Dabo! The Trek 'Zine of Games and Fun

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Title: Dabo! The Trek 'Zine of Games and Fun
Publisher: Prairie Dog Press, out of Nesconset, New York
Editor(s): Dawn Scholesser, Charles Sabella
Date(s): 1996
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Fandom: Star Trek
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Dabo! The Trek 'Zine of Games and Fun is a digest-sized 44-page zine of Star Trek humor, crossword and other puzzles.

front cover by what appears to be "DE"

In canon, Dabo was a roulette-style game of chance developed by the Ferengi. When one won, it was customary to shout "Dabo!"

From the zine cover: "A one-time only 'zine from the publishers of Star-Crossed! Featuring: An Interview with "Neelix," "The Robot's Revenge," "The House of Spock," and "ST:TNG: Geezers" (A spoof of Scotty's visit to the Enterprise-D.) Plus crossword puzzles, cartoons, word searches & more!"

From the zine's interior: "Congratulations! You've just opened the most unique fanzine this side of the Delta Quadrant. Inside, you'll find lots of puzzles, cartoon,s and some very funny stories. While we're sorry to say that this will be the only issue of DABO!, you can also find lots of entertaining stories in our sister publication, Star-Crossed. I won't keep you any longer -- I hope you have as much fun reading DABO! as we did putting it together for you!"

Contributors: Joel Burdick, Don J. Chaddock, Joyce A. Dwulet, Stephanie Etmanski, Jan Fleck, Timothy Gerard, D. Lynn Simpson, Sean L. Snyderman, Kiel Stuart.

Sample Interior