Deep Spaces

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Title: Deep Spaces
Publisher: Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Kimberley Junius
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Deep Space 9
Language: English
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Cover of "Deep Spaces" by Adrian Flores

Deep Spaces is an explicit adult het, femslash, slash Deep Space Nine 156-page anthology.

It has a front cover by Adrian Flores.

The zine required an age statement to order.

Some story summaries: "The blanket on Kira's bed doesn't feel quite normal and she wonders if there is a problem with the replicator. Dr. Bashir must rescue a Vulcan/Deltan hybrid in Pon Farr; Cisco/Kira. Kira/Bareil, Bashir is attracted to one of Kira's friends ..."

From the Editorial

I just couldn't, just could not resist doing an adult zine again. There must be something in the water. Actually, I think there was something in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ~ the characters. Characters so infinitely interesting I wanted to explore their lives far beyond that weekend hour in which I peeped into their world. Characters so well-written (at least, at the time) that I found what I saw each week so satisfying that the only stories I could think of to write involved the exploration of something that would never be dealt with in any depth, if at all, on the small screen: their sexuality. As the tales in this zine will illustrate, I wasn't alone in my thinking.

My credo as an editor of erotica is — if it turns the writer on, it will turn the reader on. Arousal was my sole criterion for accepting submissions. As each of these stories easily passed the patented Kimberley Junius Hand-Tingle Erotica Test... well, all I can say is, make sure you lock the door to your room before you start reading.


  • Foreplay, editorial
  • Nerys by Natalie Walker (Kira/Jadzia, f/f) (5)
  • Hiding by Your Cruise Director (Kira/Odo, f/m) (8)
  • Secrets by Marquee (Julian/original female character), f/m) (12)
  • Dreams by Angie Hall (Kira/Jadzia, f/f) (24)
  • Joelar by Chad Dead (Julian/original male character, m/m) (36)
  • The Mind of Love by Angie Hall (Ro/Kira, f/f) (48)
  • Vedklove by Kimberley Junius (Kira/Bareil, m/f) (54)
  • Sharing by Amamda Tyler and Sarita Taub (Kira/Bareil, m/f) (61)
  • Colloquy by Vicky Christopher (Kira/Ben Sisko, Kira/Jadzia, m/f, f/f) (70)
  • The Spice of Life by Alexandra Nigro (Julian/Kira, m/f) (80)
  • Lise by Marquee (Julian/original female character, m/f) (87)
  • The Evening of the First Day by Kimberley Junius (Kira/Bareil, m/f) (98)
  • That's What Friends are For by Cory Morris (Julian/Jadzia, m/f) (105)
  • Me and You and You by Sarah Satterfield (Jadzia/Ben Sisko/Kira, threesome) (110)
  • art by Adrian Flores (front cover), Maryann Jorgensen, Terry Cogliano

Sample Interior

Sample Interior: Explicit