 2002
From Witch Boy to Shapeshifter 1993
F.Y.I. anthology Orion Press 2000
Galactic 911 #1-6 1992-1994
Here Comes Mr. J'Ord'aHn Queen's Pawn Production
Holodeck various Trek series  ? 1994
The Hostages
Hybrids gen carde-ologist ?
In Exile #1-2
Julian Trin
Kirazine The Official Nana Visitor Fan Club 1996
The Lion's Den 122-page novel Orion Press 1996
Love and Justice #1-8 Kira Nerys/Odo anthology
Maquis also VOY Orion Press 1998
Odo-Files #1-2
An Officer and a Gentleman Stephara Press around 1995
Orb Visions Far Beyond The Stars 2000
Oswiecim 1998
Outpost #1 - 10 Orion Press 1993 - 1999
Palpitations Bashir centric Alexander Siddig Fan Club 1995
Perchance to Dream (Star Trek: DS9 zine) novel E. Seibert
Prophet Margin Gypsy Moth Press
Purities also TNG Cat Toy Productions
The Rescue
Salutatorian #1-2 Bashir-centric 1996-
The Second Beast - Rory Cottrell novel Criterion Press
Star Crossed (Deep Space Nine) Prairie Dog Press 1995
Starfleet Mysteries anthology, also TOS Bill Hupe
Sword of the Prophets novel by Brian McKay Criterion Press ?
Tales From the Promenade 100 pages Ruff & Ready Press 1994
Tales From the Promenade... and Beyond several xovers, also other Trek series, 160 pages Ruff & Ready Press 1995
Terok Nor het Cardiassian Publications 1994
Transitions gen carde-ologist ?
Three Travelers novel by Christopher Visser Orion Press 2000
Through the Wormhole anthology  ? 1995
Travelers of Deep Space anthology 1994
Twists of Fate novel
What You Fancy multifandom Clean Slate Press  ? - 1996
The Wormhole Disaster novel


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Combinations anthology
Deep Spaces also adult het 1994
Different Odds
Doctor, Tailor, Officer, Spy Garak/Bashir anthology Cinnamon and Spice Press 1997
No Holds Barred #15, 19 Garak/Bashir? Kathy Resch 1997
The Plain and Simple Zine Chained to the Typewriter Press  ? - 1996
Tarkalean Tea Garak/Bashir anthology AMC Press 1996
The Temple Jewel Garak/Bashir?
To the O'Briens With Love mpreg


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Strange Fits of Passion 1999