Galactic 911

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Title: Galactic 911
Publisher: Star Trek Association of Towson
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: English
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Galactic 911 is a gen non-fiction Star Trek informational zine.

One issue has the title "Best of... Galactic 911: The Education Hotline."

It was published monthly.

From a Flyer

Are you tired of all the hype surrounding Star Trek? Are you the kind of fan twho wants to find out the fact rather than read about baloney? If your answer is yes, then Galactic 911 is for you!

In this up-to-the-minute and provocative Trek publications by fans for fans, you'lll find informative separate fact from rumor and cut through the Hollywood hype. Upcoming issues of Galactic 911 will include editorials, interviews, book and episode reviews, reports on the very latest astronomical findings, convention reviews, and other articles you won't find anywhere else.

V.1 N.1

Galactic 911 v. 1 n.1 was published in 1992.

V.3 N.12

Galactic 911 v.3 n.12 was published in October 1993. It was edited by Anne Marie Kitz and Inge Heyer.

  • "Star Trek is Mine" Paramount Says, article by Inge Heyer
  • Beam Us Up, Scotty, a review of "The Lightcraft Project" by Leik Myrabo, article by Stuart Hirsch
  • Preservation and Archiving, or, What Not to Do to Your Star Trek Collection by Inge Heyer
  • Star Trek on Vinyl by Michael Schilling
  • other unknown content

V.4 n.12

Galactic 911 v.4 n.12 was published in July 1994.